Saturday, April 26, 2014

Syria and Chicago

"In 2014, in a world full of promise, how can this continue to happen?"
The media has done a very good job on turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to two of the world's trouble spots. In a world full of trouble, these two areas are really stand out above the rest. Where are they? The on-going civil war in Syria and the on-going blood bath in our "Windy City", Chicago.

In Syria, "we have come a long way baby" since the world gasped at the number of 70,000 deaths in this war-torn country. After we got wind of chemical weapons being used, the "ship to hit the sand". Red lines were drawn, threats were made, and naval assets were deployed. Never mind the fact the vast majority of the 70,000 deaths were caused by conventional weapons. After the bluster, the war talk, came the "nothing burger". An agreement was made for Assad to give up his chemical weapons (the ones in theater - we all know the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon holds many, many more). That solved the problem, right?

Wrong! Flash forward to today where the carnage continues. What the world found out, is there are many, many ways to brutalize and murder civilians in a civil war. Who needs chemical weapons when nobody in the United Nations or the United States cares about conventional war? While the world watched and did nothing, the abhorrent number of 70,000 dead has now more than doubled 150,000. While John Kerry has been wasting time trying to negotiate a long shot peace accord on the West Bank, people in Syria continue to die by the hundreds, or thousands. Syria has been a "classic fail" for both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Now to home. One of the most dangerous cities in the world continues to be Chicago. What is fascinating is this - Chicago is not Detroit. Chicago is a vibrant city with lots of commerce and wealth. On Easter weekend, one of the holiest weekends of the year, 45 people were shot in Chicago, and 9 died. So far this year (and it is still April), almost 500 people have been shot in the Windy City. If you are young, poor, and black, your chances of not being shot are better in Kabul than in Chicago.

Well, here is a classic case for more gun control, right? Wrong again! Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world. Chicago has done a wonderful job of taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and then letting the gang bangers go wild. What makes this even more heinous than it appears? The crime in Chicago is mostly bifurcated. The rich, white upper class are almost immune from it. However, many people of color, living in poverty, are in neighborhoods which resemble battle zones more than enterprise zones.

So who is at fault for this embarrassing carnage which continues to plague Chicago? Sorry, Rahm - the buck stops at your office. Between Rahm and Governor Quinn, I am putting all the blame with these two guys. It is a "classic fail" of two darlings of the Progressive movement. Somehow, we are led to believe if young blacks kill young blacks, it is alright. I'm sorry - the way I was raised, and the faith I practice today, teaches ALL life has EQUAL value. The fact that ONE young person, regardless of color or economic status, is shot, is totally unacceptable.

So there we have it. Two areas, a world apart, and both sharing needless bloodshed. Two areas of the world which daily suffer bloodshed and loss, that should not have too. Two areas, that due to Progressive leadership in both Federal and State governments, continue to fail citizens at home and abroad.


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