Thursday, September 19, 2019

The rise of "They"...

"THIS IS NOT THE NORM WE HAD IN 1967! Not even close! But it seems to becoming the norm now. And for that way of thinking, our kids will bear the burden." 

Ooooo....spooky. "They" - sounds like a Halloween movie about to be released next month. But it is not. Nope - it is just another nail in the coffin of our society gone nuts. For those who have not heard as yet, the M/W dictionary has introduced "They" with a new meaning. Where the conventional definition has been they to mean plural - no longer just that. "They" also now refers to gender fluid people who really can't make up their minds which gender they are. So, instead of insulting them by referring to that person as a "he" or "she", that person can now be referred to as "They". Scottie - beam me up!

For the sake of this article, I had to walk on the wild side and try to determine exactly how many genders there are right now. It was close to being an impossible task. One source said 51; another source said 63; and another source said 71. I suppose if I had kept digging, I might have found 100 or so. 

Here is just a small portion of one list I found:

  • Agender
  • Androgyne
  • Androgynous
  • Bigender
  • Cisgender

All I could think of was the Target Stores, trying to install enough bathrooms to handle all of these variations of a theme.

Not too many years ago, my wife and I did some work with the homeless youth in our country. When we were going through training, I was floored to hear the percentage of today's youth who have some sort of mental illness. It is not a small percent - it is huge. Is there any wonder why kids are so mixed up today? Look at what they are being taught. When I went through sex ed in the 9th grade, it was simple. The shop teacher told us, penis = boy, no penis = girl. Boys, keep you penis in your pants unless you have to urinate. Otherwise, you will get in a whole lot of trouble. That worked for the most part. Today however, teaching sex ed is a mess. Plus, considering the number of teen pregnancies, it is not working very well at all.

Mental illness, teen suicide, and drug overdosing has become almost like an epidemic in some areas of the country. For example, according to the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, between 2009 and 2017, the increase in depression in kids 14 to 17 went up more than 60%. The same study found that during that period, more than 1 in 8 American youth, ages 12 to 21, had at least one major depressive episode. 

Parents - be aware of what is being taught to your kids in government schools. Be aware at what age sex is first discussed. And how it is discussed. Watch for how all this nonsense is affecting your kid's mental state. It is not just the schools which are causing this gender confusion in our youth, but when they teach it, it becomes like an endorsement to young, hungry minds. Soon, some boys get so confused, when they look down at their penis, they wonder if they are a girl stuck with boy's equipment. 

I have said this many times. If we could get a time machine, and transport someone into this reality from the year 1967, that person would think he or she were on another planet. Why? THIS IS NOT THE NORM WE HAD IN 1967! Not even close! But it seems to becoming the norm now. And for that way of thinking, our kids will bear the burden. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"High tax, high value state"

"I will finish simply by saying this. When stationed up in Maine in the early 70's, people got tired of me bragging about the Twin Cities all the time. I was very proud of where I came from. Now, I avoid at all costs telling people I even live close to them."

Most every Democrat will pontificate this catch phrase - "We live in a high tax, high value state." That is the way they deflect all criticism of the confiscatory taxes they impose on the citizens. The only problem is, many of the tax paying citizens don't see this "value". They just continue to pay the freight for those in this state who pay nothing. That being said, no matter how many taxes we are paying, according to the statists, it is NEVER enough. Never, ever enough.

What do we really get for those high taxes? What kind of value? Anyone seen the news lately? Being in downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul after dark is risky behavior beyond all reason. You are nothing but prey. And to pull your cellphone out to check for messages, is tantamount to pulling a roll of twenties out of your pants pocket to flash around. Why? Our "high value" pays for broken fatherless homes in the metro area which produce young men of color who fall into the gang bang culture. And woe be unto anyone who comes across a pack of these predators when they are solo. Hint: Don't rely on the cops, because they will not help you.

Our "high value" state spends an arm and a leg of YOUR money to "educate" these criminals in the Minneapolis or St. Paul school districts. Just today, there was an article about a black teacher who won over 1/2 million dollar judgement against the St. Paul School District. Why? He was a teacher who was chided for disciplining students of color. So he criticized the district for this stupid policy of non-discipline. Let's get this straight. We have these young men, with no father figure at home, coming into schools where at one time you could get some guidance - and now, no more. It is just a free for all. There is your value.

Let us not forget our festering wound in the Department of Human Services. It is hemorrhaging cash due to  fraud and abuse. Our "high value" state has not only a national reputation, but also a global reputation for being world class patsies. "Come to Minnesota - we will pay you for doing NOTHING. We will allow you to rob our coffers. Because we are Minnesota nice and Minnesota stupid, we will allow it to continue." And yet, every time the question comes up about HELPING OUR SENIORS, it falls on deaf ears. "We just can't afford it." BULLS**T!

More and more people of common sense are telling the socialists who run this state to take their "high value" and shove it. They are leaving. We are watching the Twin Cites morph into a combination of "Little Mogadishu" and "Little Chicago" right before our eyes. The best part is, we are paying for it. We are funding it. In a few years, our once beloved Twin Cities will turn into a "no man's land" of toxic behavior and squalor. 

The old saying of "you get what you pay for" is self evident in the Twin Cities. We pay for garbage and we get garbage. Most folks I know only go into the Twin Cities for an emergency of some sort. Otherwise, they avoid it like the plague. Speaking of plague, they are expecting to start seeing some show up in the homeless camps in California. I suppose that is on our radar also.

Enough ranting for the day. I will finish simply by saying this. When stationed up in Maine in the early 70's, people got tired of me bragging about the Twin Cities all the time. I was very proud of where I came from. Now, I avoid at all costs telling people I even live close to them. I am sure I am not the only one who does so. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Energy futures, anyone?

"Until the 'greenies' get the *blank* out of the way of building more nuke plants, shut the *blank* up about global warming. These brainwashed kids might want to take this country back to the stone age, but I sure don't!"

Here are some interesting stats from the World Nuclear Association, as energy pertains to these United States. In 2018, this nation produced 4178 TWh (billion kWh) of energy - a formidable amount. That amount was derived from natural gas (35%), coal (27%), nuclear (19%), hydro (6.6%), wind (1.6%) and solar and all others, the remaining percentage. What did these numbers tell me?

First off, the percentages have not changed too much in the past few years. Second, if we really want to be a prime time clean energy player, the 19% on solar needs to about double. And finally, to get to the Excel Energy's goal of 100% renewable by 2050 - there is no possible way that can happen. 

Here comes the punch to the solar plexus for the clean energy crowd. The World Nuclear Association also feels that coal will remain a large part of our energy mix until at least 2035. Hello? This is reality speaking. Without coal being a major player in our energy mix, we are not going to make it. Yet, what has been taught to our youngins, is that coal is public enemy number one. So much so, that many coal fired electrical plants have gone through the expensive conversion to natural gas. And now natural gas is also looked upon by the "greenies" as a energy villain. 

Here is the long and the short of it. We might have been able to come closer to the goal of 100% clean energy by 2050 IF we had not been so scared of nuclear fuel. That Three Mile Island scare really threw us off the tracks. After the energy embargo in the 1970's, we should have gone full speed ahead on building new nuke plants, as well as upgrading the older ones. If we had, our percentage of energy from nukes might now be 40%, instead of the present 19%. And wind? At less than 2%? That has a long, long way to go to be a major player.

I keep hearing and reading stories about our youth, and how afraid they are of man-made climate change. I would be too, if I got non-stop lies and falsehoods taught to me every day in school. With the truth taking a back seat, some of these kids are so scared (according one kid in the paper this morning), he can't even stand to think about it. Plus (here comes the real scary part) - all that fear is going to be channeled into votes for those who are 18 or older. We have the chance of voting ourselves right back into the dark ages.

Meanwhile, for the first time in forever, the United States is a net energy exporter. According to some reports, it is because of our current world wide strong energy presence, that oil futures did not go up like a Roman candle after the Saudi oil fields attack. The oil fields in North Dakota are going crazy right now, and next month could be crazier. Yes boys and girls - I am talking about the dreaded oil and natural gas. Two products which continue to make this country great. And that IS the truth.

Bottom line, what does our energy future look like? Good to very good. If we get off our collective butts, and authorize many more nuke plants, our future would look excellent. Wind will continue to be only a hobby. Solar does have a future, but not right now. For "clean" energy, our best choice continues to be solar. Until the "greenies" get the *blank* out of the way of building more nuke plants, shut the *blank* up about global warming. These brainwashed kids might want to take this country back to the stone age, but I sure don't!   

Monday, September 16, 2019

Not so much for hunting, but to right, AND a right!

"Note to Beto and the rest of the Democrats. We are on to you. We know your game. There are many hundreds of thousands of legal gun owners in these United States. We are sick to death of you trying to punish us."

Rumor has it that President Trump is going to send Beto a "thank you" card for this performance during the last debate. Why? Beto got transparent with the truth - and the truth is that Democrats DO want to take our guns away. They have been very sly and slimy in the past about what their intentions are. Actually, they lie. But leave it to Beto in a moment of weakness to spurt out that now famous line - "Damn right we are going to take your AR-15's and AK-47 away!" BTW - note the operative word in this statement - "we".

Much has been made of the AR-15. Mostly false. First, as most of us know (but not the knuckleheads on the Left), AR DOES NOT STAND for "assault rifle". It stand for ArmaLite, which was the original manufacturer of the rifle. It has been around since the late 1950's, and was made for the military. After a while, the patent was sold to Colt, but the "AR" stuck as a model designation. Today, it is sold to enthusiasts for sport and yes, some use it for hunting. 

So the question begs to be asked, why in the world would anyone want to spend a thousand dollars or so, to buy a gun which has been around for decades? What is the big deal? The "big deal" is this. We can buy a semi-automatic like the AR-15, or even an AK-47 for many reasons, but one stands out more than the others. It is our right to do so. It is NOT our right to misuse one by committing mass murder. But it sure the (I will use Beto language) hell is our right to own one.

But here once again, is the nut of the nut. The heart of the matter. The one thing many on the Left have heard over and over, and refuse to believe. The Founders wanted the citizens to have the right to own firearms, so if the government became wrong, the citizens could make it right. I know that sounds very nefarious. And most Founders tried to emphasize this would be a last resort event. But the Founders wanted to ensure before the nation fell into tyranny, the citizens had the tools needed to "right" that wrong. 

Every serious gun owner I know TOTALLY understands this. We can use our weapons for sport, for hunting, for self defense, or just to collect - but the main reason is the one the Founders made sure was in our Bill of Rights. Before the government can fall into tyranny, our weapons, our guns, were to "right" a wrong government.

History is replete with examples of societies which voluntarily or (not voluntarily) disarm, and then become subjugated or worse. Sometimes, the end of the story was genocide. With about 400 million firearms in America, that ain't gonna happen.

Note to Beto and the rest of the Democrats. We are on to you. We know your game. There are many hundreds of thousands of legal gun owners in these United States. We are sick to death of you trying to punish us. Punish the evil doers. We stand with you when you do that. Punishing the innocent is a non-starter.  


Sunday, September 15, 2019

The rise of the drones

"Days like these, it is of great comfort to know our country is a net energy exporter, unlike the sitting duck we were in the 1970's. Thank you, President Trump!"

It was bound to have happened sooner or later. It has been predicted for some time now. And according to futurists, the amount of drones in the sky is going to do nothing but increase. Like anything else, drones can be used for good or for evil. Yesterday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia saw the evil side of drones. A fairly small number of them, launched by their enemies in Yemen (and supplied by the Iranians), attacked the Saudi oil production site. The attack resulted in massive fires, so large they could be seen from space. And 50% of Saudi's production is now offline.

I know many of the "greenies" worldwide are cheering right now. That dreaded "murder oil" took a hit yesterday! But the world economists are not cheering. 5% of the world's production is now offline, which could spell big problems. The Chinese are not cheering, since they get 50% of their oil from the Saudis. 

Let's pull the string on this event just a bit. It is estimated that only 10 drones were used to cause this much damage. Only 10. The rebels in Yemen have made it known this attack was only the precursor. If the Saudis do not cease the blockade of Yemen, the attacks will get bigger and badder. In my mind, that leaves the Saudis with only three choices. 1) Withdraw from Yemen and call it a day. 2) Quickly find the appropriate defense against drone attacks. 3) Escalate the war, possibly involving Iran.

This is a dangerous situation for many reasons. If the attacks continue on the oil fields, the price of gasoline WILL go up. That includes here. The Saudis are still a major player in the worldwide oil supply. If the war deepens, and involves Iran, stand by. Even though President Trump HATES war (especially in the Middle East), we might get sucked into this one. As will Israel. There could be an unlikely alliance of the US, Israel, and the Saudis going against Iran. We would get little to no help from our Euro allies, nor other countries in the Middle East. Iran would get some support from Russia and China, but probably nothing militarily. 

In any event, what happened yesterday changed the playing field. Or should I say the killing field. The rise of the drones is now here. It is not just the super powers who have big fancy drones - it is also rebels using smaller, every inexpensive drones. Guess what? This could happen in this country also. Imagine drones being flown across the southern border, not to ferry drugs like they do now, but holding explosives. Going after our oil refineries. Going after downtown Houston. The evil possibilities are endless. 

This will be one to watch as the week unfolds. How is Saudi going to respond? Meanwhile, in the other hand, the Israelis are convinced the Iranians are going gang busters on finishing a nuke. Maybe using a second secret site. If war comes, the Israelis would be most happy to attack those suspected nuke sites. I suspect we would also, as President Trump has said many times publicly, "The United States will NEVER allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb."

As for me, I am gassing up today and making sure my extra gas cans are also full - just in case the price of gas spikes. Days like these, it is of great comfort to know our country is a net energy exporter, unlike the sitting duck we were in the 1970's. Thank you, President Trump!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

It is still that risk versus reward thing...

"People wonder why Donald Trump has such good numbers with the economy. He is a capitalist, and has been one his entire life. He understands business. He understands risk and reward."

A long time ago, a friend asked my opinion on what the biggest difference was between (back then) a Republican and a Democrat. I thought about it for a bit, and then gave him an answer I don't think he expected. "Risk and reward. It seems to me most Democrats don't understand risk versus reward." If I could relive that moment over, I would give him a concrete example. And the latest example comes right from downtown Minneapolis.

I seems that this fuzzy headed group called the City Council has now determined landlords not have the right to vet tenants. That they should rent to anybody, be they responsible, or a deadbeat. The landlord association warned the Council that if they enacted this law, it would result in higher rents. Why? Because, landlords don't do this for their health. This is a business for them. More risk has now been introduced into their business. Therefore, rents will go up to cover that increased risk. Who loses? The renters. Well played City Council of Minneapolis.

Watching the Democrat "debates" on TV the other night brought up another great example. When pressed on where the money is going to come from to pay this gargantuan price tag for socialist programs, many answered without flinching - "We will tax the rich and corporations some more." Easy peasy. Except for one minor detail. The rich don't have to be rich. Or they can move their money. If the cost of business becomes too high (risk) they will take their rewards elsewhere. Same goes for corporations. Tax them too high, they will practice "inversion". Why? Many foreign countries would love to host them, and not tax their socks off.

In my opinion, this is it in a nutshell. It drives the Left crazy that our Constitution does not allow for the government to be more authoritarian. That it looks out for the citizen way too much. After 8 long years of the Obama Administration putting as many roadblocks as possible in the pathway to profitable business, President Trump has been like a giant snow plow, getting rid of them. Why? He wants business people in this country to be concerned with normal risks so they can make a normal profit. When the government puts too many risks in the way of businesses, many businesses throw in the towel and quit. Who loses? The workers.

However for the Left, it is though they have blinders on. Why can't we force people to do things? Especially businesses? Because people on the Left, this is the United States of America. Land of the free, home of the brave. Home of the best economy in the world. We have become that way because we are capitalists. Not socialists, capitalists. Capitalists live on reward. They spend lots of time and money to mitigate risk so they can make a profit. 

The City of Minneapolis is hell bent on driving every business out of town. Taxes and over regulation are killers. Mandatory minimum wages for unskilled workers are killers. Businesses will either fold up, move, or become very expensive. Why does not the Mayor and City Council understand this? Have you seen this group? Heard their logic when they talk? Straight from the Haight Ashbury district in the 60's. 

People wonder why Donald Trump has such good numbers with the economy. He is a capitalist, and has been one his entire life. He understands business. He understands risk and reward. Most importantly, he understands this country, and the freedoms it affords to people - including business owners.  

Friday, September 13, 2019

Julian attacks Joe!!!

"That is it folks. Three hours of my life I would love to have back. I could have watched Downton Abby of PBS and been more entertained. Have to go now. I need a nap. Or maybe even a Bloody Mary after reliving last night for the purpose of writing this article." 

Say it ain't so, Joe! You, who have been in Washington since I was young man, stationed in Maine during the early 70's, you, who are a paragon of democrat virtue, you, a former VP under the worst president of all time, was besmirched by that little former HUD secretary! Julian Castro, what kind of a team player are you, anyhow? Come on, man! This is Uncle Joe! The walking gaffe machine! The stumbling, bumbling old man of the party. And you called him on a flip flop? In front of a shocked nation? Come on man! Have some compassion!

Actually, in a very predictable, and very dull evening, this was the spark the event needed. And guess who the crowd favorite was? Uncle Joe? No way, Jose! Andrew Yang. The guy who has never even run for dogcatcher, wants to give us (that be all of us), $1,000/month for doing nothing! Where would this money come from? Who cares? Probably the same place the $30T for Medicare for All would come from. Money trees, or black holes.

I gave up watching Cam Newton get beat by the Bucs last night to watch these Star Wars characters. Here are my observations:

  • Warren - There must be a native word for "Angry Woman" that I could use. Man, oh man - this woman is pissed off about everything! Her star is growing dim.
  • Harris - The African-American woman whose parents are not, has been reduced to a giggle-puss. Everything was funny to her. Hitting a dooby maybe? Expected her to get the blind munchies before the evening was over. Her star is very dim.
  • Klobuchar - Yea! Her numbers have finally come up a bit. Why? Even a blind squirrel can find a nut from time to time. Yes, everyone else was so bad, Amos almost looked good. Her star got a bit brighter, believe it or not.
  • Buttigieg - He faded into the wallpaper last night. Pete who? Nothing new under the sun. His star is almost too dim to see.
  • Booker -  Funniest line of the night. When asked a question about his diet, he answered, "No, and I will translate that into Spanish - No." Other than that, Cory was a non-factor. Much better when he attacks Uncle Joe. His star stayed about the same.
  • Yang - A loon of the highest order. I have not heard one sane thing come out of his mouth about governance. This thing about giving money to people for doing nothing, that is not only nutty, it is a cornerstone of the Democrat Party. For some reason, his star got brighter last night. 
  • O'Rourke - Mr. Gun Grabber cooked his goose last night. Say goodnight Beto. You are now finished. His star just went out.
  • Castro - I liked him the best of all last night. He is poised and unafraid to take on Uncle Joe. His positions are crazy, but I like how he presents himself. His star also go brighter (with me at least).
  • Sanders - Give him credit. He got this nutty thing going four years ago. Once the solo socialist, he is now just one of the crowd. But his train left the station in 2016. Time to go back to the care center in Vermont Bernie, and take your meds. Oh, and a throat lozenge also. Bernie's star is hardly even a star anymore.
  • Biden - Saved the best (or worst) for last. Everybody's favorite uncle. The gaffe master. Joe's train has also left the station. Maybe 20 years ago. Yet, he is still the odds on favorite to win the nomination. Trump will eat him for lunch in debates. Amazingly, Joe's star is still very bright. God help us all.
That is it folks. Three hours of my life I would love to have back. I could have watched Downton Abby of PBS and been more entertained. Have to go now. I need a nap. Or maybe even a Bloody Mary after reliving last night for the purpose of writing this article.     

Thursday, September 12, 2019

That battleship in the bathtub thing...

"As powerful as we like to think we are, we are not going to wreck this planet. It will survive. We will survive."

I was going to write about this at the start of the state fair, but crap - I forgot. Why the first day at the fair? As we were wandering by the Excel Energy booth, we encountered some youngins Excel had hired to "spread the word". They were so giddy and high, I almost wanted to drug test them. What were they giddy about? Excel Energy is going to be 100% renewable by 2050! Kiss those carbon causing fossil fuels goodbye! But wait - I did some quick math in my head. That is only 31 years from now. Are these kids nuts? This state, this nation, has a long, long way to go to get off fossil fuels by 2050.

Now kids, I admire your enthusiasm - I really do. And I understand that for years, you have been taught by nitwits in government schools, who do not know spit about reality. So let me help. Today, in 2019, over 60% of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels. 30% of that being coal. And even with those numbers, with the growth in demand we are seeing (and what is projected), we have been lucky not to have had any brown-outs, or the dreaded black-outs. Putting this in plain vernacular for you kiddos, we will need ever cf of natural gas, every drop of oil, and every pound of coal, just to get by.

Before I sound like the resident grump, let me first say this - I am with you. I think we are going to be on a better fuel source of fuel in the future. Just not in the 31 years future. Meanwhile, many of our city and state "planners" have lost their collective minds. How so?

The fuzzy headed "greenies" in Minneapolis want all our new tall buildings to be powered by geothermal instead of natural gas. If they are already built - fine. Just retrofit them. Question for the collective planners (besides are you out of your freaking minds?): if geothermal was more abundant, and even it did cost a bit more money, don't you think the builders would have done this already? BUT THEY DID NOT! Why not? Geothermal on that scale is not ready for prime time as yet. If it was, it would already be used. Will it be ready later in this century? Maybe. Probably. But right now it is natural gas we are using for our tall buildings - which is something we have a butt load of.

Tonight, the Clown Car returns. We will hearing 10 or 11 idiots running for President tell us the following: "Day one of my administration, I will sign an executive order making the use of fossil fuels illegal!" Translation = If I had the power to do that, which I will not, it will put this great country back into the stone ages. Into a super depression.

Not one of these imbeciles in the Clown Car have the sense God gave geese. If they were truth talkers, they would tell us we are on the right road, and will get there. That every year, this country emits less and less carbon into the atmosphere. That China and India are the biggest culprits - not us. That is what the Clowns should say.

In any event, you can't turn a battleship in a bathtub. That is a fact. It ain't gonna happen. Cars will become more electric, light bulbs more efficient, our emissions cleaner. If we were really smart, we would short circuit the approval process, and break ground on about 5 to 7 new nuclear plants in 2020. As much as the "greenies" hate nukes, they sure put out clean emissions.

One more thing before I close. Can we take this entire man-made global warming discussion and put a sock in it? For once and for all? It gets in the way of viable solutions. As powerful as we like to think we are, we are not going to wreck this planet. It will survive. We will survive. Let's plan on something realistic, like 100% new and renewable by 2100. That is something we can all sign up to. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Yet, the bad guys still exist...

"I look at how caviler we are in guarding our southern border (thanks to Congress) and am amazed that we have not learned a damn thing in 18 years. We are still as fat, dumb and happy as we were on 9/10/01."

Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of 9/11. A day many now call Patriot's Day. It is a day which most folks can tell you down to the most finite detail what they were doing when the news of the attack erupted over the media. Most will never forget it. Ever. Anything changed in the past 18 years? We have new laws, some of which erode some of our personal liberties. We have new government - like Department of Homeland Security, which was created in 2002. And bad guys. We still have lots and lots of bad guys who would do us harm.

Unlike so many other days on our calendar which are noteworthy, 9/11 is not a day of celebration. It is a day of remembrance. It is a day to remember all the brave souls who perished that day, guilty of the crime of simply going to work, or trying to save people in badly damaged buildings. It is a day we remember the death toll keeps rising after 18 years. The lingering cancers inflicted upon so many first responders by the toxic, choking soot and smoke still kills today. All this harm and misery because of the bad guys who would do us harm.

Wait a minute - did we not kill Bin Laden to avenge this horrible day? Yes, we got him. He was the master mind. But he was only one of a cadre of others who feel the same way about these United States. That we are evil. The Great Satan. So there will be others like Bin Laden. There are others like Bin Laden. 

I remember years ago asking a friend of mind with a very sharp Geo-political mind, a simple question. If most of the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, why was all our ire taken out on that dirt poor country of Afghanistan? Why not Saudi? His answer was simple and direct. "It's complicated". And I believe that answer still stands today. It is complicated. It is a complicated world. Are the Saudis friends or enemies? Can we trust them? Can we trust the Taliban to negotiate a peace with them? Can we trust anybody in that neck of the woods?

America, the savior of the planet in two world wars, protected by two vast oceans, found out 18 years ago just how vulnerable we are. Why so vulnerable? Our naivete. We were stumbling along life's path, fat, dumb, and happy. We were invincible. Nothing, outside a nuclear missile, could ever hurt us. So our guard was way down. Our PC was way up. We were ripe for something like this to happen to us. How do I know?

It happened before in 1993. Remember the "Blind Sheikh"? He and his team were going to blow the foundations in the North Tower, which would have allowed it to come crashing down into the South Tower. Thousands were going to die. Only it did not work. Our warning sirens should have been going off at ear shattering decibels after that failed attack. But they did not. Soon, we slipped back into lethargy.

Today, I look at how caviler we are in guarding our southern border (thanks to Congress). I am amazed that we have not learned a damn thing in 18 years. We are still as fat, dumb, and happy as we were on 9/10/01. We give sanctuary to people we know nothing about, decry the fact we even have borders anywhere, and allow all kinds of poisonous drugs to cross the Rio Grande. Are there bad guys in this mix? You better believe it. Bad guys who could do us harm similar, or worse than 9/11? You tell me.

Who are the real bad guys which still exist? The ones we know about? Congress. Not all members, but we all know which ones I am talking about. The fat, dumb and happy ones. The clueless, naive ones. The ones which after our next attack will act the most surprised. "How could that have possibly happen?", they would wail, looking for someone to blame. Well, Mr. or Ms. Congressperson - all you need do is look in the mirror. You will find the bad guy staring right back at you.     

Monday, September 9, 2019

Time for the stick, Mr. President

"Let's end this thing, and do it the right way. We are the strongest super power on Mother Earth. Time to act like it. One week of carpet bombing should really help get the Taliban thinking the right way."

This is a problem child, is it not? And because of 9/11/01, we had to adopt this problem child. It had already been through a foster parent (Russia), and they could not tame this beast. But we had a better idea. Rather than bomb this primitive country back into the stone ages, we would "nation build" it instead. How is that working out? After spending between $1T and $3T (depending on how you calculate borrowed money), and losing 2,500 troops due to combat (and about 20,000 wounded), we are back at square one. After almost 20 years, we are back to square one. We have been told by some very smart people, that as soon as the last American leaves, the Afghan army will fold like a house of cards. Then it is Taliban City all over again.

In fact, this past week we just found out the President was going for an inside straight to end the Afghan War. He was going to invite the hated Taliban to Camp David to try and pull a rabbit out of the hat. How did the scourge called the Taliban react? They blew up some innocents, including an American service member. That was it for President Trump. He called off all peace talks with the Taliban.

Now, I admire the President for trying to do the right thing. I really do. But the Taliban are worse than snakes. Can't trust them, can't negotiate them, can't deal with them. Then what to do? I would LOVE to see Trump inform the Taliban this is what the other side of the coin looks like. Effective on the anniversary of 9/11 (Wednesday), the carpet bombing will commence. We will carpet bomb Taliban strongholds for one week straight, and then stop.

Bird! You war monger! Think of the people that will die from carpet bombing! Ya, I know. Carpet bombing is cruel - kind of like blowing up civilians with suicide vests. But here is the deal Taliban - we have lots and lots of "dumb bombs" sitting in inventory. At any time, we can unleash hell on Earth by bombing both your killing fields and your poppy fields. Any time - get it? If you want to negotiate with us in good faith, we can strike a deal where everybody walks away whole. However, it you cheat on us, show us you are NOT a good partner in peace, you will not walk away whole. You will not be at peace. In fact, you will be in pieces.

Most people in this country are sick to death of these "controlled wars". They never end we for us. However, when we fight a war to win, they usually do end well. President Trump has already told the nation he could end this war in a week, but he did not feel like killing 100,000 people. I think he was half right. I do think he could end it in a week, but I don't think that many would be killed. Quite a few, but not 100,000.

This war has gone on now for almost 20 years. The Russians were bogged down here for 7 years. This is a quagmire. A trap. Let's end this thing, and do it the right way. We are the strongest super power on Mother Earth. Time to act like it. One week of carpet bombing should really help get the Taliban thinking the right way.  


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Crying out for help...

"Their light is dim right now, and growing dimmer every weekend. On the other side of the great bridge stands the massive army of the dictator. Just ready to come in and pounce like a predator onto prey." 

The year - 1989. The place - mainland China. The problem - freedom. Wait a minute! Freedom is never a problem! Oh, yes it is. If you are running a dictatorship, a totalitarian regime, even a theocracy - freedom is a huge problem. Some how, this notion of natural or God given rights made its way into the Godless and soul-less empire of the Red Dragon. And it infected mostly students. So they protested right in the middle of Tiananmen Square. Kids against tanks. Then the tanks won. Hundreds, maybe thousands died.

This event still leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many freedom loving patriots. Why? Very few people hate the Chinese. However, quite a few have no time for their repressive government. For the Chinese students to cry out for help, to anyone worldwide who would listen - and when those calls went unanswered, the students were just grist for the ChiCom's mill. Even though many of us remember it like it was yesterday, in mainland China, it never happened. A trick they learned from the former Soviet Union. The entire event was liquidated from their history. 

In the new regime of President Xi, he is not so much for mass murder as he is with helping the unfortunates get right with their thinking. That is why so many are now in "re-education camps". Some just call them prisons. With the latest outbreak of the freedom that we are now seeing in Hong Kong, that is exactly what the demonstrators fear. Having their voices silenced by the jack booted army of the mainland, and then being sent to be "re-educated". 
I guess the whole group-think over there might need to be re-thought. 

Some are asking if Xi Jinping is the new Big Brother. Over here, some are asking if he is the world's newest threat. Like in the 1930's when power became king and freedom became scarce. Mandating that he will be leader for life was not a cool move for those who have endeared with with trust in the past. How he will handle the freedom lovers in Hong Kong will tell us a lot about this man. If he is a benevolent dictator, or a just a brutal dictator. 

I grieve for the good people of Hong Kong. They really have been sold down the river. Life was good when they were part of the British empire. To be given to the ChiComs was not going to be in their best interest. I don't care how the agreement was worded, it was not going to end well for the citizens of that great city. Right now, they are crying out, begging, for Donald Trump to rescue them. Any way, any how - just rescue us.

Once again, when freedoms and liberty are ceded to a government, and then the government becomes regressive, it is an up hill fight. The people become like David, fighting a Goliath, with just a sling as some stones. Meanwhile, Goliath has guns and tanks. And "re-education" camps, where all kinds of bad and inhumane things happen. Like the strongly rumored involuntary organ donations. 

If you are a praying person, pray for the good people of Hong Kong. Their light is dim right now, and growing dimmer every weekend. On the other side of the great bridge stands the massive army of the dictator. Just ready to come in and pounce like a predator onto prey. The people of Hong Kong deserve better - so much better. But once again, the world is turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to tyranny. Once again, like so many times in the past.  

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Race for the cure

"The race is on. Our finest scientific minds are working on this right now. Beat cancer, kill cancer, before it kills again. It is a race which must be won." 

This summer was quite eventful for me. Besides having both my eyes operated on for cataracts (I call it my mid-life vision tune up), I also has a brush with skin cancer. Totally unexpected. In any event, I had a chunk taken out of my side which contained some cancerous cells on my skin. This is why yearly check-ups are so vital. To catch things like that early.

In any event, as my skin doctor was cutting away on me, he and I were chatting about where he went to medical school (he and I both went to the U of M). He said he still is active with the School of Medicine there, and is amazed at how much good cancer research goes on at the "U". For those who have visited the University of Minnesota's School of Medicine know one thing for certain - it is HUGE.

A few weeks after my procedure, I started thinking about how much cancer research must go on in our country. In the world. Whomever, or whatever institution finds the "silver bullet" for cancer, it will be the shot heard round the world. It will be the end of one the biggest scourges mankind has ever suffered. It will be the most wonderful day. 

That led me to thinking. Besides the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where else is a lot of cancer research being done? So I went on the National Cancer Institute website. Quite impressive. Every day, there are hundreds of different research projects going on at 71 designated cancer centers. And going through the list of names, these are all top flight organizations. Plus - that is this is just in our country. We know that similar research is also going on in many other countries as well. Why? Cancer affects everyone.

Right now, there are literally hundreds to new medicines in all stages of approval. Many are for the treatment cancer. Thanks to the Right to Try Act, which President Trump signed into law in May of 2018, patients no longer have to wait until new drugs get to the final stages of FDA approval. They can choose to try a promising drug which is not yet fully approved. Most cancer docs will tell you the same thing - the name of the game when being treated for cancer is to continue to stick around. Every year the treatments better and better with fewer side effects. 

This is the race for the cure folks. I dare say everyone reading this has had some cancer, or knows of someone who has had cancer, or has it now. This past year, my wife and I lost three close friends to disease - two of which were cancer.

The race is on. Our finest scientific minds are working on this right now. Beat cancer, kill cancer, before it kills again. It is a race which must be won. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

"Deepfaked" with CGI

"Should we be on the lookout for Deepfake today? Absolutely. Although not pervasive as yet, it is out there. Rough and crude, it is out there. And it is only going to get better. Ready to fool even the most cautious of us. Get ready. It is coming." 

Hey Star Wars fans! Did you know the next chapter in the Star Wars series. The Rise of Skywalker, will be released before year's end? Did you know the Princess Leia character has a role in this movie? Oh by the way, did you know the person who plays Leia died a few years ago? No biggie. Through the magic of using some old footage, camera angles, and a wee bit of CGI, Leia will live again! 

Those who are movie buffs (like I am), and are special effects geeks (like I am), have noticed a huge sea change as of late. Our CGI expertise is off the charts good these days. Trying to tell the real from the not real is getting to be very, very hard. One of the major actors has recently said, he can see a day in the near future where an actor in a movie will be 100% CGI, and nobody will know it. 

That is all fun and cute when we can strut our stuff in movies and TV. But there is a darker side to all this technology. It is called Deepfake. If you are unfamiliar with this term, I dare say you will be in the near future. It will have the ability to change everything for everyone. Just so you don't think I am a bit of a drama queen, let me explain.

Imagine for a minute, you go on social media, and someone has posted a video of the President addressing the nation. I mean, it looks like him, acts like him, and sounds like him. In that video, he tells the nation a shocking secret. He is in reality, a Russian agent. All that has been alleged about him is true. He is a traitor and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And because of his high crimes, he will be resigning from the Presidency tomorrow morning. Only one problem however - it is all fake. As real as it looked and sounded, it is all computer.

Deepfake is only in its infancy right now. I shudder to think how sophisticated it will be in five years. Will we be able to determine if anything is real, or a fake? How will we get our news? Know what, or whom to believe? This is a part of our brave new world. The brave new world I believe few saw coming. How will we regulate Deepfake? How will be police it? These are vexing questions for us, as a society, to address. And we had better do it sooner rather than later. 

Back to movies as I close. Is it possible to get too real? To see the sickening parts of death when someone is blown up, burned alive, or shredded with gunfire? Do we really need to see that? I don't think so. On the plus side however, the new CGI will show us places we have never seen before. Places which can be now be filmed. Like outer space, or visiting other planets. No expensive sets are needed, like the old days. All you need is just some very good computer work. Stay tuned for the 2020's - it is about to get a whole lot better. 

Should we be on the lookout for Deepfake today? Absolutely. Although not pervasive as yet, it is out there. Rough and crude, it is out there. And it is only going to get better. Ready to fool even the most cautious of us. Get ready. It is coming. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Screwing in ye old light bulb...

"Now that Labor Day is over, the worst of the worst are expected to return to Washington to sit on their collective arses and DO NOTHING. All this while we are paying them six figure salaries." 

Here is a question most of us have heard throughout the ages. Why is it, government, be it federal, state or local - is so screwed up, they can't even screw in a light bulb? It started off as a standard joke, but my, oh my, has history and the facts ever proven this to be true. In a company, where there is that darn old bottom line to worry about, "driftwood" (non-performing employees) and dysfunctional systems are NOT TOLERATED. In government, it has become the norm. Don't believe it? Just look at the DHS in Minnesota.

We elect people to represent us. Does not matter if that is federal, state or local. Some how, some where along the road, many of these folks (once elected) assume 1) we now work for them and 2) poor performance is okay. In fact, many become very defensive or indignant when asked for the truth. Like, why do we need to know? Just because we are paying the freight, that is why! 

Like I said - all levels of government. In the news this morning, it was reported that the Chicago school system is going to mandate the teaching of LBGQT history and lifestyle. Huh? What the hell for? What ever happened to teaching true history and civics? Teaching real math instead of Common Core mumbo jumbo? These school boards WORK FOR US! What if we don't want that crap taught to our kids? Pull our kids out of government schools? Fine. Then stop taxing us for them.

If real history was still taught in schools, they would understand how much Thomas Jefferson understood the dangers of an out of control government. "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends {life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness} it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and institute a new government..." I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would think about our out of control governments today? He might say, "time to clean house!"

Some think this "dumbing down" of our kids has been a long term strategy of the Left. Makes it easier for indoctrination. Why? The opposite of indoctrination is critical thinking. Get rid of the critical thinking, and you end up with mind numbed robots. And mind numbed robots love to be controlled by a controlling government. Sound familiar? Like Big Brother in 1984? Group-think anyone? 

Now that Labor Day is over, the worst of the worst are expected to return to Washington to sit on their collective arses and DO NOTHING. All this while we are paying them six figure salaries. In 2020, we need to elect people who will serve the public by doing the will of the people. The crowd we have now, panders only to the will of the far, far fringe Lefties. No one else. 

In closing, remember Jefferson's most memorable (attributable) quote about government. "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Take that, you gun grabbers! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Freedom vs. Socialism?

"In the United States right now, we have our own crop of 'useful idiots'. They could bring down this great country by not firing a shot. They will do it by voting for, and electing, socialists. Then my friends, it will be game over."    

There sure has been quite a bit of buzz on the cable news channels as of late. The 2020 election. How it will define our country for years, maybe decades to come. Amazingly, almost unbelievably, this country is going to decide if it will continue being a republic, loaded with personal freedoms, or surrender to the specter of socialism. Because of our dumbed down, common cored, social engineered education system, many of our young people are almost giddy at the thought of turning this great country into a mess. 

My feeling is that world wide, many freedom loving people who are currently living in repressive countries, are looking at America and scratching their collective heads. America, the cradle of modern day freedoms and liberty, is going to vote to give that up? Why? What the what? You see, unlike in our country, where history is now taught in high school and colleges as a fable, people in totalitarian countries are seeing oppression up close and personal. There is no "Common Core" needed to tort the facts for the oppressed - these people are living them.

This morning our beloved Governor, the carpetbagger from Nebraska, penned an article in the op/ed. "Come on! Let's make Minnesota the education state!" He went on the decry the stubborn achievement gap, and the disparity in educational opportunities by zip code. (...yawn...) Sorry - dozed off. That same article could have been written twenty years ago. THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM GOVERNOR! Never has been. Our education system is BROKEN! We are not teaching anymore! We are indoctrinating! If we were teaching real history and civics, we would not have idiots like AOC running around the country, acting like a "Pied Piper" to our young folks! They would know better!

So here we are, at the precipice of history. I don't want to sound overly dramatic, but we really are. There are already organizations working the campuses to get these young skulls full of mush signed up to vote. And guess what? Most will probably vote for the socialist way of life. Why? Professor Dip S**t told them it would be "cool" to get free stuff and not have to work for it. Socialism is a much "fairer" way to live. Equal everything for everyone. Yippee!

If the socialists win, the next thing to fall will be our Constitution. It will be out of sync with the "New World Order". So it will be scrapped and re-written. Even though our current Constitution makes it very hard to do so, the socialists will find a way to get the necessary majorities to get it done. It will their highest priority. Remember - one of the Left's heroes, RBG, has been overseas telling foreigners our Constitution sucks, and they should never try to imitate nor emulate it. Bravo, to a Supreme Court Justice! Time to retire, Ruth!

If you love President Trump, hate President Trump, or are just neutral on him, yet love our freedoms and our Constitution, it is IMPERATIVE you vote for Donald Trump in 2020. If we lose the White House in 2020 to Warren, Sanders, Harris, Beto, Pete, or even "Sleepy Joe", we are screwed beyond hope. Even Amy would be a disaster. 

It has been alleged that Vlad Lenin coined the term "useful idiots" for the minions on the Left who could be easily manipulated. They were very important in the spread of communism.

In the United States right now, we have our own crop of  "useful idiots". They could bring down this great country by not firing a shot. They will do it by voting for, and electing, socialists. Then my friends, it will be game over.    

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Time to pay the piper...

"We needed a former controller from a Fortune 500 company. One who knows how to FIRE PEOPLE, and find the truth."

Ladies and gentlemen of the heavily taxed state of Minnesota - this is going to be a most interesting fall. How do I know? Jodi Harpstead, meet Senator Michelle Benson. I have known Michelle for quite a while now, and I will tell you this - she is an analytical. She is an answer person. Clear, concise answers. And Michelle knows how to do her homework. She has a entire collection of questions for SOMEBODY at DHS to give clear, concise answers to. Hey Jodi! Tag! You're it!

This will be a little different Jodi, than importing scads of Muslims into Minnesota via your former VOLAG. That was a piece of cake compared to what lies in front of you. Your are about to step knee deep into Minnesota's version of the swamp. It is a mess. It is corrupt. It is way out of control. And Senator Benson is going to ask you what happened to $300M which is unaccounted for during the past three years.

What I am going to watch with great interest is how Ms. Harpstead handles the Somali daycare graft and fraud issue within the DHS. I mean, these are some of the people she helped plant here - and now they are screwing the taxpayer royal. BUT - because of their "protected" class, the local lap dog media has been very hush, hush on this issue. So are the socialists and the democrats. Not the taxpayers. We want our money back, and the evil doers punished!!

Speaking of people being punished, what ever happened to the woman who made big bucks while doing nothing? That be Ms. Ham. The auditor who let this larceny go on right under her nose. In a normal universe, she would be out looking for another job right now, with a terrible reference from her last one. However, in the alternate universe of Taxing Timmy, we just keep paying her taxpayer dollars. We love to reward bad behavior in Timmy's universe. Who cares? The taxpayers care, damit! 

Of all the things the Democrats have screwed up in this state (and the amount of that is legion), what has happened with DHS takes the cake. If we had every misspent penny back from the past few years of DHS funding, I dare say not only would our seniors get a well deserved Social Security tax break, but our surplus would also look quite impressive. 

One more thing. I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL THAT MONEY WHICH WAS ILLEGALLY SENT TO SOMALIA. Fact or fiction, truth or rumor. Let's clear the air on that issue. If it is true, I not only want people fired, I want the guilty parties doing hard time. Put that on your "to-do" list, Jodi.

Do I think Jodi Harpstead was a good hire? Absolutely not. I detest what her VOLAG has done to this state. We needed a former controller from a Fortune 500 company. One who knows how to FIRE PEOPLE, and find the truth. What is Jodi? Probably another round heeled, and weak kneed liberal. Go along, come along. Prove me wrong Jodi. Here is your chance. Make the most of it.  

Monday, September 2, 2019

Bad night for a good people

"In any event, let's hope Dorian is the one and only storm we will suffer this year. Having a bad snowstorm in January is one thing - losing your house to a Cat 5 super storm is quite another."

Is it possible to personify a storm? Might be, as I have heard many terms as of late to describe Hurricane Dorian. I think the most common name I have heard is "monster". My fascination with hurricanes started in 1969 while stationed in Pensacola. That is when I went though a "brush" with another Cat 5 "monster" called Camille. It was then I found it is one thing to watch a terrible storm on TV, and quite another to be looking down the barrel of the gun (so to speak). Camille terrified this nineteen year old kid from Minnesota - bit time. 

Overnight, this beast called Dorian slowed to almost a full stop. Why? Zero steering currents. No steering currents to turn it northward, no steering currents to keep it going westward. With winds in the storm ranging from 165 to sometimes 180 mph, it parked itself over those wonderful Bahama Islands. Parked, and just started grinding those beautiful beaches to bits. Even though the people in the Bahamas have learned to use some of the most stringent building codes in their structures, this non-stop barrage of killer winds might have been too much to handle.

One weather guesser tried to explain it this way. Now that the forward progress of Dorian is down to 1 mph, it would be like having an EF 3 tornado come into your neighborhood - and not leave. Just keep grinding down everything in its sights. And what if this thing does not make its forecasted right hand turn fast enough? What if it does a "brush" on Florida's east coast with winds that strong? That will be bad - very bad. Many remember the almost total devastation that Hurricane Andrew left in Florida in 1992. That was also a Cat 5 storm, with winds of 175 mph. Only that storm did not linger. 

On the news this morning, one of the commentators said it was with great trepidation, that he was waiting for the first daylight pictures of the Bahamas to show up. He knew it was going to be bad. As I had mentioned on social media, we were just in the Bahamas two years ago. Did some history tours. Met the people. These are some of the finest, nicest, most solid folks I have met anywhere. The thought of them, trying to survive, hunkered down under this stationary super storm, is unsettling at best.

The news about the progress of this storm will linger on until Friday. That is an incredible length of time for a storm like this to live. The weather folks say it will lose some of its teeth be week's end - like maybe be down to a Cat 2 or 1. But until week's end, Dorian will continue to chew up pristine barrier islands and beautiful beaches in Florida and the southeastern coast.

Two years ago, we had Hurricane Maria which levied a body blow on Puerto Rico. Even today, there are parts of that poverty infested island which have not recovered. Hurricane Irma also hit that year. Most costly storm ever to hit Florida. What many do not know about Irma, was it could have been so much worse. It was a strong Cat 5 when it made its turn to the north to hit Florida. However, in doing so, it "brushed" Cuba. That took enough starch out of Irma to get it down to a strong Cat 4 - still bad. 

Each storm is unique and different that any before it. That is one of the reasons forecasting is so tricky. In any event, let's hope Dorian is the one and only storm we will suffer this year. Having a bad snowstorm in January is one thing - losing your house to a Cat 5 super storm is quite another.