Thursday, February 28, 2019

Glo-BULL warming update!!!

"The taxes are still too high. The winters are still too long. But Minnesota continues to put out record crops."

This week, I cashed out every security I have. No more retirement savings. Then I maxed out every credit card I have to borrow money. No more inheritance for the kiddos. I have set up a budget to spend it all in the next twelve years. It is going to be one heck of a party!

Some might think I have taken leave of my senses. But I have not. I have found a much younger (and wiser) financial adviser. She went to Boston College, graduated cum laude with a degree in economics and something else, and is now serving in the US Congress. Good creds, right? Yes, it is AOC I am talking about, and she said we only have twelve more years to live - before we are burned up by global warming.

In fact, it is so bad, we are almost out of water here in Minnesota. Wait - maybe not. The greatest of lakes, Superior, is approaching record levels for water. And water keeps falling from the sky. How so? Last April, we had the most snow of any April on record. This year, February has smashed the previous record by 10 inches! And more snow is on the way for tomorrow. Meanwhile, my driveway looks like the Grand Canyon.

Because of our abundant moisture as well as good farming methods, we continue to knock it out of the park with our yields of corn and beans. Minnesota is one of those grocers who feeds not only its citizens, but feeds the part of the world. We raise so much grain, we are able to feed our livestock and poultry at such good prices and abundance, we remain a world leader in pork and poultry. Even though ALGORE said a few years ago the Midwest would soon resemble the Sahara Desert, it is looking like more the Garden of Eden instead.

Some might say, "Okay - that is Minnesota. What about the agriculture valleys in California? Where most of our produce is grown?" Good question. Today the Weather Channel was talking about this thing called an "atmospheric river". So much moisture is streaming (via the upper atmosphere) towards the west coast, California might get TEN FEET of snow in the Sierra Nevada Range - alone. If they can't bottle that for irrigation this summer, there is something sadly wrong with the Golden State. 

I know, I know. The "greenies" will tell us this is like the Rapture before the Tribulation. "Just wait!", they will tell us - "Hell on Earth is coming!" (...yawn...) Okay, then bring it on. As for me, I HAVE NOT cashed out everything. I HAVE NOT maxed out my credit cards. I am enjoying the good life in these United States. 

The taxes are still too high. The winters are still too long. But Minnesota continues to put out record crops. Global warming? Okay Representative Drazcowski  - with permission, I will use your term. What we have been seeing with out weather is "Glo-Bull Warming". Plain and simple - that is all it is.  

A father wound?

"Some might ask, are all Democrats lemons these days? Not a bit. But the more normal ones are no longer electable by the Left." 

Years ago, I attended a men's ministry event. It was followed up by a morning class with other men at the church I attended. The purpose of this event, and the course which followed, was to allow us guys to "unpack". To find out any impediments which were keeping us from being the type of man God intended us to be. It was a good course, revealing course, healing course, and sometimes - damned uncomfortable course. 

One of the modules dealt with "Mother Wounds". Oh boy - did many of us guys have some of those! Then once we were done with that module, we moved on to the real tough one - "Father Wounds". Ouch. Yes - most, if not all, had some of those. Studies have shown that wounds suffered by our Dads which never were reconciled, led to problems in relationships as we became men, fathers, husbands, friends.

Reading about our senior Senator, (Amy K.), I start to think back on those "Father Wounds". Anyone who knows the history of Amy's famous (and sometimes infamous) Father, knows those wounds probably run deep. How Amy responds to people who work for her, show she responds to the other party in Washington, even how she responds to her constituents, gives me pause to think. I wonder, have her wounds ever been addressed? At her age, with her ego, that probably will never happen. And because of that, we have a terribly flawed person representing us as our senior Senator. Plus - she is now running for President - baggage and all.

Some might think I have antipathy towards this woman. I don't. In fact, I don't know her. Never met her. I did walk by her at the State Fair a few years ago in the early morning when the crowds were sparse. I greeter her politely. She was talking to an aid and just walked on by. The bad part of me was tempted to call her out. Like Ratso would in the movie Midnight Cowboy. "Hey! I am talking to you!" But I did not.

I do know the man quite well who ran against Amy in the last election. Jim Newberger is just the opposite when it comes to dealing with people. Kind, considerate, a listener. But he did not have the statewide name recognition that Amy has. Even with the wounds, her Dad's name recognition has done wonders for her. So, Jim got creamed in the general by an inferior candidate. A candidate who does NOT know how to treat people. One who votes for every abortion bill which comes to the Senate - including the recent Ben Sass "Infanticide Bill". Is this the "Father Wound" showing its ugly colors? Or just the new socialist mantra. I simply don't know.

However, the big problem we have in Minnesota is too many "blue pill" Democrats. Candidates like Franken or Klobuchar or Smith - are all flawed. I won't even go into Omar. She is beyond flawed. But Democrats vote for these flawed types in droves. The days of having quality Democrats like Hubert Humphrey are long over. We have had the lemonade, now we are stuck with the lemons. 

No warning here folks. The damage is already done. We are stuck with Amy for six more years. Even if she gives up her Senate seat to run for President, Tim Walz (another puppet), will pick a lemon to fill her seat. Some might ask, "Are all Democrats lemons these days?" Not a bit. But the more normal ones, are no longer electable by the Left. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dancing in Hanoi

"What is going to come out of Hanoi? Have no clue. I will say this however - the fact these two world leaders are meeting again, and in a Communist country with a strong economy - is huge. Or as the President would say - YUGE!!!"  

This week could hold a historic event. Once which is decades overdue. It could be the total end to the Korea War. Not an armistice, not a cease fire, not a truce. A true end to a very long conflict. But should that happen, don't expect to hear about it on the MSM - they will be too busy covering the Cohen hearings. In fact a historian (whom I had never heard of before) was on the news this morning. He said this will be the first time in American history that the media will be siding more with a murdering tyrant, than our own President while in negotiations. Go figure. 

The editorial in the toilet paper which pretends to be a newspaper in this town, had a threatening op/ed this morning. "These talks better yield some positive results!" Or what, Star and Sickle? This President has already made more progress with North Korea than the last ten Presidents combined - especially the Democrat Presidents. Cold hard fact. 

And Hanoi? Why meet in a former enemy country like Viet Nam? Why? The answer is very simple. Viet Nam is no longer our enemy, has not been for decades. Since the war ended, even though still technically a Communist country, the economy in Viet Nam has gone gang busters. Plus they are a tourist destination (I am going there this year). Donald Trump picked Malaysia for the first meeting, and Viet Nam for the second meeting to show Kim what strong economies in his neck of the woods look like. What North Korea could look like, should they decide to play nice.

These are amazing days in America. You would never know it however, by listening to the press, or watching to the nut balls serving in the US House and Senate. I just read an article yesterday talking about our biggest economic problem we have today and will have in the near future. High unemployment? Not a bit. Not enough workers for our ever expanding factory jobs. Our economy is beyond red hot right now. Jobs galore. Plus, we are on the brink of a historic agreement with China. One which will make our economy even stronger. We are energy independent. We are an energy exporter. Yes, we have come a long way since our Jimmy Carter fireside chats, where our President at that time, looked and sounded like Mr. Rogers.

But - no matter how good things get, no matter the accomplishments of this Administration, the seething, visceral hatred for this President will continue. Those on the Left will NEVER forgive him for stealing the job Hillary was destined for. The establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle will NEVER forget that Donald Trump is an outsider. Those in the media HATE this President for outfoxing them at every turn. 

However - those who are paying attention, the patriots, the citizens - LOVE this President. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see REAL progress coming out of Washington. In my life, I have never seen a President with this much armor. One who can fend off constant attacks from the swamp and the media. 

What is going to come out of Hanoi? Have no clue. I will say this however - the fact these two world leaders are meeting again, and in a Communist country with a strong economy - is huge. Or as the President would say - YUGE!!!  

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Behold! The cold hearted orb of socialism...

"It is time to wake up and realize we are being treated like frogs in slowly boiling water. What was unthinkable in our great country fifty years ago, is now the new norm for the socialists on the Left."

Some of us oldies remember the unforgettable lyrics from the Moody Blues, Days of Future Past album. Specifically from the opening song, The Day Begins. The lyrics go like this:

Cold hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colors from our sight
Red is gray and yellow white
But we decide which is right
And which is an illusion

Okay - what in the world does a fifty year old rock and roll song have to do with today's politics? Take the above lyrics, in the fourth line, and assume the word "we" does not refer to the people, but rather the socialists in our government instead. Think about that for just a second. The government, whether it be our federal or state government, is now asking you to believe now, what in the past was unthinkable. Yes, our government, which is turning to socialism, has become the "cold hearted orb that rules the night".

Like how? For starters, we have gone from a society which treats our young like "seed corn", to the socialists telling us it is okay to kill them. Kill them up to, and shortly after birth. What was infanticide before, is now considered legal abortion. "Red is gray and yellow white, they decide which is right."

Get the picture? If we could travel back in time, say about fifty years or so, and tell people this would be the law of the land in certain blue states in 2019, they would simply not believe it. The good people of that era would think you were a nut case. They would think something like this could NEVER happen, not in a million years. But it is happening - thanks to the "cold hearted orb" of socialism.

How about living in an America where everything is considered a "right"? The right of free education, the right to free healthcare, the right to have equal income, the right not to work if you choose not too (and still get paid), and so forth. In return for those government granted rights, we in turn give the government most of our money (via taxes), and then the government will tell us what to eat, how to live, and how to get around.

Fifty years ago, people would have thought you had read too much Huxley or Orwell. Today, not so much. The socialists are giving us the New Green Deal, which make Orwell and Huxley look like authors of children's books. How can the socialists do that? What right do they have to do so? Because "they decide which is right" - not us. And we elected this bunch of misfits.

It is time to wake up and realize we are being treated like frogs in slowly boiling water. What was unthinkable in this great country fifty years ago, is now the new norm. That is, according to the socialists on the Left. Be warned however - if we sleep through this transition, we will wake up living in that Brave New World we fear. It will not be a dream - it will be a nightmare.

The "cold hearted orb" of socialism is truly trying to remove the colors from our sight. The enemy is no longer at the gate, they are in the gate. And they have government voting cards. Don't be fooled by these new charlatans folks. Red is still red, and gray is still gray. No matter what colors the "cold hearted orb" of these socialists tells us they are.  

Monday, February 25, 2019

"I would give up my car, my house, even my dog..."

"Gun ownership is sacrosanct. Unconstitutional gun grabbing puts many innocent people in danger. Innocent gun owners, and law enforcement. One of the state reps addressed this issue last weekend at the rally."

Seems my state rep had some of his words taken out of context at this past weekend's gun rally. How do I know? I heard his speech - twice (it was on the internet). However, our gun grabbing Governor is the one who twisted my rep's words. Said he was inciting violence against those who want "common sense" gun control. Well Mr. Gun Grabbing Governor - here is the real story. First, my rep never said those words. Second, with that being said, you need to know what the temperature is outside the metro when it comes to legal gun ownership.

Here is what the temperature feels like in my corner of the woods. A year or two ago, one of the patriots who lives up here was asked about the threat of losing his guns due to gun grabbing confiscation. His response was legendary - "I would give up my car, my house, even my dog, before I would give up my guns". Let that sink in for a minute.

Statists in the metro may think that gun ownership is like stamp collecting, but if they do, they are missing the point by a country mile. Gun ownership is freedom for citizens of our republic. It does not matter what type of gun or how many one owns - gun ownership is a cornerstone of our freedom.

Let me try and help our new Governor understand. What? You thought he already did understand since he received an "A" from the NRA? He was a pretender. A poser. Now now his true colors have shown, he gets a well deserved "F" rating. Too made there is not a grade lower than "F". Anyhow Governor - pay attention. I don't think you, nor your socialist minions in the legislature, have a clue how sensitive the topics of "red flag" or universal background checks are. These are additional gun laws which are neither needed nor wanted by patriots and citizens.

If you truly cared about "One Minnesota" Governor, instead of making that moniker a joke, here are the two new gun laws that WE want. First, Stand Your Ground. That one is long overdue. By not having it as a law, legal gun owners are at considerable risk should they ever need to use their firearm. It is common sense legislation. Second is Constitutional Carry. Gun ownership is a natural right as reaffirmed in our Constitution. We should not have to fill out a bunch of needless and redundant paper work every time we buy a new gun. 

Each gun club has now had a rally at the Capitol. The purpose of each rally was to show the gun grabbers we mean business. Gun ownership is sacrosanct. Unconstitutional gun grabbing puts many innocent people in danger. Innocent gun owners, and law enforcement. One of the state reps addressed this issue last weekend at the rally. It is a one way street which ends up in a dangerous box canyon. Meanwhile, thugs who should not have guns, continue to shoot up the metro. Go figure. 

"I would give up my car, my house, even my dog before I give up my guns." Listen up Governor. Listen up statists. How is the temperature in the out state when it comes to our guns? Unlike the temp outside, our gun temperature is red hot. Be aware of that fact.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Standing at the edge of freedom

"Spread the word folks. Get beyond your BPOU. Get beyond your Tea Party meeting. Go talk to your friends and neighbors. If they are not aware of what is going on, try and gently wake them up. If gently does not work, ring the alarm bell in their ear."

I attended my BPOU convention yesterday morning. It was a great day to gather with some fellow patriots. We took care of some business, elected officers and delegates to state central, and then listened to a few guest speakers. One speaker was our Congressman, Tom Emmer. I have known Tom for quite a while now, and I have never seen him like this. Mad. Mad with anger and passion thrown in. Why? Because we are standing at the edge of our freedom.

I guess anyone who has not seen this coming has taken the blue pill so they can peacefully sleep in the Matrix while our world becomes unraveled. Those who are paying attention however, know the threat is about as real as real gets. The nut balls, the America haters, who at one time were just side shows standing on the outskirts of reality, now have voting cards in the United States Congress. Some are even running for President. 

Right now, we have two people who are keeping them at bay by plugging the dyke with all of their fingers. Those two people are President Trump and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. I know - who would have thought it. An old time establishment Republican like McConnell is helping to maintain our freedoms. Fortunately, McConnell has a comfortable majority in the Senate right now. Enough of a majority to help blunt the socialists in the House. But that could change in a heartbeat in 2020. As could the White House, if we are not diligent.

Just imagine what Washington would look like in 2020 with a President Harris, Sanders, or Warren. Along with Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Leader Schumer. And in Minnesota, with Governor "Off the Walz" stripping our freedoms using BOTH the House and Senate. These scenarios could happen. This is not science fiction - this is science fact. If the socialists have a clean sweep in 2020 in both Washington and St. Paul - our road to serfdom would be complete.

The Democratic Party is dead folks. Has been for a while. It was replaced for a short period of time by the Progressive Party. That did not do the trick for them, so the masks finally came off. The true nature of the beast is now showing. We are dealing with pure blooded socialists, and they want to take our country down the same rat hole they are living in. Your freedoms are just impediments to accomplishing their mission. Therefore - your freedoms must go. 

In 2020, to save our republic, we have to beat these people. Beat them to a pulp. Beat them until they can't wiggle anymore. No more sitting back taking a pass. No more letting the "other guy do the heavy lifting". Here is the naked truth. Once the socialists win and our freedoms are gone, there is no turning back. The Great American Experiment will be over. Done. We will have lost the ship of state - and it will be on our watch. 

Spread the word folks. Get beyond your BPOU. Get beyond your Tea Party meeting. Go talk to your friends and neighbors. If they are not aware of what is going on, try and gently wake them up. If gently does not work, ring the alarm bell in their ear.

America is in danger of being defeated not by a foreign country, but by the cancer we have let live within. Our Founders warned us of this day. And that day might me right around the corner. 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

The great Minnesota gun fiasco

"What do I want at the end of the day? Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry. That is it. No more Infringement Laws"

Ah, ha! I knew that headline would garner some attention! Like I was some kind of later day gun hater. On the contrary, I love my guns. I love all law abiding gun owners. I am a life member of (dare I say it?), the NRA. Then what in the Sam Hill am I talking about when I way "gun fiasco" in Minnesota? Stay tuned - this might get interesting.

Never in most of our lives, has this issue become more important. Like, the republic is at stake important. And guess what? Instead of being united in this struggle against the "gun grabbers" in St. Paul, the three gun organizations (two local and one national), treat each other more like competitors more than like allies. Truth.

I have been a member of the NRA for years now. About five years ago, I became a life member. Even though some in this state have disdain for the NRA, I feel they do some good work for gun owners. Perfect? Not quite, but there is always room for improvement. But our two local gun groups (and I must confess, I have not met the current leaders of either of these two groups) are anything but allied. Why is that? Beats me. I know the Lefties are allied to disarm us. Then why we are not allied to stop them? That puzzles me.

There was a gun rally in St. Paul today. At our BPOU convention, I asked someone, "why another rally?" Did we not just have one a few weeks ago? The answer was yes, but "those were the other guys". Well, I watched the rally on the internet with "the other guys", and it appeared to be well attended. As was the one today. If the two were held at the same time, would that not send twice the message? Just asking.

This is no time for family bickering. If there are issues - resolve them. We need both local gun clubs, as well as the NRA, to be united in Minnesota to beat the gun grabbers. Do I have a dog in this fight? Not a bit. Like I said, I am a life member of NRA. I do not belong to either of the two local gun clubs. I wish them both well, and to GET ALONG with each other. If they ever did unite, I would probably join.

What do I want at the end of the day? Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry. That is it. No more Infringement Laws, just the two laws which I mentioned. But for crying in the beer folks - we need to forgive and forget, love each other as patriots, and then unite to beat the worst gun grabbers in recent state history. If we don't, we will just be fodder on their victory plates. And we can kiss our guns, our freedoms, good-bye.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Dying for a vote, dying for a fix

"Shame on you Democrats! Same on you RINOs! You all really suck - you really do! This is a national emergency, and you are playing for the other team. I would love to kick each one of you over the southern border and then shut it down. That is after all, what you deserve." 

Listen up kiddos. We (not the patriots - that be the Lefty part of these United States), are helping to destroy Mexico and Central America. What? How? Votes. Democrats will do anything for votes. The caravans of people coming up from Central America, the Mexicans themselves who are sneaking across the border, are doing it with not only the blessings of the Left, but also their encouragement.

For those paying attention, this fact is well known. We are killing Mexico right now. Or should I say, we have set the table so that Mexico can kill itself. Hang on when you hear this statistic. In 2018, Mexico set an all time record for murders - 33,341. This makes the south side of Chicago look like a Sunday School picnic. And on the news this morning, it was reported that this past January was the deadliest month in Mexico - ever. All so the cartels can peddle their poison over the border, and the coyotes can smuggle their human traffic.

The Left has become so blinded by politics, they are missing the danger at the border. The biggest blessing this country could have right now, is for a change of voting habits by the migrants. If they were Trump supporters, the Left would be clamoring to shut the border, and build a 100 foot tall fence. But because the migrants continue to vote for Santa Clause, the Left wants us to open our borders. They don't give a s**t that with open borders, comes unfettered drugs, human trafficking, gangs, as well as a zillion non-English speaking peasants. 

Rather than treating this situation like adults, the Left is suing Donald Trump (again), for declaring an emergency to stop this INVASION over our porous southern border. What Donald Trump would like more than anything else, is to FIX Mexico, FIX Honduras, FIX Guatemala, so these people do not feel compelled to flee here. The Left on the other hand, is loving this mayhem. The fact that we are creating a permanent underclass using migrants is of no importance to them. Once they get their vote - screw them.

What do I want Donald Trump to do? Seal the border, and continue to do everything else he is doing. For the love of everything normal folks, is Donald Trump the only adult in Washington right now? Is he the only one who can see this is not a game? He is not playing politics - he is protecting the country. I would like to see every Leftie who supports open borders, and resisting what the President is doing, tried for sedition or treason. They truly do constitute a clear and present danger to our country. The are enemies of the state. 

Meanwhile, drugs continue to flow into this country. Caravans continue to form in Mexico and Central America. MS-13 continues to try and infiltrate the caravans. And Mexico continues to kill itself. All this because we can't control our border nor stop our insatiable need for hard drugs.

Shame on you Democrats! Same on you RINOs! You all really suck - you really do! This is a national emergency, and you are playing for the other team. I would love to kick each one of you over the southern border and then shut it down. That is after all, what you deserve. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Gut check time for the bunker

"The old adage that "Chance favors the prepared" has never been more true than today. Bunkers are like life insurance - only more tangible. Be aware, be prepared. Uncertain times lie ahead."

Every now and again I need to pen an article about how to check the health of your bunker. More importantly - to make sure you have one. Why in the world would I need a bunker, some might ask? There are more reasons that I could put in this article. Whether you are just at stocking up, a prepper, or a survivalist, it is important to ensure you have the proper bases covered. 

A caveat before I start. I am far from an expert, but I do my homework and try to get smarter on "bunkering" all the time. That being said, here we go.

Pantry - A pantry is located close to the kitchen and contains mostly canned goods which are needed frequently, for meal prep. Usually, the expiration on these items is six months to a year. Canned soups, canned veggies, and canned fruit are a good example of pantry items. They should always be rotated to ensure the freshness date is still valid.

Bunker - A bunker contains items which are necessary for family survival. Family survival? Yes - in the event of a natural or unnatural event which disrupts the supply chain of goods. In addition, a well maintained bunker also contains items needed for survival in the event power is lost, and therefore utilities are also lost. A minimal bunker should be good for thirty days. Many prepping experts believe a twelve month bunker is optimal. Anything beyond twelve months, puts you in survivalist mode.

Water - A mistake many new preppers make is to underestimate the amount of water needed to be stored in case of an emergency, Many medical professionals believe the proper hydration for an adult person is anywhere between 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon a day. That is potable water - not fresh, but potable. Fresh, non-potable water will also be needed for non-drinking purposes. That being said, a family of four, for a period of one month, would need as much as 120 gallons of potable water, and as little as 60 gallons. A lesser amount which is non-potable. Water will need to be stored in glass jugs or plastic containers, all of which do not contain BPA. Without the proper amount of water, the rest of this article is moot.

Long Term Storage Food - The internet is replete now with reputable companies who sell vacuum packed food which will last for 15 to 25 years. NOTE: Much of which is freeze dried and needs to be re-hydrated with potable water before consuming it. Remember - in the event of a long term emergency, your bunker is your store. When the food and water run out, there will be no more for quite a while. Plan accordingly, for the number of people in your family.

Paper Products - This is the easiest of all. Why? Unlimited storage life. No climate controls. Let's face it folks - we all need TP. Life without TP would put us back to the Sear's catalog - or worse. We will need paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins, paper towels, sanitary wipes, and so forth. You get the picture. Easy to store in the rafters of the garage in mouse proof tubs.

Ammo - This one always pains me - but it is so very important. In the event of a national emergency, some folks will not be prepared. When the choice comes from watching their family members die of dehydration or starvation, or killing you and taking what you have, sadly, it might be the later. You house will not only be your store - you will be your own police. If someone breaks into your house, there will be no 9-1-1. Only you. You are your own police protection. Prepare for it.

There is a boat load more folks, but that is it for right now. Have a care, and check your bunker. The old adage that "Chance favors the prepared" has never been more true than today. Bunkers are like life insurance - only more tangible. Be aware, be prepared. Uncertain times are ahead.

He is "off the Walz" crazy!

"This will be an excellent year to see if the Republicans have the kahunas, the moxie, the strength, to hold firm. They don't have much power right now, but they still control one leg of the bar stool." 

As much as I would love to take credit for coining the new name for our new Governor as being "off the Walz", I cannot. It came up during a podcast yesterday, while discussing the Governor's new (highly inflated) budget. My vote for his name was "Taxing Timmy", but that was lame compared to the winning entry. So "off the Walz" it is, and as the expression goes, if the shoe fits - wear it.

"Off the Walz" must think the rest of us are just a bunch of hayseeds out here in fly over land. That we can't figure our way out of a room with three doors. What do I mean? On the campaign trail, many amounts were brought up for how much of a gas tax increase he wanted. The one mentioned the most however, was 10 cents a gallon. So we all figured that would be the amount he proposed. Wrong. He proposed 20 cents. Why? He thinks there will be weeks of negotiations with the stingy old Republicans (who want zero), and then eventually settle at splitting the difference at 10 cents.

Here is the biggest problem with "Taxing Timmy". He has not made the case for any tax increases. None, what-so-ever. In fact, as most of us know, we have been over taxed so much, we have a surplus. And we want our money back. 

Then why do we need an increase in a gas tax? In his mind, our roads and bridges look like Third World. Falling apart. We had one bridge fall years ago (due to a design failure), and that always becomes exhibit "A" on why we need more money. We have enough money, thank you. Now let's spend it wisely.

How about education? He wants to spend a boatload more to "fix our achievement gap". Really? There is not one smidge of empirical evidence that money will fix that issue. Changing the way we educate will. Out of the box thinking. We have plenty of money to do the job. Look at some of the charter schools. Montessori schools. Any formula which works. But to throw money at a broken system? Even "rocks and cows" should be smarter than that! 

This will be an excellent year to see if the Republicans have the kahunas, the moxie, the strength, to hold firm. They don't have much power right now, but they still control one leg of the bar stool. If they can mute the Governor on his money grab, their stock with the party faithful could go up considerably. However, if like in the past, the party leaders get round heels and weak knees, 2020 will be a bloodbath for the MN Grand Old Party. Why? Hundreds, maybe thousands of previous donors (like me), will turn their collective backs on them. 

The show to watch this spring will not be so much the one in Washington - that will play out. The show in St. Paul is the one worth buying a ticket for. We will soon find out of our elected representatives are made out of lead, or rubber. The tale of the tape is coming soon...

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Useless Idiots

"I am seriously at the point right now where I want to deport every useless idiot. Send them to someplace far, far away. They don't deserve to live in this great country."

I know, I know. The term that Lenin (allegedly) used many years ago to describe the lemmings on the Left, was "Useful Idiots". At least with that group, there was a shred (not much, just a shred) of intelligence and patriotism, although very misguided. With the current crop of idiots we have today, I cannot detect ANY patriotism - in fact many have antipathy towards this great country. And as far as intelligence is concerned, let me just answer that question with three letters - A O C.

One of my good friends had a frightening meme posted yesterday. "Nationally, we are one election away from open borders, socialism, gun confiscation, and full term abortion." Reading this meme slowly and carefully, you can see each of these has recently been discussed by the idiots on the Left. How real is this threat? About as real as snow in February in Minnesota.

Many of the pundits who I have watched and/or listened to are simply at a loss for words to describe this bunch. More importantly, how they got to where they are. How they could have so much disdain for this country which has given them so much in their lives. The stupidity, I guess I can understand. Most were educated in our failing government schools. They spent 12 plus years being indoctrinated instead of educated. But this visceral hatred for America? Did they learn that in school also? If not, where in the world did it come from? 

Yesterday, one lunatic nut ball representative in Oregon, stated she wants to put forth a bill allowing sixteen year old kids to vote. Huh? Many eighteen year old kids cannot find their butt with both hands - and we are allowing them to vote. That is part of the problem. Another part is when some immigrants or refugees come to America, the Left promises a boatload of "free stuff". The Right only promises opportunity to succeed. So, the newcomers vote for Santa Clause in record numbers. That is another part of the problem. 

Our great country is great, because great people did great things to make it so. It can easily become an ordinary country, or even a broken country if the great people are out numbered by the grifters. And this race to socialism by the idiots - are they flipping crazy? Didn't they learn anything from studying history? Oh - that's right. Schools don't teach real history anymore. They only teach sunshine, lolly pops and unicorns instead of real history. If they had learned real history, they would know socialism is a death sentence for a country. We should be running 100 mph AWAY from socialism, not embracing it.

I am seriously at the point right now where I want to deport every one of these useless idiots. Send them to someplace far, far away. They don't deserve to live in this great country. Some just want to sit back and let the useless idiots run their race. It will be fine in the end. Will it? I don't think so. 

I really want the story of the Great American Experiment to continue. I want this for my grand kids. I shudder in fear that we might be living in the final chapter of that great book. Our Founders could foresee many dangers to this great republic, but I don't think they could have envisioned our new crop of America hating idiots. Not ever.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

First Strike!

"If you are still burnt out from the last election, it is time to get re-engaged. They are coming for our freedoms, our money. The time for action is here folks." 

For those who thought Mr. Rocks and Cows might have been dozing off at the wheel, the sleeping giant has awoken. And he has launched the FIRST STRIKE. Like getting our tax over payments (better known as a surplus) back to the real owners of the money? Not a chance. No, this statist, who was elected primarily by the "takers" in Hennepin and Ramsey counties, now has his grubby hands on YOUR money. So, now it is HIS money.

That in and by itself, should be enough of this travesty. But for an addicted statist (that is, addicted to YOUR money), the $1B+ is not NEARLY enough. No - he wants it all, and then plus some. Plus some? Yes, he wants our state ranked higher as one of the worst to live in (tax wise). He wants our gas tax to one of the highest in the nation. And our sky high license tabs? Where many states have them capped at $95, regardless of the year or make of the car?  Yes,  he wants to raise them more, and more, and more! 

Now, not telling tales out of school, but folks I know, who know Rocks and Cows fairly well, have revealed the obvious. He make look like a kindly old "Mr. Rogers", but he is not. In fact (and this will become better known all the time), our new Governor is not that kindly. He is not impaired like the previous Governor - that being said, this Governor is none too bright. 

Thanks in large part to our current President (and not a smidge to our past Governor), this state is booming. We have massive resources coming through our state from North Dakota and Canada. Soon, more energy will be coming south (via a different method) from ANWAR. Manufacturing is back, and things are all "go" right now. So, what does Rocks and Cows what to do? He wants to throw a monkey wrench in the gears. Why? That is what Democrats (especially statists) are good at.

What do the taxpayers of Minnesota want to say to our new Governor about these new tax hikes? Bring it on! Tax hikes, based on nothing, will ensure the Minnesota House returning to the Republicans. And (by the way), these needless tax hikes will not only ensure the Minnesota Senate staying in the Red Team's hands, but look for the numbers to grow in 2020. Bottom line? Anything Rocks and Cows may get away with now, can be (AND WILL BE) easily be reversed in 2020.

If you are still burnt out from the last election, it is time to get re-engaged. They are coming for our freedoms, our money. The time for action is here folks. Ensure your state senator is towing the line. Ensure we take the House back in 2020. Your money, your kid's money, your grand kid's money is at stake.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Notes from "Realville"...

"Stay tuned to what is going on in St. Paul folks. In particular, listen very carefully to what people say - on both sides of the aisle. Listen past the code talk and 'dog whistles'. The truth is usually buried under a heap of talking points and trash talk. But it is in there." 

By now, most have heard the statist Governor of New York got punched in the gut by the reality of living in a very high SALT state. His counterpart on the Left Coast also had his comeuppance last week, when he needed to cancel his very expensive choo-choo train. Why? His state is broke. And New York is on the same path. Governor Cuomo just found out his state is a couple billion dollars shy due to people (along with their money) fleeing his state. Then - for frosting on the cake - Amazon pulled the plug on the HQ deal. Why? Ask AOC.

Now our new Governor, who is a Cuomo and Newsome wannabe, has just been given some similar news, although not quite as bad. This long, long laundry list of how he wants to spend the people's money for the next four to eight years, might have hit a couple of snags.

Snag One - Even though his cronies took the House, and now have a socialist as Speaker of the House, those dang Republicans still control the Senate. 

Snag Two - (And this is the big one), money - or lack thereof. Stuff happens when you too, are a high SALT state. Hello, tax conformity! Well, we can forget that one now! Can't afford it. Will people in this state get super hosed on their taxes this year? Yep. How about next year if tax conformity is not addressed this session. Yep, again. And our unfair in immoral taxation of seniors by taxing Social Security? Forget about it! Our almost 10% top rate on income tax? Not high enough. Stay tuned on this one. 

Is there anything working in our new Governor's favor? Well, there is always the RINO factor. Some (and seems to more every week), are beginning to wonder about our Senate Leader. Like, how resolute is he? Seems he already has hinted he might go along with growing state government (huh?). To make matters worse, he might also be getting some round heels on supporting new gun legislation. 

We do however, have our newly formed New Republican Caucus in the House. These are stalwarts who HATE the idea of growing government. They are strict Constitutionalists. But they are only five strong, and some of the other Republicans in the House have become (or have been for a while), establishment careerists. And that has been the problem in the past. Once every session is over, and Republican leaders in the House and Senate are asked why they allowed government to grow (again), their response is always the same. "Well, we didn't grow it as much as the Democrats wanted, so that is a win." Huh?

Stay tuned to what is going on in St. Paul folks. In particular, listen very carefully to what people say - on both sides of the aisle. Listen past the code talk and "dog whistles". The truth is usually buried under a heap of talking points and trash talk. But it is in there. 

This state does not have a fraction of the money to everything the statists want us to do. Just like in the people's republic of California and New York. Now we are on a path to become just as bad. And no Cuomo - this is not Trump's fault. Try looking in the mirror.  

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Spirit and Opportunity of NASA

"What is my point in this article? There still might be some spark in NASA after all. Now get moving and get a manned expedition going to Mars. If we don't, we will soon see a Chinese, Indian, or Russian flag planted up there instead of the stars and stripes." 

I have been pretty hard on NASA as of late. Like, why this once proud organization has lost its vision. It has become feckless, ever since the Moon landings. Sure, we did some shuttle flights, and they were cool. But the "big leap", like we did in 1969 when Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon? Nada.

Some know this, some don't. And you will never hear about it from our government, as it is somewhat of a sore spot. NASA became what is was in the 1960's because of Nazi Germany. This is a fact. Once the war was over, it became clear the Germans were light years (figuratively) ahead of everyone else in rocket technology. Thus came Operation Paperclip. We offered many German scientists, including some in the Nazi elite, a new life in America. Like Wernher von Braun for example. All they had to do, was build us a space program which would beat the Soviets.

The rest is history. The Russians beat us to space with Sputnik and putting a man in orbit - but we beat them in rest of the stuff - including first to the Moon. But like I said, since the big shebang in getting to Moon (more than once), and having everyone come home safely, NASA has been somewhat of a dud.

But here is a glimmer of hope. The Mars Rover Program. Sending to Mars (successfully), the two Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. The engineering that went into these two Rovers, as well as the delivery system to get them to Mars (safely) can blow your mind. Should at least once of the Rovers have made it to Mars, and was able to power up, it was hoped to get 90 Martian solar days out of the rechargeable batteries. That is have enough power to traverse the landscape (without getting stuck or tipping over), take samples or pictures, and then transmit that data back to Earth.

Sounds like quite a wish list. Both Rovers were launched in 2003, and were schedule to land on Mars (in two different locations) in 2004. After they both landed safely, and powered up. From there, they went on to do the fantastic. How so? Spirit lasted until 2010 - long after its batteries should have given out. But Opportunity - that was a horse of a different color. It lasted until June of last year. A feat which surprised simply everyone.

Recently on YouTube, there was a documentary of the long life of Opportunity. It was very interesting to say the least. In the final years of the life of this very stout Rover, NASA was able to "tweak" the software (like adding some rudimentary AI), and add some features which allowed Opportunity to do some things which were never in the mission planning.

One of the most amazing things, was the photography. NASA had figured out a way to have Opportunity take numerous pictures of as item or landscape, transmit all the pictures back to Earth, and then have NASA use an "overlay" program in a computer. The resulting pictures were absolutely high definition. They were just as clear and sharp as if a professional photographer had taken them with a high grade Nikon camera.

What is my point in this article? There still might be some spark in NASA after all. Now get moving and get a manned expedition going to Mars. If we don't, we will soon see a Chinese, Indian, or Russian flag planted up there instead of the stars and stripes. Just saying...   

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Our first ever - attempted coup d' etat

"Time to clean house and take back our government as well as our country. Send these socialists packing, and build the gallows for the participants in the failed coup. Now is the time." 

"In the history of this country, this is the closest we have ever come to a coup." Who said that? Some right wing nut job? No - a lifelong Democrat named Alan Dershowitz. He said it last night on TV. I heard him say it. Let that statement sink in for just a minute. He was addressing what Andrew McCabe confessed to on national TV. High echelons of the FBI and Justice Department were going to use the 25th Amendment (inappropriately) to remove a sitting President. It was chilling, to say the least.

McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Ohr, Strock, Page, and on and on and on. They are all dirty, all of them. Might I now quote Obama's former pastor? "The chickens are coming home to roost." What McCabe admitted to was only the first step. As chilling as the word "coup" is in our lexicon, the fact that either (or both) the Obama'a Administration and Clinton's campaign team "put their finger on the scale of the election", was equally as disturbing. Like, what happened to our democratic process? 

Like many on my side - no, forget that. Like many citizens and patriots in this country, we want to see people swing for what has just happened in our country. This was a major breach. It cannot, nor will not, be remedied by a simple slap on the wrist. There is dirt here, mixed in with the sewer of corruption which needs to be cleaned out. Not only cleaned out, but fumigated afterwards. No honest American would think otherwise.

Why the Republicans did not dig into these people when they had control of the House, is way beyond me. But those days are now over, and the chances of Ms. Nancy doing anything is about as remote as having a blizzard in Miami. Why? She and Chuckie are also part of this cabal. Hopefully, our new AG Barr will act like a real AG (for a change) and kick some ass. 

Somebody (I wish I could remember who) said months ago that when the wraps finally start to come off this thing, it will make Watergate look like a parking ticket. I believe that to be true. How so, some might ask?

In Watergate, there really was no "Puppet Master". Sure, Nixon took the fall, because he did something stupid by trying to cover up this needless and botched robbery. As any historian will tell you, Watergate was not so much the crime - it was the cover up. In this case however, there is a "Puppet Master". And this "Puppet Master", is high up in the food chain. How high up? Maybe as high as the man who lived in the High Castle.

Republicans - yes, I am taking to you. RINOs - you can go back to sleep. This is the time for you to rediscover your conservative roots. Some already have - many have not. Right now, we basically have Donald Trump. Period. He is doing all the heavy lifting. Taking all the incoming fire. The table could be set right now for a historic comeback in 2020 if Republicans once again discovered their testicles and started acting like the adults in the room.

Folks - please take this one very seriously. For a life long Democrat like Dershowitz to get rattled over this, means this is serious. Time to clean house, and take back our government as well as our country. Send these socialists packing, and build the gallows for the guilty. Guilty? Yes, the participants in the failed coup. Now is the time. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

What is wrong with these people!!!!!

"The real danger however, comes from this failed coup. It comes from the socialists. The America haters." 

They are beyond nuts. Beyond goofy. Beyond idiots. No, there is something very sinister going on here. Someone put a meme on social media yesterday, which summed things up. It showed the President saying he supports oxygen - it is good to breathe. Then came a picture of the average socialist - with a plastic bag over his head. He wanted nothing to do with oxygen. If Trump says good, the socialist democrats say bad. Even if it kills the economy. Destroys the country.

No - thanks to AOC, the Barbie Doll, and a host of other socialists, the mask is finally off. They don't even pretend anymore. Dan Crenshaw (a hero of mine) is quoted as saying (paraphrased), "The fact the New Green Deal does not want carbon free nuclear energy, shows the real motive - they want to destroy our economy and replace it with something socialist." Bingo. They HATE our country. Why? You will have to ask them.

Because Amazon just pulled out of the deal to build their new headquarters in New York, should have been a punch in the gut for NYC. But not to AOC. She celebrated it. She is a resident of New York. She thought it was good, this large capitalist company would go someplace else. Many of the jobs in the headquarters would have paid $150K and up. Is AOC really that stupid. No - there is something else at work here.

How about the border? Is there any reason on God's green Earth, that ANY sane person would oppose a barrier to help keep drugs, trafficking, MS-13, illegals and so forth out of our country? The answer should be NO!!!! But - right after the President will declare a national emergency to have the barrier built (since the Congress is incapable of doing its job), Schumer and Pelosi are going to go judge shopping to stop him. In other words, they would rather have our country overrun with criminals and drugs, that to keep the citizens safe. They want our country destroyed.

Here is the irony. For two years now, with the help of some very corrupt FBI higher ups, a phony Russian collusion has been alleged. That our President was in cahoots with the "Bear". Such a collusion would have been a danger to our country. As we know by now, that was all a canard. It was a failed coup. It was THE BIG LIE. The real danger however, comes from this failed coup. It comes from the socialists. The America haters. 

Patriots and citizens - we now have a clear and present danger from within. From our Left. They have gone from annoying, to an out and out danger. They will kill this country, and feel good by doing it. It is time friends. It is time for the oath keepers to remember their oaths. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Rediscovering our grass roots, our passion....

"To me, the biggest motivators for us to rally to victory are AOC and Omar. These are only the first two in a long line of side shows who are just waiting to get elected." 

Many of us are still licking our wounds from the 2018 election. For some, it was like getting sucker punched. For others, they could see this coming like a low hanging fast ball. In any event, it happened - and some of us are struggling to do a post mortem on this corpse called the MN GOP. Like, how in the world, when we had the best slate of candidates running for state offices EVER, could we get skunked by a bunch of misfits, progressives, and side shows. How?

First off, we need to face facts.

Fact One: The Democrats are more motivated to have power over us, than we are to have a free state. Thus, they are better at fundraising (in state, out state, and special interests), and organizing. This past election, they out raised the Republicans by ten fold or more.  Also, while we have become wrapped around the axle with doing purity tests on each other,  Democrats always rally around very flawed candidates. Case in point - Keith Ellison. 

Fact Two: There are now 50,000 people living in downtown Minneapolis. This number just adds to the amazing amount of blue votes which come out of Hennepin and Ramsey counties. Looking at the demographics from the last election, if we could have erased those two counties, this state would be red as a cherry right now. But it is not. Due to the large influx of homegrown as well as imported socialists, progressives and old style Democrats, we are instead a deep blue state. And many live in Hennepin and Ramsey. Sadly, that is true.

Fact Three: Our grassroots organization system has become feckless and useless. I have told this tale before. In 2016, my wife and I were conveners for our precinct on caucus night. We had 104 people show up. In the class room next to us (a neighboring precinct), they had 140. Bottom line - thousands of people showed up for caucus night. But that is where the story ends. At BOPU meetings, only a small fraction of eligible voters show up. That is a HUGE problem going forward. The BPOU is the grass roots system we need to cultivate to achieve victory. 

Fact Two we can't do anything about. Fact One we can improve on, by cutting down on purity tests and getting better on this whole fundraising thing. Fact Three however, is the one we can really improve on. How? First, we all need to recognize we need to do better. With the extreme tilt our federal and state governments developed after this last election, each BPOU meeting should now be full to the rafters. So, how do we change the current paradigm? Stay tuned.

To me, the biggest motivators for us to rally to victory are AOC and Omar. These are only the first two idiots in a long line of side shows who are just waiting to get elected. They are committed to ruining our country. To changing our country. To have absolute control over us. In 2020, we need to not only retain Donald Trump as President, but also kick Ms. Nancy out of the Speaker's chair. Then "clean House". 

It all starts in the BPOU folks. Call it a BPOU or a Senate District - it really does not matter. It is the grassroots. This is step one in taking back our country. Confused as to which Senate District you belong in? Easy to find on the internet. Use the SOS office web site. Or message me. I will help you. Let's get this done. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Don't even play him for a fool

"If I were a betting man, I would almost bet the house this much needed wall will be built. It is wanted and needed by the normal people who live in this country." 

The road is littered with those who have played Donald Trump to be a fool. In the real estate business in NYC, many know not to mess with Donald Trump. They respect and fear him. Play nice with him, he will play nice back. Negotiate a fair deal with him, he will live up to it. Screw him over, and he will spend boatloads of money to screw you back. Turning the other cheek, does not exist in his business paradigm. 

Because he is a patriot, in 2016 he decided to jump into the total dysfunction of Washington DC. In his mind as a CEO, he could not understand how this town could be this broken. Thus, he wanted to be President to try and fix it. He soon found out how unfixable it is. It's the cabal. The cabal which has existed now for decades.

The once legit Forth Estate (media) has turned into being anything but legit. So, the cabal are the socialists from the Democrat Party, now teamed up with their lap dog media. Together, the cabal was going to make quick work of this pretender to the throne. In other words, they played him to be the fool.

The rest is history. The man with the most unconventional style in the history of American Presidents, is getting great things done for this country, despite the best efforts of the cabal. In fact, the best chapter in this saga is about to play out. Now that Congress has set this trap for the President by only authorizing pennies on the dollar for border security, Donald Trump is about ready to outflank them once again. 

How so? He let out an "inkle" just the other day. When asked about how he was going to proceed with the wall after only getting such parsimonious funding, he looked up and said, "We have lots of money in this country. The wall is going to be built." Even though once he starts taking legit money from other sources and re-positions them for wall use, causing the Democrats start judge shopping to have him stopped, Donald Trump will be four or five moves ahead on the chess board. 

If I were a betting man, I would almost bet the house this much needed wall will be built. It is wanted and needed by the normal people who live in this country. The American Haters, who always root for the bad guys, are in for some major disappointment. Sorry about that. Sometimes the good guys in the white hats do win. As far as border security is concerned, this is one of them.