Monday, July 13, 2020

Goodbye, Redskins

"How about the Washington Earthlings? Who could that offend? I know, I know. There might be aliens living among us, and that would be bad. I mean, what is worse than a cancel culture alien?"

After today, it might all be over. The Washington Redskins, will get a new name. After them, maybe it will be the Cleveland Indians. By the time this cancel culture is done with re-naming our sports, the Minnesota Vikings might be named the Minnesota Nordics. In any event, money talks and BS walks, as the old expression goes. The money backers of FedEx Field, where the Redskins currently play, have told the high and mighty, either the name goes or the team goes. And if the Skins get kicked out of FedEx Field, there will be no home waiting for them in DC or the surrounding area.

I have been a Redskins fan ever since I spend half of my life working in Washington or Fort Meade. Never once, did I think that name was offensive. But then again, I am not a native. My view might have been different. It is funny - many times the locals refer to the Redskins as a different name when they are playing bad. "Deadskins" was the most common. I have heard worse, and more coarse, but this is a family friendly page!

Changing the name of the Redskins will probably go as easily as changing the name of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Now it is called some native name from days gone by, that few can pronounce or remember. But that's okay - the cancel culture got their way, and changed the name of this lake which (I guess), was named after a slave trader and racist. Many in the area still refer to the lake as Calhoun. Because they are racists? Not hardly. Because they grew up calling the lake Calhoun. I think the same will go for the Redskins. To many, they will always be known as the "skins".

In these days of COVID, economic downturn, and social unrest, changing the name of a football team seems to be like small ball. Like - why now? Don't we have enough change we are trying to deal with? But the "this is what offends me today" crowd has spoken. All they need do is say the "R" word, and the hyper sensitives jump. Meanwhile, the owners of the Redskins (once the name is changed), will need to spend millions, just to liquidate the name which may never be spoken again (no - it is not Voldemort). 

How about the Washington Earthlings? Who could that offend? I know, I know. There might be aliens living among us, and that would be bad. I mean, what is worse than a cancel culture alien? Maybe then just the Washington Things. Is that better? I am sure we will come up with something benign. Or not. Anything can offend somebody today. Count on it. 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Navigating COVID

"Everything we are doing is still a crap shoot. We will do what works, until it does not work. Then we will go to Plan "B", whatever that is. In any event, that is our new world of COVID. And it is anything, but normal."

Like many of us, I am ready to pinch myself to see if this is all a dream. And a bad one, at that. This uninvited guest from Wuhan, China, is changing us. It is changing the way we shop, the way we work, the way we educate our young, the way we play sports (if at all), the way we defend this country, the way we socialize, even the way we worship. Even some of the most mundane things we have taken for granted in the past, have now changed.

Is this only restating the obvious? Ground we have covered so many times before? Here is the new twist. Even though I am hesitant to use the term "new normal", this COVID adapted lifestyle we have right now, might be it for a while. Maybe - a long while. 

Because of the fact we are all social beings, relational beings, this has been the hardest thing to adapt to. Treating others like they are lepers, and having them do the same to us. To not do so, means opening an element of unnecessary risk. For example, some in our "bulletproof" generation (young people in their 30's), have been attending COVID parties. Just to see if anyone could get infected. I know - stupid see as stupid do. Well, last week, one of them got sick and died from COVID. All of a sudden, these parties are not so fun anymore. 

What have we really learned so far? Living in a long term care facility is still the riskiest place to be. Even though the percentage of people who are dying from this virus keeps ticking down, a disproportionate amount of the folks who die live in congregate settings. In other words, the longer you are exposed to this virus in a long term care facility, prison, homeless shelter, or whatever - the greater chance you have of catching it. And for the old and/or infirmed, that is bad news. 

We have also learned that mostly this virus is transmitted via the (inside) air. It is very small, and usually hitchhikes on aerosol size moisture globules. It is not as transmittable as easily as once thought from surfaces, but the air we breathe is a different story. And that is where the biggest bugaboo is. Masks are of little value in keeping some of these viruses out of our lungs, and the six feet of "social distancing" might not be enough. Why? Once these viruses attach to aerosol sized moisture globules, some scientists believe they can stay in the air for 2 to 3 hours.

What does all this mean? We are not fighting something which is coming over in waves from China. The virus is us. We are the transmitters. We carry it, we spread it. What can save us from ourselves, other than hunkering and bunkering in our basements once again? Will it be herd immunity? Maybe - or maybe not. Vaccine(s)? Maybe. Or they might be hit or miss like our annual flu vaccine. The virus morphing into something much less contagious and toxic? We pray that might be the answer. But for right now, in 2020, we need to learn how to navigate COVID.

One final word about how we navigate this thing. And parents of school age kids already know this. We are less than two months away now from schools starting up again. The "distance learning" we tried last school year was a failure. Mostly because we were not ready for it, and did not know how to do it. By the same token, many districts are reticent to fully open up in September. They are pushing for a "hybrid solution", whatever that means. Stay tuned on this one folks. The final solution to this vexing problem is nowhere near.

Sorry I could not be more upbeat. Better news. If you have your fingers crossed for a stellar NFL season this fall, you might want to uncross them. Everything we are doing is still a crap shoot. We will do what works, until it works no longer. Then we will go to Plan "B", whatever that is. In any event, that is our new world of COVID. And it is anything, but normal.   

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Traitors to the core

"The modern day traitors know there is a way they can legitimately change our form of government. It is spelled out in the Constitution. They also know it will be a bridge too far for them." 

I am watching Gettysburg on Amazon right now. Interesting movie, as it is long (over 4 hours), and factual at the same time. It focuses in on the Confederate Army as well as the Union Army. The troops, the generals, the strategies. Fascinating to watch.

Today, we have young heathens who are trying to topple statues of Confederate heroes. They were heroes to the south, but with the new cancel culture, they were only racists and traitors. Why were they racists? They owned slaves. And why did they own slaves? It was the culture back then. It was a generational thing in the south which appeared to be "normal".

Of course, the north did not see it that way. To many in the north, the idea of "owning" another human being was repugnant. So much so, that the nation split in two over this issue, and our bloodiest war was fought. We fought against each other. State against state, sometimes brother against brother. In the end, the north prevailed. But to this day, one can still see Confederate flags flown down south.

Who were the traitors, and who were the patriots? I guess it all depended on where you were born. If you were born in Alabama, you probably believed in the cause of the Confederates. If you were born in Maine, you probably believed in the cause of the Union. Once the war was over, President Lincoln knew to save the union as it once was, a great reconciliation needed to take place. Once the slaves were freed, it was time for the re-building of structures as well as our national trust.

Today in our new cold civil war, we have a much different struggle. It is for the form of government we will be living under going forward. Our current structure, which our founding documents painted and memorialized in our founding documents, was for a representative democracy. The new traitors, want nothing to do with that form of government. They want the old torn down and shredded, and replaced with something antithetical to our culture. Rather than a strong tide lifting all ships, they just want to loot the ships, and then burn them. That is the way tyranny, socialism, and communism works.

The modern day traitors also know there is a way they can legitimately change our form of government. It is spelled out in the Constitution. They also know it will be a bridge too far for them. It will only exist in the land of "never happen". Then what does that leave for them? Rather than tying to work within the system like citizens would, they are taking the path of anarchists instead. Traitors to the core. 

During the Civil War, many soldiers in the Confederate Army got branded as traitors just because of what part of the country they were born in. Today's traitors however, are from all over. They are traitors because of choice. They own their behavior 100%. In many countries, traitors are just taken out back and shot. We don't do that. Maybe we should.

The country paid a huge cost during the Civil War, from both death and destruction. But the country did heal, and we went on to become a more perfect union. With today's traitors however, there will be no reconciliation. They are a cancer in our country. They need to be purged. They are traitors to the core.     

Friday, July 10, 2020

When did this all start?

"I don't know what and how it will happen. Or when it will happen. Gun sales are through the roof, and the rule of law has long since left the building. Soon, our rule of law will be the same as it was out west in the 1800's. Angry words replaced by hot lead."

Someone younger than I (not hard to be these days), asked me my opinion on an important question. Like, when this huge fissure in our country start? Now that - is really a good question. Some might say the first green sprouts of division started with FDR and the New Deal. Others say no - it really started in the 1960's with the Great Society under LBJ. Well, I was around for the Great Society, but not the New Deal, so I can't really comment on FDR's pet rock. As much as I think the 1960's really mucked things up, that is still not my choice. My choice on when this all started was during the Clinton Administration.

Clinton? Why then? Remember when he was running for President? He was so cool, played the sax, talked about his undies. Girls swooned, and many of the clueless minions loved him. BUT - there was his track record. Affairs and worse than affairs, all over the place. His time in Arkansas was suspect, as was his wife's with the Rose Law Firm. One of Clinton's campaign slogans was "Vote for me, you get two for the price of one". He of course, was referring to Hillary. Un-elected and radical. After Clinton won, he put Hillary in charge of revamping our health care system. What a mess. The Republicans were furious.

But the thing which really did it for Clinton, was the affair with the intern. The out of marriage affair right in the middle of the Oval Office. Then lying about it. This drove the conservatives bat poop crazy. Most still remembered that Ronald Reagan had so much respect for the Oval Office, he would not enter without his suit coat on. Now it was being sullied by Clinton getting a BJ from an intern in that same revered office. When Clinton's second term was up, America was ready for a change. That is when the trouble started.

G. W. Bush running against Al Gore. It was closer than razor thin. It was the election which went down in history. Hanging chads. "Selected, not elected", as the Supreme Court finally had to determine Bush was the winner. Many on the left were so incensed, their battle cry was "Not my President!" The divide had started in earnest now, and the hate mongers were having a field day.

Bush had his two terms, and all of a sudden, the red team was out of blue chip candidates. The blue team however, was not. They found a mixed race guy, who even with a razor thin resume,  could speak very well and look sharp. All the red team had was an old white guy. So after Bush, we got 8 years of Obama - the "uniter", who became better known as the great divider. The "police acting stupidly" statement began the war on cops (in many people's minds). In any event, as divided as the country was under Bush, it became ten times worse under Obama. Hate ruled the day, and meaningful dialogue between the blues and reds all but ended.

Then we all know what happened in 2016. The "first woman President" was beaten at the ballot box by some straight talking real estate guy from New York City. The Hillary backers were more than just pissed. The Trump Derangement Syndrome (a disease from which there is no recovery) started in full. Trump had everyone against him - Hollywood, the media, the "do nothing" Democrats, the RINOs, the Never Trumpers, and the elite. But the citizens and patriots loved him.  

Right now, because of how Clinton first set the table, and what has happened since then, this nation is a powder keg. It is ready to blow sky high after the next election. I can see no peace with either outcome. The haters of Trump, who have thrown everything at him but the kitchen sink to destroy his Presidency, will NEVER accept a second term by him. By the same token, the citizens and patriots, will not tolerate this country going back to tyranny - never, ever again. And that is exactly what Biden could bring to the table. Is there a third choice which could fix things and make us whole again? Not hardly.

I don't know what and how it will happen. Or when it will happen. Gun sales are through the roof right now, and the rule of law has long since left the building. Soon, our rule of law will be the same as it was out west in the 1800's. Angry words replaced by hot lead.

Do the American people want that kind of an outcome? No, most don't. But the venom on the left right right now is red hot, and the patience of the patriots has just about ended. If I am wrong on this, please let me know. And I hope I am wrong.  

Moron Alert!!

"Wake up America. I SAID WAKE UP, AMERICA! This s**t is happening right here, and right now! The silent majority can ill afford to be silent no more. Our modern day Gettysburg is happening right in front of us. Time to mount up and blow the bugle."    

Back in the day, there was a show on WCCO (hosted by the late, great Dave Moore), called Moore On (like in moron) Sunday. It was on every Sunday night. Plus, it was great fun, as Dave Moore, besides being a news anchor, was also somewhat of an amateur comic. In fact, he often appeared in shows at some of the local dinner theaters. In any event, the term "moron" really seemed to catch on due to Dave's show. Today, it is the word of choice when describing the morons behind the defund the police movement.

The Minneapolis City Council has voted unanimously to defund the Minneapolis Police Department, and "re-imagine" those dollars being spent elsewhere. Like hiring more SJW types to go out on 411 calls, instead of cops. Meanwhile, the thugs and punks are having a field day in downtown, as well as south and north Minneapolis. Besides almost burning the place down in late May and early June, shooting galleries have sprung up all over the place. Our once "sleepy hollow", has turned into a town without pity. And - for right now, there are still cops in the city.

The Seattle City Council has decided to do something similar. They (in a veto proof vote), just decided to defund 50% of the cities law enforcement. What? In the city of CHAZ and CHOP? A city where anarchy is firmly entrenched? Are they mad? No - just morons. Wait a minute Bird! Are they not just following the will of the people? Well - not exactly. A recent poll on this subject shows that over 40% want things to remain the same with police funding; over 30% want MORE police funding; which leaves about 20% who want the funding cut. I don't know much, but that does not sound like "the will of the people" to me. It sounds more like tyranny.

We cannot of course, forget the biggest (tallest) moron of them all - Bill de Blasio. He wants to cut $1,000,000,000 from the New York City police department. Already this year, the crime rate in New York City is through the roof bad. How bad? David Dinkens bad. Before Rudy came in and cleaned up the joint. But that's okay. While parts of his city are shooting up other parts of the city, de Blasio was out in front of Trump Tower, painting Black Lives Matter on the street. Why would he do that? Because, besides being a moron, de Blasio is also a village idiot. A village idiot with a severe case of TDS.

As Obama's old pastor would say, "America's chickens have come home to roost." Years of electing socialist morons in our big blue cities. is now paying dividends for the clueless. Their cities are now inches away from becoming unlivable. Hundreds of thousands have already fled New York. In Minneapolis, for sale signs are popping up all over the place. People don't want to live in a place where law enforcement has been replaced by a SJW with pink and green hair. They want a bad guy with a gun, to be stopped by a good guy with a gun. Period.

Could things get any worse? Oh yea they could! Biden winning the election, and the Republicans losing the Senate. How bad could things be if that happened? I shudder to think. But there is no place to escape to. If America falls, the rest of the world who depends on us is also lost. Bottom line? This place called America becomes the hill worth dying for. If the cops are disarmed, that just leaves the patriots to save the day.

Wake up America. I SAID WAKE UP, AMERICA! This s**t is happening right here, right now! The silent majority can ill afford to be silent any more. Our modern day Gettysburg is happening right in front of us. It is time. Time to mount up and blow the bugle.    

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Russian Canard (Again)

"In any event, this entire thing about Russia paying bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans is just another canard. Hogwash."

As most of us know, our almost 20 year war in Afghanistan is not the first rodeo over there. The Soviet Union fought a 10 year war over there from 1979 to 1989. That was a bloody affair, as the Soviets were not highly concerned with surgical strikes nor collateral damage. Once the Soviets left Afghanistan (without a victory), the body count was high. According to The Atlantic, 1,000,000 civilians were killed, 90,000 Mujahideen fighters, 18,000 Afghan troops, and 14,500 Soviet troops. Afghanistan was a mess when the Soviets left. The country devolved into a bloody civil war. Then the Taliban took over.

Why bring this up? When the Soviets were at war in Afghanistan, the United States, along with other countries, gave financial support to the enemies of the Soviets. Fact. According to General Jack Keene, when we got involved in Afghanistan, turn about seemed to be fair play. The Soviets were giving financial support to the Taliban. They did when Obama was President (and Biden was Veep), and they have when Trump has been President. Might have done it when Bush (43) was President also. 

Under Obama, 1,900 US troops were killed in Afghanistan. That leaves the other 472 US troops killed under Bush (43) and Trump. Again, why bring this up? Biden is screaming bloody murder right now that the Russians put bounties out on US troop's heads. According to the DOD, even though we know the Russians have sent money to the Taliban, there is no absolute proof that bounties were used. If they were however, it is just as likely bounties were used on some of the 1,900 killed during the Obama/Biden years, as the handful of causalities (63) under the Trump Administration. As has been said before, if the loons on the left did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

This reminds me of another double standard when Obama was POTUS. There are strong rumors Obama sent Hillary over to Russia to meddle in the upcoming election. Putin found out, and never forgave her. Obama also sent Hillary to Israel (more than just rumors) to meddle in their election. Bibi had no time for either Obama or Clinton after that election. But when we found out the Russians were trying meddle in our election (gasp!) the loons on the left blamed Trump. "He is Putin's 'bitch'", the left cried. Maybe instead, it was just some payback from Putin to get at Hillary for trying to screw with his election.

In any event, this entire thing about Russia paying bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans is just another canard. Hogwash. Bullshit. Some of the kool aide drinkers on the left will believe it, whereas the clear thinking Americans will not. It is just one more example on how the left is going to try and steal the 2020 election. The dirty tricks on their part, are only beginning.    

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Electing a village idiot

"There will be no in-between in 2020. The election will either turn out very good for America, or very, very bad. Every vote will count. Boy, will every vote count."  

We have joked about it in the past, as it seemed as likely as being abducted by a UFO. Then the pandemic hit, and the economy started to tank due to spineless, gutless blue state governors. And with Donald Trump getting blamed for the pandemic with the resulting market dive, Joe (who am I?) Biden started rising in the polls. The man who is a village idiot, who can barely tie his shoes, might end up with enough votes to become our 46th President. All of a sudden, any humor about "Uncle Joe" evaporated, and the nightmare scenario started to emerge. An America which would be devoid of liberty. Welcome to the world of the Big Brother.

What we are seeing right now, with the social unrest in our country (particularly in blue cities and states), is nothing but a foretaste of the nightmare to come if Biden gets the White House. It will start next January, should Biden win the election. Want to make the nightmare even worse? Upchuck Schumer as the Senate Leader, and Ms. Nancy retaining the position as Speaker.

This is how the nightmare scenario will look. As early as January, we would be looking at cities without proper law enforcement, devolving into total chaos. Our southern border becomes a loose sieve once again, with illegals from just about everywhere pouring over in droves. Statues and monuments removed or defaced, our history trashed and rewritten, and our treasury looted for reparations and other SJW BS. That is just the start.

Unlike the super libs, who said in 2016, "If Donald Trump wins this election, we are leaving the country" - that is not us. The citizens and patriots will not leave this country. This land is the land of our heritage. The land our forefathers fought and died for. No, if Biden and the Democrats somehow steal this election, the treatment Donald Trump received from the left will seem mild in how we will treat Biden. The left changed the rules on how to treat a President, and trust me - we were paying close attention. 

Right now, we have a President who loves and respects our men and women in blue, as well as our armed forces. Biden on the other hand, is in the pocket of so many special interests, he would disarm the police and military in a heartbeat, if that is what he was told to do. Whatever any of the special interests or goofballs on the left tell him to do - he will do it. Supreme nut balls like AOC and Omar, will have his ear 24 X 7.

Maybe I should peel the onion back just a bit before I conclude. If Biden wins, the citizens of this country will not tolerate being dragged into the abyss of Venezuela - or worse. We will not tolerate our business interests being driven out of this country in waves, to seek safe harbor in countries where there is still some freedom of enterprise. We will not tolerate our once great cities will becoming burned out, and hollowed out. We will fight to keep our frontiers free and open. This country is worth it. It is the hill worth dying for. 

None of this will happen, if Donald Trump is re-elected. If we retain the Senate, and recapture the House, then real good American things will start getting done again. A second term of Donald Trump will be good for America. It will be good for everyone.

There will be no in-between in 2020. The election will either turn out very good for America, or very, very bad. Every vote will count. Boy, will every vote count.