Thursday, February 22, 2018

The last generation...

"Hang on to your guns folks. This great experiment called America might be coming to an end. Ronald Reagan warned us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extension. I am afraid the Gipper might have been right with this coming generation." 

My parents were part of the greatest generation. My dad served in the Army during World War II. He was going through artillery officer training in Aberdeen, MD when he contracted a debilitating lung infection. His dream was to join the fight - be part of the solution to the world wide threat of tyranny. He was not able to live that dream as the lung infection made him unfit for duty. He was medically discharged and sent home.

My parents were always proud of being in the greatest generation. They had friends and relatives who were able to join the fight in either Europe or the Pacific. It was an epic battle to confront tyranny in its most brutal form. The allies finally won the day at a great cost. Our freedoms, as well as the free world, were saved. The brave men and women who fought the enemy of freedom, came back home, got married, found jobs, and produced the next generation - the one I am a part of.

Last night when I was channel surfing, I came across a town hall meeting on CNN. It was a large gathering of folks of all ages. They came to have their voices heard. It was suppose to be about finding solutions to gun violence in schools. Instead it was every gun grabbing organization in the area coming out to bash the NRA. After watching some of this theater, it hit me like a brick. I may be a slow learner, but the message finally got through.

Our rights, defined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, mean quite a bit to many in my generation. Why? We took history in high school and college. We also studied civics. We continue to study civics. Our generation is the last generation to learn true history. To learn about the Framer's intention in drafting our founding documents. In short, we learned that freedom is not free.

Listening to the young people yesterday as well as last night, a clear message was sent. They don't give a damn about Second Amendment rights. Not only do they not give a damn, they don't understand a damn thing why the Framer's insisted on having it in the Bill. Why some scholars say it is our most important right. For without that right, all our other rights become very vulnerable.

Young people today stand ready to cede as many of our natural rights as possible over to a growing and intrusive government. Their only solution to the rash of school shootings since Columbine, is to disarm everyone and disband the NRA. Problem solved.

Life members of the NRA (like myself) are looked upon by youth of today as nothing more than Troglodytes. We, not the shooters, are the real problem. The fact that 99% of the tens of millions of legal gun owners in this country are responsible and trained, has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. The fact that nobody wants these idiots who shoot innocents stopped more than the NRA, is irrelevant.

This morning, one of the tools on CNN told a Republican Representative from Florida that basically he did not know what he was talking about when explaining the Second Amendment. She tried to school him by saying that "The Framers, when they wanted a well regulated militia, had no idea that mags holding a hundred rounds would be legal." The Representative shot back at her  when the First Amendment was penned, the Framers also had no idea we would end up with something like CNN. Touche'!

Our kids are so brainwashed these days by the "touchy-feely" Left, it would do no good to tell them the truth about our rights - and how easy it will be to lose them. No - we have done this to ourselves by allowing  socialists to take over education. Allowing them to teach revisionist history. Allowing them to refer to the Holy Bible and Constitution as "dated historical documents". Suggesting those two great documents should be replaced with something which is living and breathing. Why? The teaching of "Originalism" went out with the dinosaurs. 

Hang on to your guns folks. This great experiment called America might be coming to an end. Ronald Reagan warned us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extension. I am afraid the Gipper might have been right with this coming generation. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The mysterious and affable nature of the deep south

"How to people in the south do it? How have they been able to nail this so easily? I don't know. Maybe it is in the water - or not." 

Yes, certain elites from the northeast love to denigrate the good people who dwell in the south-land. Some of the names I have heard in the past have been hayseeds, banjo players (as in the movie Deliverance), the wrong number of chromosome crowd, or just plain hicks. News flash to the very blue, and very smarmy northeast - I have been stationed down south. I have traveled down south. I have been on business trips down here. I have had a close family member who has lived in Pensacola. 

There are areas I have been in the south where I have met some of the nicest, and most genuine people in America. During my travels in the northeast, I have met or worked with just about every flavor of personage. Yes, some have been real jerks. I know that seems to be a cruel stereotype, but I believe it has some validity. Yes, I have met some nice folks from the northeast, but they are not as common as the nice folks down south.

I am not letting Minnesota off the hook either. There is some truth in the phrase "Minnesota Nice". Yet, there is also some fable in that term. Some visitors I have met, who expected to be surrounded by "Minnesota Nice" when the arrived here, only found "Minnesota Ice". They left after their visit feeling disillusioned and disappointed. 

Here is what we notice every time we visit Florida. Nice, nice folks. Helpful. Welcoming. Affable. Friendly. We make it a practice to strike up a conversation with most folks we meet down here. Still waiting for that first encounter where the very common southern hospitality is absent. When folks down here find out you are a visitor, it is like they work part time at the Chamber of Commerce, or the Department of Tourism. Nothing phony, just genuine people being themselves.

Unabashedly unafraid to talk about their faith in God and the Bible. We have worshiped at a Baptist church down here. No PC babble like what has happened so some northern churches - just the unvarnished truth preached from the Bible. People are also unabashedly unafraid to be demonstrably patriotic. Again, nothing phony, just genuine people being themselves.

If we truly want to change our national discourse, we first need to change ourselves. It needs to happen one person at a time. And the first step is treating people the way we all want to be treated. You know - that old "Golden Rule" thing. We need to listen better, laugh more, and practice basic civility with everyone. 

How to people in the south do it? How have they been able to nail this so easily? I don't know. Maybe it is in the water - or not. All I know is this - being nice, being friendly are traits down here which seem to have no boundaries. Think this is all a bunch of hooey? Plan a trip down here in the near future. And be ready to be treated like you are a long time friend - from just about everyone you meet.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trying not to hate the haters...

"It seems like with Soros, Steyer and the Russians, we have foreign and domestic enemies of this country all operating on the same team. Do I hate them? These haters of America? My faith tells me not to. I really am trying not to hate the haters. God help me."

I have been fuming most of the day. Why? That our kids are being used. They are being used as tools. By whom? Who would do such a thing? The usual suspects. Soros, Steyer, and of course, the Russians. Send the kids to Tallahassee on buses. Cause disruption. Ignore and obfuscate the real issues. Tell the lawmakers to get rid of the guns.

Our country is in the midst of a crisis which we are all trying to figure out. The easy and incorrect answer is of course, just to delete the Second Amendment. Take away all the guns. That would work, right? Yes it would. It would disarm all the law abiding citizens. The outlaws? The whole country would then become easy pickings - a gun free zone. Outlaws, who love to live outside of the law, would be in seventh heaven. 

But the greater damage would be what our Framers warned us about. Why they did not want this Second Amendment "infringed" upon. We would all be at the mercy of a government which could merciless at any point in time. For those who don't know or can't remember, that is the main reason for the Second Amendment in the first place. Semi-Americans like the two "gentlemen" I mentioned above, don't give a crap about the Second Amendment - or this country. 

Why would anyone want to turn this into a hate issue? Only people who really hate this country. They are not the ones who want to solve this problem. I am taking about the ones who want to take this country down - and out. George Soros, Tom Steyer, and of course Vladimir Putin and friends. These people would like nothing better than to see our country crumble from within. And every chance they have to pour gas on the fire, they will do so.

Get used to this folks. The Russians will be sowing seeds of discontent from now until the cows come home. Messing with our elections, sowing the seeds of doubt in our political system, this is right up their ally. And Soros and Steyer? Those two haters of Trump and the Right? They are exactly in line with those Russian "enemies of the state".

My view? As a 21 year retired Navy veteran, I still dearly love this country. I still consider myself to be under my oath - I want to protect our country from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

It seems like with Soros, Steyer and the Russians, we have foreign and domestic enemies of this country all operating on the same team. Do I hate them? These haters of America? My faith tells me not to. I really am trying not to hate the haters. God help me.


Behold, our Carpetbagger...

"What am I trying to say? Go back to the swamp Tim. We got this one covered, thank you."

Oh, boy. He just stepped one inch closer to doing something very unfortunate. In the paper this morning, is a sad tale of carpetbagging. Not just a little bit of a carpetbagger - no, this is major league. Who is it? Our former two term Governor, who when he decided not to run for a third term, put his hip waders on, and waded pell mell into the swamp.

The paper said T Paw recently had a soiree for a whole bunch of "big cigars". In other jargon, the "donor class". No drinks, no food, not even a hanger to hang up a coat. Why? A technicality. Since our former Governor turned carpetbagger has not officially "announced" as yet, he could not offer any kind of amenity. Not until he is officially in the race. 

The donor class has not told T Paw one very unfortunate fact of life. If he jumps in the race, if he goes right to the primary rather than fighting for the endorsement, much of the base will not support him. What is even worse, because he went into the deepest and murkiest part of the swamp by being a lobbyist for Wall Street, the Democrats will fillet him like a 18" Walleye. Then it will be "Hello, Governor Walz!"

What would I, a citizen of this state, and former T Paw voter (twice) expect? I would expect him to be a team player. He could have kept his $2.8M salary on Wall Street, and supported the endorsed candidate from afar. He could have been a cheerleader for Jeff Johnson, rallying the donor class to his campaign. Many of the party faithful might have even forgiven T Paw for the Legacy Amendment, the clean energy crap which gave us sky high electric costs, and the growth of government under his watch. But being a team player is antithetical to being a carpetbagger. Carpetbaggers only support three people - me, myself and I.

I have been very optimistic about our chances this year. I really have. Ever since a year ago last November when Jeff and I first sat down for coffee, I knew 2018 was going to be his year. Minnesota has not had a true conservative for many a decade, and Jeff could fix much of what has been broken. T Paw had his chance to fix stuff in Minnesota, and ended up getting played by the Democrats. Rather than fighting Democrats on keystone issues, he ended up siding with them. And then after 8 years of state government growth, the swamp offered him the deal of a lifetime - so he left for Wall Street. 

One more minor issue. Okay, not minor. Whereas Jeff was on-board with our President right after Trump was endorsed, T Paw has spoken out against the President. If T Paw became our Governor, President Trump would give T Paw the same deference he now gives Governor Goofy - in other words, not much.

But that will never happen, as T Paw is un-electable. President Trump will then have to try and deal with Governor Walz. 

So thanks Tim - thanks for nothing. For the first time in forever, we have a real shot to put a conservative in St. Paul. To kill the Met Council (that's right - you did nothing about them, did you?). To fix our taxes, rather than to raise them and come up with a butt load of hidden taxes called "fees". 

What am I trying to say? Go back to the swamp Tim. We got this one covered, thank you.

Monday, February 19, 2018

"Hating on" the Olympics

"I will paraphrase Laura once again - 'Just shut up and play'. Or better yet, 'Just shut up!'"  

What a weird year for the Olympics! NBC is doing simply a terrible job, the ratings are tanking, we have the sister of a mass murderer being treated like royalty, terrible things are being said about our President and Vice President, and - the United States, a perennial super power in the winter games, is not doing spit. Did I leave anything out?

Yes, I guess I did. After Lindsey Vonn said some impolitic things about our President, she finished 6th in the Super "G" - a race she was favored to medal in. Immediately after the race, she went to twitter and complained. (Her words), it was because she was first down the hill - supposedly a disadvantage (well, someone has to be first). Immediately there was a flurry of responding tweets from supporters of the President. Let me just say they went from the mild to wild in berating this past Olympic star. The press of course, said the Trumpsters were "hating on" poor old Lindsey.

Years ago, Laura Ingraham penned a book called "Shut Up & Sing". Bet you can't guess what that book was about! This book could also be applicable for this year's Olympics. Hey Lindsey, just shut up and ski! If you don't like our President, keep your pie hole shut. Why? First off, he is YOUR President, as he is ours. Secondly, your job is to go out on the slopes and bring home some medals. This country spent a lot of money training you to do so.

And then there are our two openly gay athletes who were "hating on" our Vice President. For what? Mike Pence is one of the kindest, truest people we have in government. Ah - but he is a strong Christian. You know, "mentally ill" like the unlikable Joy Behar recently said. So let me get this straight. If you are gay, and an Olympic athlete, it is okay to hate Christians? Even if one is the Vice President of the United States? News flash to these two nitwits - this country contains a whole bunch of people who are followers of the Cross and voted for Trump/Pence. Treating our Vice President with that much disrespect due to his strong faith goes over like "gas in church" with millions of us Americans.

And then of course, was the NBC fawning all over the Minister of Propaganda from North Korea (that would be "rocket man's" sister). All they could do on opening night is praise her and deride VP Pence. Hey NBC - whose side are you on, anyhow? Are you aware of this brutal regime to the North (of which, little sister is part of) has tortured and/or killed millions of people? Did you forget that "rocket man" is going full speed ahead in building an ICBM, which can destroy an American city? How about if one of his ICBMs lands on "30 Rock" - your corporate HQ in NYC?

For most of us, these Olympics can not be over soon enough. The irony is this - my wife and I are huge fans of the Winter Olympics. We watch them every four years. This year - not so much. Why? Did we get our "hate on" for the games or certain members of our team? Nope. Just disgust. I will paraphrase Laura once again - "Just shut up and play". Or better yet, "Just shut up!"    

Sunday, February 18, 2018

America's toughest converstation

"If I knew the Second Amendment had outlived it's usefulness, I would be on the bandwagon. But it has not."

This topic comes up after every mass murder, be it in a school, or otherwise. That is, if the mass murder was perpetrated by some kind of gun. Then the cries of change come from all spectrum's of the political divide. WHY? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN??? Since nobody seems to have a logical answer, the emotional solutions come forth in spades. BAN ALL GUNS!! THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS THE SUICIDE NOTE FOR AMERICA!! And then we are off to the races.

First, not to trod on ground already covered, let me (as our Southern Baptist pastor would say), back up, and run over this snake one more time. There are not any people on this planet, who grieve more for the innocent loss of life than members of the NRA do. True fact. They want ALL guns to be used for the proper and appropriate reasons. They constantly walk the tightrope between protecting our liberties and the protection of the innocents. 

Here is the rub, and I am not going to be gentle when I report on this. It is the ignorance of parts of our population, particularly those under 50, which I believe is due to the refusal of our school systems to teach proper American history. This causes much of this needless angst.

The NRA is like the little Dutch Boy, having his finger in the dyke. Without the NRA, reminding us of WHY WE HAVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT in the first place, the progressives would have killed it years ago.

I know this is not as good as watching NASCAR or March Madness, but time spent researching why in the world we have this unique amendment in our Bill of Rights might be a good use of time. This Second Amendment is unique for this reason. It was the safeguard, the parking brake, the governor on an engine, the checks and balance - to keep our government from becoming too much like King George. It was so important, so vital to our framers, it remains the only one which has the phrase, "Shall not be infringed" included in it. 

Why have there been so many school shootings in the past 30 years? Is it due to the Second Amendment? No. That has been with us since the get-go. So what is it? THAT - IS WHY WE NEED A TRUE, UNBIASED NATIONAL DISCUSSION. If it is not because of the Second Amendment or the NRA, what is it? I don't know. But let's talk.

I don't know if it is broken families, a broken education system, taking God out of the equation, psychotropic drugs, video games, Hollywood, or whatever. We need to talk. However, if the conversation is going to revolve around screwing around with our Constitutional rights, it is worth our time. 

Sorry, it you are disappointed. If I knew the Second Amendment had outlived it's usefulness, I would be on the bandwagon to get rid of it. But it has not. I am however, willing to be a part of the conversation to end this carnage. As is most of the gun toting folks I know. We need this to work for all of us. Like it always has in the past. Murder is against the law - owning a gun should not be.  

"FBI - Do your job!"

"In the meantime, while the lap dog media, the Democrats, the Deep State, and the Swamp Dwellers continue to harass this President, Donald Trump stays undeterred. Undeterred in doing what he can to make America great again."

Let me first start off by saying I have had my days with the FBI. Am I a career criminal? Nope - not hardly. My record is a clean as a whistle. Only one minor traffic violation (not even speeding) in over 50 years of driving. But I have been hauled downtown by the FBI, read my Miranda Rights, and then "sweated" for close to two hours. It happened for a second time, but by then, I knew what was going on, and "lawyered up".

How did I get in trouble so fast with the feds? It was a perfect example of "no good deed goes unpunished". It all started with during the proposal phase of a multi-million dollar negotiation with the Navy. The proposal team came up with an idea on how to save the Navy scads of money, and the company a whole lot of scrap. Our Navy customer liked it, so we went forward with the plan. The deal was inked, and worked commenced using this new, common sense way of manufacturing.

The fly in the ointment was a weasel looking DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) guy who did not like the deal. He just knew there was something nefarious going on in the background. I could explain the complexities of how this deal worked, but it would take six pages. In any event, he used the 'whistle blower" law to refer this issue to the DOJ and the rest is history. The FBI, US Attorney, and finally a Grand Jury was in the mix. After over a year and tens of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees, the case was dropped. I bought a frame to hold the letter of apology from the FBI for putting me through all that agony in their interrogation room. And another frame for the letter of apology from the US Attorney for hauling me in front of a Grand Jury. To date, those frames still sit empty.

After the FBI really blew the mission on the Florida school shooting, the President laid into them via his tweets. He berated them for letting the shooter slip through their cracks (especially when they had so many clues) and instead focusing on the made up "Russian Collusion" probe. At the end of the tweet, he told the FBI to do their jobs. Amen to that! 

The Governor of Florida recently called on Christopher Wray to step down from being the FBI's Director. I could not agree more. Wray might be a fine man, but he is in the wrong spot at the wrong time. We need an outsider to the FBI who can be in the right spot at the right time. Someone like Sheriff David Clarke. Someone who is experienced in law enforcement, but is a novice in being a swamp dweller. That is what the FBI needs more than anything else. Someone who is not corrupted by cronyism or the swamp.

In the meantime, while the lap dog media, the Democrats, the Deep State, and the Swamp Dwellers continue to harass this President, Donald Trump stays undeterred. Undeterred in doing what he can to make America great again. And the citizens and patriots responded to their President by saying in a loud and clear voice, "MAGA!" Oh yes - and to the FBI? "DO YOUR JOB!"