Monday, February 10, 2014



"Bullies are only as tough as we allow them to be..."

I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of hearing our education gurus talk about nothing except bully issues. News flash - bullies have been around since day one, and will be around forever. It is a natural progression of growing up. I was bullied - that is until one day I had enough. I then dispensed with the bully and have not allowed myself to be bullied since.

So why is the NEA on this kick about bullies? I have my own theory. They are changing the subject. Hard questions are being asked concerning the results of our public education. Rather than address the subject at hand, they are trying to make the rest of us feel guilty for not knowing more, or caring more about bullies. It is plain old deflection, nothing more, nothing less.

That being said, I have seen real bullies as of late. Where? On Capitol Hill. Bullies so entrenched, so powerful, that they are impossible to fight. I have never seen a bully as powerful as the IRS. They have the ability to destroy, to impoverish, to ruin. Not punishing people for breaking the law - punishing people for belonging to the wrong political party. For becoming too politically active. For speaking out against tyranny. 

The government, our government, is supposed to be a group of elected officials who work for us. Not to bully us. We are not the enemy - we are the stakeholders in this great Republic. Watching some of the Congressional hearings on TV was real tough. Good honest citizens telling tales of horror on how they were being harassed by the IRS. It made me want to vomit. Heads should roll on this on, and now! I would not tolerate ANY administration doing this to ANY group! It is simply un-American!

So please NEA, put a sock in it about bullies in schools. Rather let us address the real life bullies that can ruin our lives. THAT is something I am interested in.

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