Tuesday, December 4, 2018


"The makers can only handle hands in their pockets for so long. Soon the match will be lit and dropped in the street in this country as well. Hang on tightly. 2019 could be a tell tale year."

Today on the news, it was reported from an analysis done four years ago, it is estimated that 63% of all illegal immigrants are collecting some type of welfare in the United States. That would be over four million families. If that was not bad enough, it was also reported that 70% of those families are still on welfare 10 years after hitting our soil. Did I mention the term ILLEGAL? If not, let me say that again. ILLEGAL.

For those of us who have been paying attention, this report comes as a "Duh!". When you have people come here with no status, no skills (to speak of), and little if any language skills - what do you expect. And don't for a second think the fact this country is a gravy trail does not travel like wildfire. For many, coming here is no longer coming to the land of opportunity - it is hitting the lotto. Rather than being for opportunity seekers, our country is now a mecca for the opportunistic. 

Some reports say as a nation, we are paying $200B on welfare for illegals. Some say the number might be higher, but because so many live in the darkness, and there is so much graft in the system, that number might not be knowable.

Ladies and gentlemen - these are your dollars. I don't care which coffer they come out of, there is no money tree. The money comes out of your wallets. That is why when Lori what-is-her-name from the Star and Tribune tells Minnesota seniors they do not need a break on  Social Security taxes, that money should go to the state instead (because they need it to pay for all this welfare), I just want to body slam her.

Is there any question why Democrats look at illegals as if they were more precious than gold? Hooked on generational welfare, their votes are already counted for the next election. They have been brainwashed to believe in a welfare Santa Clause. This is the easiest money they have ever seen. And loose? Check out the stolen millions which have been shipped to Somalia. Why can't we stop it? Fear of being called Islamophobic, a racist, or a xenophobe by the metro snowflakes. So the money pours out of the country, as more illegals pour in. 

By the way, the report which was quoted was only for illegals. It would be interesting to know what the percentage would be for the refugee resettlement program. My gut tells me the stats would be similar. So, what do we do? Wait until the taxes to support these immigrants get so high we turn into Paris? Trust me, the patriots and the citizens are not that far away as it is right now from taking to the streets.

Yesterday riots also erupted in Belgium. In Europe, the tipping point has been reached. The makers can only handle hands in their pockets for so long. Soon the match will be lit and dropped in the street. America will be like Europe. Chaos will rule the day. Hang on tightly. 2019 could be a bell weather year.     


  1. Reality Check..........
    Here’s a listing of benefits undocumented immigrants expressly do not receive:
    Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP)
    Disability, aka Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    Food stamps, aka The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    Health insurance, aka insurance via the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    Social Security

    Here’s what undocumented immigrants may be eligible for:
    Emergency medical care, including ER visits and Emergency Medicaid
    Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

    Groups like the innocuously named Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) circulate figures on this subject which seem accurate at first blush but fail to take the full picture into account. For example, CIS counts entire households with an immigrant father and an American mother receiving welfare as immigrant families. They count American-born children receiving subsidized lunches as living in immigrant welfare families. In other words, they skew data to make it look both like more immigrants are receiving welfare than actually are and that they’re receiving more in welfare than they actually are.

  2. Illegal aliens shouldn't get squat!