Monday, December 31, 2018

A year to remember, a year to forget...

"Well, there it is. In a nutshell. The good, the bad, and the apathy. Here is an auld lang syne message for 2018. My slate is wiped clean. No hard feelings nor grudges remain for anyone. And more importantly, here is for a great 2019 - for every person, near and far."  

Every year on this day, I do what many of us do. Get retrospective as well as introspective. I think back on the year which is now wrapping up. The highs and the lows. If you don't mind some rambling thoughts, I will jot some of them down:

  • Major Low - This past year my singular focus was working on the Jeff Johnson campaign. In my heart, I really did think this was the year. A normal Governor, a conservative, working with a Republican Senate for at least two years. Besides for Jeff, we had the best crop of Republican candidates I could ever remember. Then the unthinkable happened. I won't ruminate about this any longer. Getting our butt's handed to us in November, was by far, my biggest low for 2018.
  • Low - Way too many funerals this year. Losing more friends and relatives seems to increase every year. Also sicknesses. More of our friends have been diagnosed with chronic or terminal illnesses. I know, I know. This is part of the cycle of life. But it does not get any easier to say goodbye to people we hold dear to our hearts.
  • Low - Immigration. For some reason, this one issue seems to vex this country every single year. Right now, it has our nation split right down the middle. And sinister forces are spreading false truths in Central America and Mexico, about how easy it is to get into America. The President is resolute on solid solutions, but gets very little help from Democrats, the MSM, or establishment Republicans.
  • Minor Low - Vikings. Instead of minor low, I should have said "constant low". The Minnesota Vikings is the team which keeps on giving year after year - disappointments.

  • High - Having Cindy and Steve Yager come back home this summer for a visit. We hosted a party in our back yard for a bunch of the Yager's Minnesota friends. It was a beautiful evening, and everyone seemed to have a great time.
  • Major High - Family. Now that my wife and I are done working, we delight in seeing how our kids are navigating their careers. Our family continues to be blessed beyond belief, and our two grandies give us pleasure and enjoyment just about every day. 2018 was a good year for health as well as zero bumps in career or family paths.
  • High - For the second year in a row, we spent part of the winter in Florida. Always nice to be out of the ice box for a while. Frosting on the cake was watching the Super Bowl (played at US Bank Stadium), with our patio door open, and the gulf breezes coming into the condo.  
  • High - Even though the election did not turn out well, my wife and I had the opportunity to meet some new folks. Many became friends, and some of our existing friends became closer. Friendship is something I never discount. I value good friends. The old saying, "make new friends, but keep the old - for one is silver and the other is gold", has never been more clear to me.
  • Major High - Hey! For another year, we did not blow each other up! Cheers! Plus, what President Trump pulled off with North Korea is beyond amazing. Even though the President is taking fire from what seems to be all quadrants, stuff is getting done. Our "trade war" with China is long overdue, and good things will result from it once it is over. Finally, our military is back on its feet again after the drubbing it took under Obama.

  • Who Cares? - I have to close out with this one. Did anyone notice the government was closed down? Does anybody really care? This issue ranks high in my apathy list. 
  • Mega Who Cares? - The Mueller investigation. Enough said.

Well, there it is. In a nutshell. The good, the bad, and the apathy. Here is an auld lang syne message for 2018. My slate is wiped clean. No hard feelings nor grudges remain for anyone. And more importantly, here is for a great 2019 - for every person, near and far.  


  1. Major Low..........for the second straight year.........
    Abraham Lincoln once said the only way America could be brought down is from within. Trump's presidency has been cited frequently as the greatest example of such a threat in modern times. But Lincoln's warning can be extended further.
    Ultimately Trump too will be brought down from within, by the ghosts of his own past, by the secrets only he knows. The walls have crumbled. So too, very soon, will this weak, corrupted, cowardly, ignorant, racist, incompetent, pathetic excuse for a man.
    The greatest tragedy to me, isn’t him. It isn’t that the person supposedly leading our country lacks a single benevolent impulse, that he is impervious to compassion, incapable of nobility, and mortally allergic to simple kindness.
    The greatest tragedy, is how many Americans he still represents.
    And that he represents you.

  2. Another fine example of pretentious drivel.

    Lincoln had a valid point. Your point seems to be "I hate Trump!" Yeah, we know.