Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Emboldened Idiots

"I am thinking that many in the sheeple class will soon have buyer's remorse with the government they voted for." 

The useful idiots are back! Well, that is not really true. Why not? They never left in the first place. But guess what? After having them locked up for a while, they have been sprung. In fact starting next month, they will be calling the shots. This clown car, this menagerie of misfits, will be governing the country as well as our state. And this year, besides being only idiots, they are also emboldened.

The emboldened idiots feel it is time to make things right. Teach the "neanderthal class" a lesson or two. By the way, the "neanderthal class" are the citizens and the patriots. Just recently, Senator Hirono said Democrats are so cerebral (my word), so smart (her word), they have trouble connecting with ordinary voters. You know, us knuckle draggers. And Tom Perez, the DNC Chair, said the Right gets way too much information from the church. Well spoken from the party of the secular gods.

They have promised to hit the ground running. In Minnesota, the gas tax will be issue number one. Mr. Rocks and Cows wants to have a sizable increase in our gas tax. He figures as a "green" statist, this will discourage driving and use the extra revenue to build more bike trails and choo-choo trains. We can't have gasoline at $2.25. We need it at $2.75 - or higher. How will the folks handle this? Some will shrug their shoulders and soldier on. Others will put on yellow or blaze orange vests, and take to the streets. A bit of Paris, maybe?

The gun grabbers will be next. They HATE our carry laws. What they want more than a stocking full of goodies Christmas morning, is to reign in these gun toting rednecks. They will try anything, and everything. More background checks, smaller mags, no AR-15 long guns, excise tax on bullets, limited number of guns or ammo in possession, and then - the golden fleece. The gun rights killer - "Red Flag" laws. That puts us all one step away from pure confiscation. 

Of course on the federal level, the goofballs who always gave Bill Clinton and Obama a pass, are fired up to start impeachment proceedings on Donald Trump. And just to show all of us these emboldened idiots can walk and chew gum at the same time, they will also look to reverse the Trump tax cuts, defund ICE, and open the borders. Then get us signed up to the Paris Climate Accord.  Oh yes - there are gun grabbers also, embedded with these idiots.

I am thinking that many in the sheeple class will soon have buyer's remorse with the government they voted for. "Hey! That was not supposed to affect us! One the rich!" Guess what kids? In the eyes of the emboldened idiots - you are rich. Now shut up, and pay up!

I am not even going to go into this who "elections have consequences" again. There was no deception here. These socialists told us EXACTLY what they were going to do. And yet - they won by a large measure in many of the races. Now we are stuck with no adults in the room. It is going to be a long and expensive two years.   


  1. Let me disagree on two points:

    First, the left NEVER tells us what they are going to do to us. They mostly choose to rail against some imaginary Republican that is either going to leave Granny hungry and out in the snow, or is going to push her over the cliff in a wheelchair. When they DO talk about themselves and their intentions, it is that we're going to use Magic Money to double everybody's pay, or to mandate "The climate must be perfect all the year. ... July and August cannot be too hot. And there's a legal limit to the snow here in Camelot."

    Second, it is impossible for them to fail to live up to their campaign promises. They rarely make any that are taken seriously (and for good reason, they are generally foolish fantasies) but when the "real" ones obviously fail, it will be the Republicans' fault. Not only that, but if they pass it and it blows up, they avoid all blame because those who voted for them will never, ever, regret voting for them. To do so would be to admit a mistake, or that we were fooled, and we never make mistakes or get fooled. Unlike conservatives who turn against a 95% conservative for one "wrong vote."

    We've tried this "waiting for buyers remorse" thing many times, and it never works out. We just have to figure out a way to beat them at their own game.

  2. While gas taxes tend to be politically unpopular, they are a relatively good embodiment of the “benefit principle,” or the idea in public finance that the taxes a person pays should relate to the benefits received.
    One of the primary issues with federal and state gas taxes, however, is that they are not indexed for inflation, meaning the nominal value of revenue generated from the gas tax isn’t keeping pace with infrastructure funding needs across the country.
    Since we're 28th in state fuel taxes, I would guess that an increase is warranted, given the state of our roads and bridges and the harsh climate's continuous damage.
    Re Guns: will not be an issue. We need you gun-toting patriots to keep us safe from the aliens massing at our borders.
    Not sure who will roof our houses, clean our motels and pick our crops. Maybe all the mfg. workers whose jobs will be gone due to tariffs. Or maybe millennials with no hopes in a stalled economy.

  3. A gas tax dedicated to roads and bridges makes sense, but that is not what is being proposed. Half of that money goes to choo-choo trains that carry less than 1% of travelers. And if we took the $2 billion it will cost us just to build (never mind operate) SWLRT, we could add 4 lanes to every freeway in the metro area, with money left over. If roads and bridges were the priority Walz says it is, there should be /something/ of lower priority in the state budget that could be reduced or eliminated to pay for it, without raising taxes. Republicans did it last year, in fact.

    Oh, and for the pessimists, there are now 7 million more job openings than we have workers to fill them. Imagine how wages will rise once we send all those illegals home? Or even if we allow them to stay as legal "guest workers"?

    1. The economic expansion is on a collision course with a lack of workers to man the shop floors, work the restaurants and stores at the shopping malls across America.
      If you have less labor, you’re going to have less growth, unless it's compensated by more technology or higher productivity.
      The worker shortages, especially for truck drivers, are already contributing to bottlenecks in the supply chain, which could slow the vibrant economy. Self Drive Trucks have to be expedited.
      The labor shortage also complicates the Republican quest to create more jobs through tax cuts as most of the people who really wanted to get back to work — they’ve already recovered from the recession.
      Firms that save money from the tax cuts may simply be unable to find more workers to hire at the price they are willing to pay. It’s not merely a matter of not being able to find quality employees. It’s that businesses are reluctant to pay more for them.
      A good recession is needed again to reset the Obama-Trump economic boom, just like the recent stock market corrections.

  4. Well, any new tax will certainly suppress economic activity, just like waves of illegals depress wages. I guess I like to believe in a free market, and that government governs best that governs (and taxes and spends) the least.

    I also believe that the Left does NOT believe those things, but rather that they and a centralized bureaucracy knows better than 300 million individuals making their own decisions.