Saturday, March 2, 2019

Everybody has a story...

 Some might think, 'I am not that special. I have not done that much in my life.' Wrong. I have never met a person who had no story to tell." 

I am going to take a break from politics today. Am I stale? I hope not. Have I run out of rants? Not by a long shot. But sometimes I like to write about science, faith issues, or personal relationships I have had. Today my article is relational. And there is something I need to confess. Politics aside, I love people. I love to hear their stories. Plus - the best part of hearing someone's story is this - each one is unique. For the most part, I find each story to be fascinating.

Even though the word "history" is derived from a Greek work which means "to investigate", many folks today think "history" really means "his story". Or to be PC, also "her story". Our old pastor would often say, "everyone has a history". Bingo - we all do. For the sake of this article, I will say "history" is a person's story. Like I say, everyone has a story.

Good negotiators try to get to know as much about the other person's story as possible prior to the horse trading. Why? Often times, the more you know about the story, the more you might know about the motivation in the business dealing. But that is for work. I like to hear a person's story at anytime - work, recreation, neighbor, or part of a group. 

Some folks are very free in telling their stories. Yes, sometimes too much - or so much so, the true message gets lost in a blizzard of vernacular. Some are very private with their stories. It might just be shyness, or it could be their stories contain hurt which the person prefers to keep buried. Most folks however, enjoy telling at least part of their stories. Sometimes an "icebreaker" type of question is needed to get the conversation going. But once it starts, it is all good. 

This would not be a true Bird article if there was not just a smidge of politics. I like to know the stories of those who are committed to the other side in politics. For example, I know what it is in my life which first drew me to the conservative way of thinking. Often times, to know the story of someone on the other side, helps me understand the why and wherefore which makes that person tick (politically). Truthfully - knowing stories helped more in the old days when Democrats were a bit more main stream. There is no story in the world which would help me understand the new socialists. Take AOC for example....

If you know me, or don't know me as yet, and might some day, please don't be shy in sharing your story. Your story is something which has never been written before, nor will ever be written the same again. It is 100% unique. Some might think, "I am not that special. I have not done that much in my life." Wrong. Never met a person who had no story. 

The stories are in there folks. Each one is more precious than gold. A woman I sat next to at a client's office had a saying on her white board. "When a person dies, the library closes." One day I asked her about that saying. She explained that all the stories and experiences that a person has had in his or her life - ends the day of death. That is, unless the stories are told and/or chronicled.

My mother wrote her story down on paper for me before she died. About thirty pages long. Her 96 plus years, from early childhood to old age. It is truly a treasure, and I will pass it down to my kids and then hopefully their kids. 

My story? Still being written. Last year was a whopper of a chapter in my story, and I was blessed to have some of the experiences I did. This year, once we get out of the deep freeze and snow globe, I hope to add to that chapter.

So then, what really are our stories? Our lives. It is as pure and simple as that.     


  1. When we retired, one of our sons gave us a book of questions to answer.
    They were questions regarding memories from school, growing up, married life and career decisions.
    We have slowly been answering them and did pretty well, but have now switched to reflections by year.
    Hopefully, when we are gone, these answered questions will give our kids and grandkids a little idea of our lives.
    Speaking of stories, Gary Miner once commented we should have a get together some summer in MN. Sounds like a good idea to me. I would certainly like to meet the man whose stories I have been reading the last couple of years. We could meet at the Midtown Marketplace in the old Sears tower. You could get a lifetime dose of diversity. LOL, Anyway, thanks for sharing your stories and concerns.

    1. Gary and I have done that in the past. I would love to have you join us Dave. Heck, we can meet any place. My place has been a frequent haunt for Gary and myself as the view (only in the summer) is good, and the booze is free. Sounds like a winning plan Dave! My dive way should be thawed by June or so...