Sunday, June 9, 2019

Meanwhile, behind the curtain....

"Alvin Tofler warned of this decades ago in his book Future Shock. We will have so much change, so fast, with so much selection to choose from, it might be too much for some people. Thus, we need to prepare for it." 

Oh boy! Are there going to be a lot of very surprised people in the near future. Why? This long awaited "big change" in everything, is actually starting to happen right now. Today. And the period between 2020 and 2025 is going to be like a blur. I know - some are saying "what change", I don't see anything. That is because much of it is happening behind the curtain (so to speak).

Who is driving this "big change"? Simple answer - every tech company in every developed country. They can all smell the roses now, and that aroma has become intoxicating. For example, to run these new super programs, many of which will be using AI, super chips are required. Intel has just come out with the Stratix 10. This little powerhouse (pictured above), can do 10 trillion floating operations a second! Using nanotech, Intel has managed to cram 30 billion transistors in that very small footprint.

So what? What in the world do we need that much power for? For starters, remember 5g? That upgrade in cellular technology which is going to change everything? It is here - right now. In fact, there are plans are to have it in every major metro area by year's end. And - at the same time, companies like Qualcomm are refining and improving their AI technology. So much so, that AI and 5g will play together in harmony.

Some visionaries at tech companies are seeing a near term future where as we ride to work in our autonomous cars, we will be able to sit back and experience VR through the latest portal. Traffic? Thing of the past. Stress in getting to work? Also gone. By the way - if you are still thinking autonomous transportation is a pipe dream, it is already becoming reality in spots. In fact, the post office just announced they would like to have autonomous mail delivery in the very near future. 

Alvin Tofler warned of this decades ago in his book Future Shock. We will have so much change, so fast, with so much selection to choose from, it might be too much for some people. Thus, we need to prepare for it. How? Be prepared, that you might be changing jobs numerous times, as technology erases some jobs while creating others. Be prepared, that most forms of transportation will change - dramatically. Be prepared, that your entire residence will be controlled by the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from science fiction to science fact - quickly.

What is happening behind the curtain? Plenty. Almost everything.That is really where the action is right now. How do I know? I go on websites to see what the latest and greatest is. What a company is working on. Without revealing any proprietary information, you can learn quite a bit about the future by doing so.

Buckle up and get ready for quite a ride. Going from 2020 to 2025 will be like riding a bucking bronco. Will our brave new world be good or bad for us? I guess only time will tell. But "big change" is coming. That is one thing all the futurists agree on. It is coming, and coming fast.     

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