Friday, June 7, 2019

The circle of death

"WAKE UP AMERICA! Before we blame Mexico for all our ills, can we first get the plank out of our eye?" 

What up with Mexico? This country, which is rich in tradition and resources, seems to be mired in the mud right now. How high is the crime rate in this neighboring country? How about through the roof. The cartels are an order of magnitude worse than we were in the 1930's. Back when we had gangsters controlling the city of Chicago. Then what gives with Mexico? How in the world could they have factions in that country who have become this powerful and viscous? "Look in the mirror, boy!"

I have been on this rant before. Only this time, the news media is backing this point up by showing how much worse this drug thing has become in the pristine city of Minneapolis. Yes, it has hit home here, big time. No longer someone else's problem - this is a problem which has reached into every corner of our country.

We have become part of the "circle of death". It is a nefarious plot hatched by equally nefarious people. Get a person to try drugs, establish a habit, then addiction, and then - BAM! You have a customer to life. Or should I say, until death. Until that final "hit", the money spend on drugs in this country, goes back down the pipeline, and into the cartel's pockets. With that money, "Crime, Inc." just grows bigger and stronger. More drugs, more trafficking, more murder, more mayhem. 

This spring has been particularly bad for the Twin Cities. Lots of OD events, some fatal. With the rise of fentanyl present in more and more street drugs, the use of just about anything bought off the street is like playing Russian Roulette. But for some reason, a reason which escapes logic, we do very little to interdict this drug flow. Many times, by the time a local cop is involved, it is to administer Narcan to a person on the edge of OD death.

I don't know as much as others about this problem, but I do know this from what I have read and heard. We will NEVER rid ourselves of the power the cartel has garnered until we STOP USING DRUGS in this country. It really is as simple as that. Yes, we should also stop purchasing sex from young girls who are being trafficked. But that is a whole other article.

WAKE UP AMERICA! This drug problem which is plaguing our country is a self inflicted wound. All the cartels are doing, is making that wound much, much worse - and chronic.

Before we blame Mexico for all our ills, can we first get the plank out of our eye? I have been told many times I don't understand this drug thing. I really do not. I graduated from high school in 1967 - the last year before the "children of the 60's" started to become naughty. And with the naughtiness, came the drug scene. 

Maybe we can't totally stop this, but we can curb it. We just need the national will to do so.  


  1. You misspelled "addiction." Other than that, we do seem to be headed the other way, legalizing MJ. Alcohol prohibition didn't work, and rightly so, but we still have alcohol abusers and addicts. Cigarettes, too, even though everybody agrees they are harmful (back in the 30s they were called "coffin nails" for a reason). So, unless you can prove MJ is more addictive and/or dangerous, we may have to let that one slight in exchange for stiff penalties for, say, DUIMJ. Or we could learn from "liberal" Holland, where they have had to "unliberal" themselves. There is easy access to MJ under strict regulation, substantial "social controls," and the penalties for harder drugs are severe.

    1. Cataracts! Grrr! They will be fixed soon. Thanks Jerry - I will fix my "addition" error!

    2. One of the best things I ever did. Went from 20/900 to 20/20 in two hours. Still need reading glasses, and now a magnifier to work on circuit boards, but great otherwise.

  2. Ideally we could go privateer on the cartels' wealth--if we could figure out where it is.

  3. I have been told but have never been able to confirm that Minnesota actually had or even has a law that solved the illicit drug problem. It worked like this:
    --the state government would sell a "tax stamp" to anyone who asked, and there would be no record kept or questions asked. The cost of the stamp would be specific to the drug and would be roughly equivalent to the street price.
    --This stamp would be required to be affixed to any package containing the drug.
    -- Therefore, simple possession of the drug without a stamp would constitute tax evasion and be punishable by payment of the tax PLUS a healthy fine.
    – Some would be unable to pay this fine, and could either go to jail or disclose the person from whom it was acquired, and receive the standard 10% of whatever tax was assessed to THAT person.
    – This process would be expected to quickly "roll up" the supply-chain, putting the whole apparatus out of business and garnering Some big bucks into the government coffers.