Sunday, September 8, 2019

Crying out for help...

"Their light is dim right now, and growing dimmer every weekend. On the other side of the great bridge stands the massive army of the dictator. Just ready to come in and pounce like a predator onto prey." 

The year - 1989. The place - mainland China. The problem - freedom. Wait a minute! Freedom is never a problem! Oh, yes it is. If you are running a dictatorship, a totalitarian regime, even a theocracy - freedom is a huge problem. Some how, this notion of natural or God given rights made its way into the Godless and soul-less empire of the Red Dragon. And it infected mostly students. So they protested right in the middle of Tiananmen Square. Kids against tanks. Then the tanks won. Hundreds, maybe thousands died.

This event still leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many freedom loving patriots. Why? Very few people hate the Chinese. However, quite a few have no time for their repressive government. For the Chinese students to cry out for help, to anyone worldwide who would listen - and when those calls went unanswered, the students were just grist for the ChiCom's mill. Even though many of us remember it like it was yesterday, in mainland China, it never happened. A trick they learned from the former Soviet Union. The entire event was liquidated from their history. 

In the new regime of President Xi, he is not so much for mass murder as he is with helping the unfortunates get right with their thinking. That is why so many are now in "re-education camps". Some just call them prisons. With the latest outbreak of the freedom that we are now seeing in Hong Kong, that is exactly what the demonstrators fear. Having their voices silenced by the jack booted army of the mainland, and then being sent to be "re-educated". 
I guess the whole group-think over there might need to be re-thought. 

Some are asking if Xi Jinping is the new Big Brother. Over here, some are asking if he is the world's newest threat. Like in the 1930's when power became king and freedom became scarce. Mandating that he will be leader for life was not a cool move for those who have endeared with with trust in the past. How he will handle the freedom lovers in Hong Kong will tell us a lot about this man. If he is a benevolent dictator, or a just a brutal dictator. 

I grieve for the good people of Hong Kong. They really have been sold down the river. Life was good when they were part of the British empire. To be given to the ChiComs was not going to be in their best interest. I don't care how the agreement was worded, it was not going to end well for the citizens of that great city. Right now, they are crying out, begging, for Donald Trump to rescue them. Any way, any how - just rescue us.

Once again, when freedoms and liberty are ceded to a government, and then the government becomes regressive, it is an up hill fight. The people become like David, fighting a Goliath, with just a sling as some stones. Meanwhile, Goliath has guns and tanks. And "re-education" camps, where all kinds of bad and inhumane things happen. Like the strongly rumored involuntary organ donations. 

If you are a praying person, pray for the good people of Hong Kong. Their light is dim right now, and growing dimmer every weekend. On the other side of the great bridge stands the massive army of the dictator. Just ready to come in and pounce like a predator onto prey. The people of Hong Kong deserve better - so much better. But once again, the world is turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to tyranny. Once again, like so many times in the past.  

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  1. Not a big fan of "re-education camps," but apparently they're one crude answer to members of Muslim communities who've gone terrorist.

    As for what we can do to save Hong Kong: There wasn't much the US could've done in '89, & I'm unaware of a good strategy for rescuing HK now--unless we could somehow bring off a massive sealift.

    The other thing few want to talk about is the PRC law in question. Ostensibly it was made for a case where an HK guy went to Taiwan with his girlfriend & wound up murdering her before coming home. The law was supposed to solve an extradition problem. Not promoting it, just sayin'.