Sunday, February 11, 2018

As the worm turns...

"How is going to end up? Poorly for some. My advice to Blumenthal, Hillary, Bill, Comey, Obama, Lynch, and maybe even Holder is only two words - lawyer up! Pandora's Box might have just been opened, and your side opened it."      

Most of us remember the days before the election, as well as the days right after the election. The election was a tough race, with Donald Trump pulling no punches. He, like the rest of us, knew that Hillary Clinton was as dirty as mud. More than once, he told her if he became President, he just might "lock her up". "Crooked Hillary", he called her. Every time he would bring this up with his base, the crowd would go wild! The image of Hillary doing the "perp walk", was music to everyone's ears.

But what we have found out about Donald Trump, is he can be as compassionate as he is tough. After he was declared the winner of the election, someone asked if he was now going to pursue Hillary. If he was indeed going to "lock her up". No, he said. The election is over, and it is now time to coalesce and move on. Unfortunately, the Democrats thought differently.

Enter the year of the investigation. Donald Trump is "dirty", and by golly, the Democrats were going to find that "smoking gun". What was the trigger to this investigation? The Russian connection. The Democrats knew there was no way on this green Earth that this buffoon Trump could have beaten the unbeatable Queen Hillary. That is - without the help from a nefarious source such as Russia. This investigation of Donald Trump has even lead to endless inquiries of the highly partisan Special Counsel - Robert Muller.

What is amusing about this entire "witch hunt", is simply this. During the campaign, the Uranium One issue was discovered. Now this issue - does show a Russian connection. And who did it connect with the Russians? Trump? Nope. Secretary of State Clinton. And no doubt the underhanded dealing she did with the Russians by giving away 20% of our uranium, did not happen in a vacuum. Her boss (Obama) also had to have known.

Speaking of her boss Obama, how about those leaked FBI memos which point the finger at the sitting POTUS (Obama)? Obama being exposed as the potential puppet master behind the illegal surveillance done on the Trump campaign team. If this turns out to be true, it will make Watergate scandal look like a Sunday picnic. This might be a scandal of historic proportions.

See what is happening here? The "witch hunt" against Trump has turned into a big nothing burger. But since the investigation bug has now bitten everyone on both sides of the aisle, the worm is turning. Yes, there is fire in all that smoke. But it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. It is all about Obama, Clinton, and their posse. 

As our parents would tell us, "be careful of what you wish for - you just might get it." Well, guess what Democrats. You guys are the ones who have been pushing investigations on the President even before he was President. And you have come up a big, fat zero. The Republicans however, might have just hit the mother lode.

How is this going to end up? Poorly for some. My advice to Blumenthal, Hillary, Bill, Comey, Obama, Lynch, and maybe even Holder is only two words - lawyer up! Pandora's Box might have just been opened, and your side opened it.      


  1. Forget this nonsense, makes as much sense as "collusion" (not to be confused with "money laundering".
    Let's talk about the US debt.
    With tax bonuses (no reform visible) and the new spending bill, we are now over 100% of GDP. The ratio will approach Italy's in the next decade.
    The debt and deficit aren't pressing problems this year as creditors have been willing to loan the federal government unlimited funds at low interest rates.
    At some point however, the sustainability of federal finances will begin to extract a price.
    Fixing the finances of the federal government will require re-imagining it's role at home and abroad.
    Giving money to the military is based on it's current mission.
    A well-equipped and trained force to protect the homeland could be had for considerably less. The extent to which we project power overseas, and under what circumstances, needs to be re-thought.
    As does the modern American welfare state. The existing programs cannot be sustained. Leaner and more targeted assistance programs need to be developed.
    At some point, the compromise between defense and domestic spending has to be to constrain the growth in both.
    Let's move on from 45's hair weave, Hillary's nonsense, Melania's smile and who Hope Hicks is sleeping with and on to the business of saving the world's greatest nation in history, before it is too late.
    Not for me, not for my children, but for future generations of Americans (even if their all white) whom will not be able to sustain this debt.