Friday, July 6, 2018

Hey UN! Up yours!

"Back to the UN. Once again, I will tell them to stick it! America only promises it citizens equal opportunity. Statists who drink the UN bath water, believe in equal outcomes instead."  

I don't know about anyone else, but I have about had it with this bunch of globalist misfits who live and work at the UN. What a worthless bunch of statists, who have nothing to do. Correction - they would have plenty to do if they followed their charter. But they are much more into social engineering today than they are into peace keeping. Nikki Haley is right. She constantly has to dress them down and call them out for the hypocrites they are.

Need an example? We have countries in Central America which are so corrupt, citizens are leaving in droves and trying to fence hop our southern border. And BTW - Mexico is not much better. Why? Mexico has devolved into a nationwide drug war. Thousands die every year. And where are the blue helmets? They are writing reports about poverty in the United States. They have already criticized us for "voter suppression" and election irregularities. The United States, who gives more help to any nation on this globe, is being criticized by this warmed over bunch of Woodrow Wilson goof balls.

Okay, I will bite. Let's look at poverty in the United States. Sure we have some. Too much? I will get to that in a moment. First off, only someone mired in naivete would believe the Utopian dream of no poverty, anywhere. The poor have always been with us, and will be with us always - I think the Bible addresses that issue.

I remember when then Governor Ronald Reagan took over the state of California from Pat Brown. The welfare rolls were bursting at the seams. So the Gipper kicked everyone off welfare who did not need it. Only the needy stayed on - and they got great benefits. Needless to say, Reagan became a hated man in California by the grifters.

How did California become so out of wack? It is thought by many (including me) that the Great Society Program under LBJ really put our poverty machine into high gear in the 1960's. Why? The unintended consequence of this program was to destroy the family - especially in the non-white neighborhoods. So we ended up with generational poverty. People who did not have the skill sets in how to escape from this poverty trap. Just have more kids, never get married, and stay in the trap.

Do I think poverty in this country is too high? Absolutely! Is it the fault of our government? Not today. It was however, in the 1960's. Although I will say this. The Democrats love having a chunk of their base living in poverty. They can keep them voting Blue just by making more promises of a better life and - oh, yes - telling them they are in poverty only because of selfish Republicans.

Back to the UN. Once again, I will tell them to stick it! America only promises it citizens equal opportunity. Statists who drink the UN bath water, believe in equal outcomes instead. If you don't like our country UN, get the hell out of New York. Go set up in Belgium or someplace like that. And find someone else to fund your term papers and science experiments. We are done.  


  1. Pretty much on point.
    I think they could move to the Hague in Netherlands, home of the World Court and other post WWII entities.
    America First policy has made our membership moot.
    Building would make a nice Trump Hotel.

  2. So the administration is trying to end maternity coverage, birth control access, reproductive rights...,and now breastfeeding? What additional punishments for women are they thinking up?