Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slave Girls


"There has to be something the world can do about this - something the UN can do..."

By now, most of us have seen on the news or read in the print media what is happening in Nigeria. Parts of the story are so unbelievable that I am tempted to pinch myself to ensure I am living in 2014. Boko Haram, a group which has recently been branded as "terrorists" by our State Department, has kidnapped almost 300 young girls. When you hear the reason why, you will understand where the real war on women is being fought.

Unlike what you have heard from Sandra Flock and the willing news media, the real "war on women" has nothing to do with free birth control pills. It has everything to do with human trafficking and the marginalization of a people. The "sin" these young girls committed was very basic to Boko Haram - they were educated in western schools. To some in Islam, that is a violation of Sharia Law. To "save" these girls, Boko Haram took these girls and is threatening to sell them into slavery. Sell them into marriage, even though some are as young as 9.

Is there anything we can do, other than be spectators to a slowing developing tragedy such as this? I have said this before, as sad as it seems, we really do need a global "policeman" to protect and serve the world's innocents. The United Nations is powerless to do anything about bullies who kill worshipping Christians and kidnap young girls while attending school.

It can't be us. Nope. Even though at one time we helped keep the world safe, it can't be us. Even after removing a brutal and horrendous dictator in Iraq, our Lefties are still bitter about that war. How bitter? Students and Commie professors at Rutgers would not even let an accomplished woman like Condi Rice speak at a commencement. Nope - America, who was once looked upon as the global peacekeeper, is now relegated to the role of spectator like many other countries.

One day I am hopeful the world will wake up and fix or replace the United Nations. Like many cities needing a strong police force to keep the peace, the world does also. The function of the UN is not to dream up utopian nightmares like Agenda 21 - it is to live up its charter and prevent the world from devolving into another world wide conflict or genocide. Until that happens, all we can tell the growing number of Boko Haram victims is two words - good luck. 

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