Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slick Willie is a comin' to town!


Hide your wives and daughters! He is coming! He really is coming to our town!

Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Juanita Broddrick, Elizabeth Ward Gracen and Dolly Kyle Browning. Whew! What a list! It seems that our 42nd President had and maybe still has a very active libido as well as very low morals. But who cares? Woman on the Left sure don't. They love what our "Slickest President" has done for abortion rights. The fact that a few gals got caught up in proven or alleged affairs or rapes, well, they are just "casualties of war".

On June 9th, our University has Bill Clinton coming to town to address the masses on civil rights. Really? What about the civil rights of the seven women listed above? Some investigative reporters believe there are even more than seven - that our former president could have been a serial philanderer. But who cares? We love our cuddly, lovable former President. After all, he has set up the Clinton Global Initiative. Its motto is "let us turn ideas into action". For that, the Clinton family is now worth over $100M. Not bad for a couple of Arkansas folks who could not even afford a house when serving as Governor of that state.

When Condi Rice spoke at the University (my Alma mater), all hell was about to break loose from the Lefties. How dare she! After all, she was Secretary of State under the hated George Bush! In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and Condi was allowed to speak. Many of the Left are still steaming about it.

Bill Clinton on the other hand, will come into town with the reception of a conquering hero. Our lap dog press will be covering every word, every bite of food, every movement (except we hope, bowel). Let's rewind the tape just for a second and look at the resume of "Darling of the Left":
  • He had an affair with an intern half his age WHILE IN OFFICE and WHILE MARRIED.
  • He lied to his family, to the American people and while under oath. During that time we learned "what the meaning of is, is" and "oral sex is not sex". Many parents had the unpleasant task of explaining what "oral" and "semen" was to their underage children.
  • Because of his lack of veracity, he was impeached by the House. He also lost his law license for a period of time.
  • He did nothing in 1994 when one of the worst genocide of our time took place in Rwanda.
  • After he left office, he was put in charge of ensuring the billions of dollars sent to Haiti were put to use immediately and effectively. Seen Haiti lately? Classic fail.
Compare that resume with that of Condi Rice. Not nearly the same. And yet, one is considered a villain and the other a hero. Classic case of role reversal. I remember when one feminist was asked if she was offended by what happened under the desk in the Oval Office. Her reply was simple - "Given the chance, I would also do that to Bill Clinton - in gratitude for what he has done for abortion rights". Classic and classy.

As for me, I probably won't buy a ticket to see our former President. I will however, keep my wife and daughters hidden until he leaves town.

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