Monday, May 5, 2014

The Mess with VA Healthcare


"If what this woman, this Director of the Phoenix VA is true, we need to bring back tar and feathers!"

A news story broke last week which received very little press. Not that it was wasn't important - in this Alinsky type environment, where events are being stacked up like cord wood, it just did make that big of a splash. However, it should have.

It concerns our latest group of disenfranchised citizens - our veterans. Specifically, our veterans who are in need of health care. And why should it matter? First and foremost, there was a covenant between our government and each man or woman who served in the Armed Forces. And that covenant was simply this - serve this county honorably, and after discharge the Veterans Administration may be used for a variety of services, including health care.

Sharon Helman, who is the Director of the VA Health care Systems in Phoenix, AZ, has been placed on administrative (paid) leave. Why? It seems that the VA system had once again been "gamed", resulting in the unnecessary death of over 40 vets. The allegation is there was a "secret wait list" which falsified the urgency of why these deserving vets needed medical attention. Rather than being left wounded on a battlefield, our government left them to die awaiting medical help.

Is this a big story? Damn right it is! As a vet, as an American, it makes my blood boil. For many vets today, the VA is their only option. It should have the finest medical treatment in the country. Instead it continues to be plagued with problems. For many of us, we look at what has happened to VA medical care, and all we can see is ObamaCare. The future of our medical care is unfolding in front of our eyes.

I know all the hearings and committees in Washington are important right now. I can only hope what has happened in Phoenix will result in not only punishment for the guilty, but significant change to protect our innocent and deserving vets. Most vets I know ask very little of their country - only to keep the promises which were made to them so long ago.

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