Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Sad State of Affairs


"But he promised so much. Things were going to change. We had so much trust in him..."

Have you noticed of late, that nothing seems to be working? I am not talking about your house or your car - I am talking about your other big investment - your government. If you look at your last tax return, you will see you have invested quite of bit of money in your government. Feel like you are getting your money's worth? I sure don't!

Let us look at what has been happening just this past week:
  • Like an infected scab, the more we pick at what has been going on in the VA health program, the worse it gets. The waste, fraud and abuse is endemic in this organization. As good as General Shinseki might have been as a general officer, he was asleep at the switch in the VA. Some things recently discovered are so bad, John McCain is asking the Justice Department to get involved.
  • Because this Administration believes in using ideologue kids to fill adult positions, we had a huge breach in Afghanistan. To have our CIA station chief outed by some idiot kid on the White House staff is unconscionable. This man, his family are now in great danger. Not to mention we (the United States) have lost a very important ( and probably not replaceable) asset in that region. Will the person that dropped the ball be fired? No - in true form with this Administration, that person will be promoted, not terminated.
  • In March of 2011, our Administration was going to teach the public how to do a "good war". We got involved in the civil war in Libya, armed rebels (many of whom are sworn enemies of the United States), and declared victory in October when a minor class dictator (Muammar Gaddafi) was killed. Then in September of 2012, we lost 4 brave Americans, including our ambassador in Benghazi, Libya. Why Benghazi? Word on the street was we were trying to get our arms and munitions back from Al Qaeda and their sympathizers. It did not work. Now things are so bad, this past week the State Department issued an alert for all Americans to vacate the country. A sad state indeed for a "good war".
  • Our President addressed the graduating class of West Point this week. As Commander in Chief, it is always a rousing and friendly crowd - except for this year. A "tepid" reception for the POTUS speech would be an understatement.
  • Two more editorials came out this week blasting our Administration for being inept and weak. These were not written by right wing zealots.
So where are we as we enter June? Well, we are stuck for the next 2 1/2 years with an Administration that seems to get worse every month. We (the taxpayers) continue to pour money into a system that yields bad to worse results. In business terms, we are getting a very poor return on investment. One editorial I read this past week said Obama is a good salesman (especially to the sheeple), but a terrible manager. I could not agree more.

If EVER there was an example of the DANGERS of not being careful with your vote, this is it. Even Jimmy Carter, the onetime worst President in modern history, has turned on Obama for being inept. This November, please, please vote for adults who can manage and be good stewards for our great country. In November of 2016, it will be even more important to vote that way. We can no longer tolerate this sad state of affairs. 

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