Friday, August 3, 2018

Death of a state?

"I don't need to go any further. Those who love this state, and want to see a future, please vote for your endorsed GOP candidates. Those who have given up on Minnesota, it simply does not matter who you vote for. We are not at the end, but I can see it on the horizon."

Don't look now folks, but the state of Minnesota is sick. Not quite on life support (like Illinois is), but getting close. This August and November, we have an excellent opportunity to take this sick patient, put it on life support, and then pull the plug. What? Why? We can elect some who are running who will literally kill this state, for once and for all. 

Seriously. Since most of us are in agreement the old Democratic Party no longer exists, we are stuck with those who are racing head long into the brick wall of logic. I am talking about the self proclaimed socialists. The progressives. The statists. The Marxists. The anarchists. This bunch of yahoos has put up candidates who don't know a dit from a "duh". But yet they seek power. Power over your lives. Power ceded by you to be given to the state. Only the state will be in a nosedive.

The three teams running for Governor from the DFL are really a treat to watch. What is the message? 1) They hate Trump 2) They hate ICE 3) They want to be a sanctuary state and 4) They want free education and health care for all. These are all cornerstone issues straight out of the progressive playbook. More taxes on the rich, more taxes on evil corporations. More trains. More Thrive 2040. More Met Council. Less freedom.

Congressman Ellison has given up a position for life to run for Attorney General. Anybody wonder why? Those who believe the AG is the second most powerful position in the state know the answer. This is Keith's chance to really change this state. And that would not be for the better. Some think he might want to slowly mix in some sharia law with our state law. In any event, this non-endorsed soon to be former Congressman, MUST be defeated. And Doug Wardlow (endorsed GOP candidate) is just the man who can do it.

The three DFL women who are vying to fill the CD 5 Congressional seat could actually make this seat even more fringe than it is now. More fringe than Ellison? Yes - I know, hard to believe. One has only served one term in the MN House and is under constant ethics investigation. All want to go to Washington to "confront Trump" and get rid of ICE. If Jennifer Zielinski (GOP endorsed Republican) does not win this seat, we are screwed, blued and so forth.

I don't need to go any further. Those who love this state, and want to see a future, please vote for your endorsed GOP candidates. Those who have given up on Minnesota, it simply does not matter who you vote for. We are not at the end, but I can see it on the horizon.

If this state turns Red in 2019, we can put the "Open for Business" sign on the border. If it turns a bluer blue, the only sign we will need is "All is lost". 



  1. Once upon a time, you see, I thought I was a little bit conservative. Mind you, I could never side with the right on social justice matters like the treatment of LGBTQ Americans, African Americans and women, where they have always been irredeemably wrong.
    But I did agree with them on the importance of fathers and on the need for self reliance, a strong military and foreign-policy realism. While I support government regulation of business, consumer standards and the environment, I was even willing to listen to conservative complaints about excessive red tape.
    These days, being “conservative” means being angry and fearful at the loss of white prerogative.
    It means to embrace — or at the very least, tolerate, which is functionally the same thing — a new and brazen strain of white supremacy.
    It means to be dismissive and destructive of the norms of democratic governance.
    It means to willingly accept nonstop lies, intellectual vacuity and naked incompetence and pretend they are signs of stable genius.
    It means to be wholly in thrall to the Cult of Trump.

    1. Many of us have found a new brew - Cult 45!

    2. LOL, but I'm the one that needs the brew. After every tweet!

    3. (Mike here) Why would conservatives be angry, Gjerdingen?? Why would ANYONE be angry?? Trump is breaking economic record after economic record (especially for blacks, Hispanics, and women). Trump is rebuilding our military to never seen before levels. Trump is kicking ISIS' ass. Trump is building the wall and restoring the rule-of-law. Trump is going after sanctuary cities where democrats are trying to protect illegal criminal aliens. Trump has fixed the VA. Trump is fixing our disastrous trades deals that have devasted America. Trump is bringing businesses and jobs back to America in wholesale fashion. Trump is taking on the UN, NATO, the EU, N. Korea, China,...…………..with incredible results that NO other president could never come close to rivaling...……………..I don't know what the hell you liberals want. Obama and the democrats destroyed this country in every regard, but you remain unhinged and hysterical as Trump is fixing it all. The only ones who are "angry," Gjerdingen, are you liberals. Nothing could ever make you happy. You people are perpetual whiners and complainers. And you're hateful and violent. You started BLM and ANTIFA. Your democrat party leaders are calling for violence and death to Trump. Your democrat party leaders are calling for violence against those who work for Trump, and those who support Trump. I wish just one of you liberals could collect yourself for a moment, and tell me precisely what Trump has done wrong for America. Maybe you could do that for me, Gejerdingen. Just put all your grievances in bullet points (keep it condensed, don't babble), and I'll address each and every one of them.