Sunday, August 5, 2018

The "selling" of a candidate

I did some phone calling for Jeff Johnson earlier today. I have manned (staffed) the phone banks many times when I was fund raising for the YMCA. Not my favorite thing to do, but I don't mind it either. I love to have the chance to chat with folks from all over the area. Most are very "Minnesota Nice", and a very few are not. But never-the-less, it was a good experience for a hot and sticky Sunday afternoon.

Not to sound like a Debby Downer for the "other candidate" (running for the GOP nomination), I ran into some pretty thick flak with some folks. Why? The "other candidate" has a record. He has sat in the big chair - twice. Some love him, and some not so much. I had two calls where people told me what they think about the "other candidate" I dare not print what they said. With Jeff - not one word. Even those who do not support Jeff, had no tawdry things to say about him. 

However, the calls I had the most fun with were these. The ones where someone really wanted to vote for a Republican Governor, but did not know the difference between the two candidates. Since I have been on "Team Jeff" twice now in two separate elections, I can give that JJ elevator speech in my sleep. I may not know Jeff's position on issues as well as Jeff does, but close. And each one of Jeff's positions is a winner.

Is it hard to "sell" Jeff Johnson? Not a bit. Jeff and his vision sell him. No lies to make up, no fables - just the truth. Jeff does not have a fraction of the money some of the others have, but his message is worth its weight in gold. And what he lacks in dollars, he makes up in grass roots support. This is a beloved son of Minnesota with a message like we have not heard before. A true change agent with courage. He can fix what has been unfixable. He has the vision and energy to do it right shortly his hand comes off the Bible next year.

Yes, there is name recognition. Yes, there is money. However there is also vision, There is also being able to (forgive me for saying this), being NICE, and not a JERK. Jeff would stack up well against ANYONE in this state on the issues. Each and every one of them. Where he falls short however, is being a jerk. He believes in still being tough, plus reasonable, and nice at the same time.

August 14th will be the election of the highest importance. Someone asked me if I thought Jeff had a chance with this blizzard of donor money coming in from the other side. My answer - I would not be here if I did not think so. I hate to sound like our parents, but there are some things in life more important than money. Like - principle and vision for example. Vote Jeff Johnson of August 14th! Vote foe a better Minnesota!  


  1. I watched "At Issue" today, with JJ and TPaw.
    Tom Hauser seemed to deflect to TPaw a little too much, but all in all a fair sharing of q and a. Not a debate, by any stretch.
    JJ seemed a little tentative, while TPaw is an "in your face" politico much like Trump. Says things repeatedly until they become the truth.
    I hope they don't have a real debate, JJ wouldn't fair well.
    His only hope is shaking enough hands, one on one and folks like yourself getting his message out to friends and family.
    Seems way to nice to be in politics.
    In HC Board mtgs, he seems to get run over by strong personalities like Callison and McLaughlin (sp). Caveat, I only watched two.
    A minister maybe, not a governor.

  2. Off Topic....

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    The income trap is a situation where a country’s growth rate slows down as it reaches middle income status (a World Bank definition re:Gross National Income).
    The Lewis point is a situation where the “reserve army” of labor shrinks, pushing wages up and eroding the country’s competitive advantage in labor intensive industries. Chinese labor becomes expensive versus India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. And that places additional pressure on the country’s growth.

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    So, China losing the trade war will be good for China and good for the US. Finally, a win-win, like DJT wishes.