Monday, April 2, 2018

Deep in the Land of Plenty...

"We are blessed beyond measure to live here. We are blessed beyond measure to have our freedoms. Why do we fight and serve to protect these? Just look around. The answer lies all around us." 

Every now and again, I think we all need to take stock on how blessed we are. True, some are more blessed than others who live in this country. But even the least blessed is very blessed compared to many other countries around the world. What do I mean? Try shopping just about anywhere today, and you will see what I mean.

The other day there was an article on the news about how much of our produce comes from places outside the United States. Why? Due to the climate, other places can grow things in abundance which we cannot.

First off, you have a choice on which grocery stores to shop at. Unless you live in a very small town in rural USA, most medium to large cites are replete with different grocery venues. In the medium sized berg I live in, we have at least 6 within a 20 minute drive.

Then you pick your store, and go inside to shop. Once inside, you are met with thousands upon thousands of different brands and/or items. It is almost like being in an Alvin Toffler "Over-selection" maze. All products have been shipped and displayed to ensure maximum freshness and appearance. These days it really is hard not to find something you need (or want) - and at a reasonable price.

This afternoon just as the snow started, my wife and were out and about to buy some needed items. After being on a cruise and then in Florida for a month, we were both low on OTC medications. Both stores we visited had an abundance of what we needed at an affordable price. Once we arrived home, the mail had arrived. My refills of prescription meds were part of the mail. I have my physical on Wednesday, the doctor orders my refills, and a 90 day supply is sent to my home - today. What a country!

I have to remind myself of what it was like to live in a third world country for 18 months (which I have). In my travels and in the service, I have seen places where the grocery stores (if lucky) have hundreds of items instead of many of thousands like we have here. We crab about what ObamaCare has done to our healthcare, but we can still get healthcare. And trust me, ours is still the best on the planet!

It is too bad that Thanksgiving only comes but once a year. We tend to take living in the Land of Plenty for granted. I know I sure do. We are blessed beyond measure to live here. And more importantly, we are blessed beyond measure to have our freedoms. Why do we fight and serve to protect these? Just look around. The answer lies all around us. 

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  1. I know you feel blessed, hidden away in the northern suburbs, enjoying the fruits of your labor, but America is not well!

    We are a divided society, not a cohesive one.

    We have all contorted ourselves into positions that are untenable, and the strain is beginning to show.

    We choose to ignore a mountain of sins on both sides, just so we can feel like the good guys.

    And all the rest of the things that make America a sh..hole state..................

    Americans are unnaturally overweight, with little shame on being “plus" sized.

    We live cookie cutter lives that we alleviate with a hopeless addiction to entertainment, technology, and celebrity gossip.

    A victorious feminist movement has institutionalized man-hating in corporations, universities, government, and the media.

    Soulless suburbs, sprawls, and office parks create stress, malaise, and depression.

    Lack of proper cafe culture encourages social isolation and obesity. We’re left with Starbucks, where people go with their internet-enabled electronic devices to drink sugary milkshakes that no self-respecting European soul would call “coffee.

    Frightful public transportation systems that seem to have been instituted as afterthoughts.

    The existence of Hollywood, which poisons the world’s culture by normalizing narcissism, consumerism, and bad movies.

    Pervasive politically correct environment where dissenting thought is labeled sexist, racist, or homophobic. This is usually immediately followed by a witch hunt to end the person’s employment.

    Treatment of smartphones as both friend and passionate lover, which replaces time spent in face-to-face interactions with real friends and lovers.

    Sailor and debasement culture where both sexes engage in excessive amounts of cursing, tattooism, head shaving, and all-around general vulgarity.

    Universities that serve as liberal brainwashing factories instead of palaces of wisdom and enlightenment.

    Frankenfoods with dubious origins, some of which are prohibited for sale in other countries.

    Disposable culture where still-functional items are thrown away instead of being repaired or reconditioned.

    Competitive conversation culture where people talk about themselves instead of listening. Contemplative silences are looked upon as boring or even creepy.

    Rule by an oligarchy that spies on citizens who don’t even care about its government’s illegal acts because they are too busy playing Candy Crush.

    Complete ignorance of world affairs by citizens due to being comically manipulated by media propaganda. Russia bad! Saudi Arabia good!

    People who can no longer handle original thoughts without being offended or “triggered.”

    Militarization of police whose monopoly on violence allows them to taze and kill with impunity.

    Welfare state that redistributes money from hard-working provider men and women to a growing population of single mothers who are subservient to the state instead of husbands.

    Unusable city parks that are occupied by homeless people soaked in their own urine.

    Calling corporate customer service and having to converse with robots.

    Mindless adoption of technology as the end-all-be-all solution to humanity’s problems.

    Too much comfort. The avoidance of real struggle or hardship has given adults the emotional development of children.

    Did I miss anything? Probably