Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Coronation in Rochester


"They are not royalty, but they are now our leaders..."

As I close in on 65 years of age, I am trying to 1) do some things I have never done before and 2) tick a few things off my bucket list. Being a delegate to the state convention was never on my bucket list, but it is something I have never done before. I attended this past weekend, and it was quite an experience.

Coming to one of these things is not for the feint of heart. First off, it is expensive. Unless you live in the area, most had to spend one or two nights in a hotel. Meals and so on needed to be bought. In addition, it cost money (not much) to attend the event itself.

Next was the duration. As a former negotiator, I know sometimes bargaining sessions can last a long, long time. However, nothing prepared me for being on site for over 15 hours on Friday. It was grueling, and exciting at the same time. On Saturday morning, everyone showed back up looking like adequate sleep had not been in the cards. However, at the end of the day on Saturday, we had all positions locked up with endorsed candidates.

A couple of take away items:
  • The people running are for the most part some of the finest we have to offer. Good people, highly qualified people, and very nice people.
  • It was great to reconnect with old friend and meet some new ones. The social aspect of this convention was awesome to say the least.
  • I will HONOR and RESPECT the endorsed candidates. Two of them were not my first choice, but they are my choice now. I will work very hard to get them elected.
  • I HAVE NO TIME, NO TIME WHAT-SO-EVER IN SUPPORTING ANYONE WHO SKIPPED ENDORSEMENT. I understand some do not like the process, and I respect that. However, until it is changed, "we dance with the one we brung". Splitting the party with a painful primary only weakens us and helps the other side.
Anyway, those are my thoughts from the Rochester experience. For the vast majority of the time, people attending were respectful and polite - just what I expect to see from the Party of Lincoln. Now - bring on November!

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