Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More lipstick please!


"Things are so messed up right now, I don't think there is enough lipstick in the world..."

Yesterday was another kick in the shins to our somewhat thin skinned Commander in Chief. In true fashion, he took the news somewhat ungracefully. His attitude? No big thing. He has instructed the worst Attorney General in our country's history to come up with a scheme on how to skirt the law, how to skirt the SCOTUS decision. So the band plays on.

I am afraid we are headed for a huge constitutional crisis. This man, this agent of "hope and change", is going to go out with a whimper instead of a bang. While in Minneapolis, he openly scoffed at Speaker Boehner for threatening a law suit. All he could say is this was nothing more than a "diversion" that keeps Congress from doing its job. If we was truthful, he would have told the sheeple in Minneapolis the law suit is about the constant overreach of Presidential Constitutional power. Plain and simple. No more, no less.

The last half of this second term is reminding me more and more of the Nixon years. Nixon really felt as if the world was closing in on him. He became more and more isolated in the White House. He became dark and brooding. With Obama's declining approval rating, with the ever escalating war with Congress, and now with a poke in the eye to SCOTUS, the outcome of his presidency is becoming more certain. It is going to be a mess. It is going to really hurt our country, maybe for many years to come.

We are in deep trouble. I have thought about this quite a bit as of late. What would happen if our current president resigned under pressure like Nixon did? Would President Biden be better or worse? That is a question I have pondered with not a good answer. Then if President Biden keeled over before he was sworn in, we would have President Boehner. Do you see what I am saying? At least when Nixon resigned, we had Gerry Ford, who was okay. Not great, but okay.

With the acrimony dripping out of Washington like sap out of pine trees, the forecast is for not only more of the same, but worse. The Executive Orders will be flying out of the White House and many will be challenged by the courts. And while we are stumbling over ourselves, the map in the Middle East continues to be redefined. ISIL has made claim to its newly conquered territory, renamed it, and asked Muslims worldwide to recognize it. Is this new caliphate important? It is earthshaking. Rather than being focused on the Middle East, what are we concerned with in Washington? The name of the football team, woman's wages, and governing by fiat.

There it is folks. Our government, headed up by the "transformational President" who through hope and change, was going to remake America for the better. Well, part of that is correct. He is remaking America. And there is not enough lipstick to make this change look good.

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