Friday, January 6, 2017

Community Policing

"I seethe with anger every time I hear of one of our police men or women getting killed in the line of duty."

Well it is now official. In Minneapolis in 2016, many crimes were up and arrests were down. One would think, "Wait just a second! That makes no sense!" No it does not. But the very blue and PC city of Minneapolis is experiencing this phenomena. Why is that? This city is experiencing what many other large, blue cities are experiencing - community policing.

Before you go diving for your Funk and Wagnells Dictionary, let me save you the trouble. However, you might need to look in a Urban Dictionary to find what community policing means. Why don't we ask the good folks in South Chicago what community policing means? That is, if they feel safe coming out of their basements. Rahm Emanuel, with all his PC garbage, has let Chicago become one of the most dangerous cities on the planet. 

Under this Administration, many blue mayors have done an excellent job of both tying the hands of the police, and then demonizing them to the point where they have become targets. That is a fact. According to USA Today, police deaths (by ambush) were up 167% over the year before. That statistic in and by itself is so unacceptable, I can barely stand to repeat it in this article. I seethe with anger every time I hear of one of our police men or women getting killed in the line of duty, particularly by ambush. 

One of the effects of police not being allowed to do their jobs the right way, is we end up with less policing. Why? First off, every cop wants to come home at night. Many have families. Many streets have become "war zone" dangerous. Also, many city leaders do not have the backs of their police forces. 

In the paper this morning was a terrible story about some thug beating an innocent merchant almost to death with a hammer. Once the alarm went off calling for police help, this man had to wait over a half hour for police to arrive. Why is this so surprising? The merchant is located in the heart of South Minneapolis, very close to a police precinct. The merchant, although in the hospital in a medically induced coma, was lucky to escape with his life. The response time for a crime like this was totally unacceptable.

What is the answer to how to stop community policing? Here is my opinion:

  • Allow police to restore law and order for all crimes. In other words, "broken window" policing. In other words - allow cops to be cops.
  • Mayors and city leaders MUST back their police forces. Plain and simple. Police are here to protect and serve. All they ask in return is our support.
  • Increase the sentencing for crimes against police. If you assault a cop, draw on a cop, or shoot at a cop, 20 to 30 years. If you wound a cop, or kill a cop, life with no parole.
  • In high crime areas which are known to be drug or gang turf, allow police to practice "stop and frisk". Only a moron would argue it would be a waste of time. Many illegal guns and bad actors could be taken off the streets that way.
That is my take. I know some will disagree. But this crap has gotten way, way out of hand. People in cities like Chicago deserve a safe place to live and the police in Chicago deserve a mayor who supports and defends them.

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