Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Final Week

"Now the DOJ is going to go after Director Comey during the final week of a very litigious eight years of Obama."

There is an old saying about someone who either does not get it, or does not know when to leave. "He (or she) is dead, but does not have the sense to fall over." Obama's term(s) of President are all but up. Most Presidents bow out gracefully without making waves nor a fuss. Some (like Bush (43), became almost invisible after the November 2008 election. How about Obama? Nope. Not a bit. He is going to stir the pot until 11:59 am on November 20th.

Now the DOJ is going to go after Director Comey during the final week of a very litigious eight years of Obama. Director Comey, who has had the opportunity to go from devil to angel and back to devil again (in the eyes of the Democrats), is going to be the subject of a last minute DOJ inquiry. It seems (according to AG Lynch), Director Comey had his finger on the scale of not justice, but the 2016 election outcome. Director Comey has now turned out to be (get ready for a term from the past), the rat fink of the year!

Wait a minute! Wait just a dog gone minute! How could it have been a person as high up as Director in the FBI who blew the election? I thought it was the Russians for crying in the beer! What? It could have been both? Comey and the Kremlin working together to ensure Hillary never again saw the White House? How about the aliens from Planet Zed? Where they in on it also?

Once again it might be up to the old Bird to fly in and drop some sense into all this nonsense. No, it was not Comey. If anything, he helped Hillary. Why? Because with just a few days out when he sent a letter to Congress saying he would revisit the issue, he followed it up with another letter saying (so to speak), "Move on. Looked at again. Nothing to see here."

So the Comey thing is a dead end. Totally. The Russian thing? Maybe not. They knew Hillary was trigger happy and might suck everyone into the next big war. Her idea of a "no fly zone" in Iraq and Syria was madness with Russian planes flying all over the place. Once we shot a MIG down, the Cold War would have become a hot one in a New York minute. So yes, I can believe the Russians might have done some meddling. Kind of like we did in the last Russian and Israeli elections.

My advice to the OUTGOING President and his staff is simply this - sit down and shut up. Have some dignity like George Bush had in his final days. Don't be like the Clinton team who stole all the "W" keys off the White House typewriters to hinder the incoming Administration. What ever you are doing now, President Trump will un-do. 

What do I think of Comey? He is neither devil nor angel. He tried to do the best he could in a "PC" riddled eight years with bad guys breathing down our necks. Will he be around with a President Trump? My guess is no. He might have become part of the swamp.


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