Monday, January 23, 2017

The toxic sixties...

"Sorry friends - some families of the sixties learned that this was the normal way of doing things. Moral or immoral - it did not matter."

Now that I have been unfollowed by one high school classmate, and this afternoon unfriended by another high school classmate (I am coming up on my 50th), I have concluded one thing I have been very suspicious of - the sixties. Yes friends, it was the decade of love which has turned into the decade of hate. It is ruining this country.

I know, I know. It was the Viet Nam war which was the catalyst. But only the catalyst. The 1960's changed just about everything for everyone. The "year of love" in Haight Asbury, to burning draft cards, to burning bras. It was the season of love, flowers and sunshine. It was also the time of forgetting what was needed to be done. And those children of the sixties (the Hippies or Yippies, or whatever you want to call them), are now the adults running or ruining the world. 

What happened? Today we have a battle between those who did not buy into the sixties against the oldies who did. Plus now we have their offspring. In addition, the offspring of their offspring. On Saturday after the inauguration, we saw them all, live and in color. One might say, "Wait a second - it was never like that when I was growing up! Or, "My parents taught me better." Sorry friends - some families of the sixties learned that this was the normal way of doing things. Moral or immoral - it did not matter.

It has been thought by many that the Great Society has many things in America. It ruined the black family in America. The stats on that are clear - the once strong black family in America has become a single parent stronghold. And most sociologists (who are honest) will tell you this - the quickest way into poverty is the single parent household. Not all the time, but most of the time.

But back to this past weekend. Some parents brought their kids this "march" carrying signs with the most terrible invective. Why? Do they not know what they are doing to these kids? We have taken God out of the classrooms, out of the home, out of everything. And in the vacuum, we have the evil which fills it. And evil will shine up lies to look like truth - but it is still a lie. With no God centered moral compass in our lives, we are all vulnerable to these lies.

Wake up people. If these are the last days, we need to make them count. If they are not the last days, we also need to make them count. We need to take our country back from entropy. From hedonism. From apathy. This country was blessed by God for a reason. And dressing up like a vagina is not one of them.  

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