Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The real story on guns in America

"Bottom line kids, stop being 'useful idiots' and try being useful citizens instead. Learn true American history. Learn civics. Learn how our government works. We are ready to march with you kids, once you learn the real issues which need to be fixed in our great country." 

Many of us have read Mona Charen's book Useful Idiots. In that book, she tells the origin of that term. No, it is not something derogatory said by "zealots" on the Right about sheeple on the Left. It really does however, have to do with many on the Left. The ones who take their radicalism so far, it mimics socialism - or worse. These "intellectual types" which willingly strayed over to the dark side, have been referred to as "useful idiots" by communists starting as far back as the 1940's. 

Watching the march by some of the kids this past weekend, made me think of that term. The march was probably funded by the usual suspect Lefties who are just itching for a fight. The march had many of these kids dancing on the end of strings, like they were the marionettes, and Soros and Steyer were the marionettists. 

Why would I say such a thing? Have I no heart? I sure do. And as I have said before, nobody HATES school shootings more than people us on the Right. By the way, that includes the NRA. We want our soft targets (like schools) hardened, until we can fix the real culprit behind these shootings. Hint - it is not the gun, nor the bullets, nor the magazine, no matter what the size. 

As horrible as school shootings are, they are rare compared to what is happening in Chicago. I will only use Chicago as it is the city getting all of the attention for their out of control gun violence. How bad is it? Listen up kids - this is for you. It is not even April 1st yet, and already there have been close to 500 people shot in Chicago - with 100 of those being killed. Young people in Chicago (especially those of color) are told not to expect to live a normal or long life. Who is marching for those young kids? Who live each day, every day with this type of horror? 

Who is marching for the slaughter of the unborn? According to the CDC, almost 2,000 innocent babies die every day due to abortion. This is thought by many to be the most egregious crime ever committed in this great country. I am one of those who believes that to be true.

Here is the real story kids. The vast, vast majority of legal and trained gun owners in this country are as innocent and harmless as a lamb. They have gone through background checks to get their permits. They keep their guns properly secured. They are not the enemy, they are not the problem.

Our Second Amendment, the great protector of our other Amendments, is also not the problem. Your demonizing of, and protests against, the NRA and the Second Amendment are in vain.

However, if you want our support in your protestations, try protesting the following:

  • Roe v. Wade - the mass murder of millions of our very young
  • Unchecked violence by thugs and outlaws in our big cities
  • Criminal alien gangs such as MS-13 who are terrorizing our citizenry
  • Un-diagnosed and untreated mental illness which have plagued many of our school shooters. 
Bottom line kids, stop being "useful idiots" and try being useful citizens instead. Learn true American history. Learn civics. Learn how our government works. We are ready to march with you kids, once you learn the real issues which need to be fixed in our great country. 


  1. Speaking of "Useful Idiots", the Kremlin now has useful idiots in the persons of Fox News hosts, right-wing American bloggers, talk show hosts and Steve Bannon (who is out recruiting like-minded Senate candidates) to buck up their pet U.S. president. Most of all, the Kremlin can count on the Republican tribalists in Congress who will explain away evidence and savage the president's accusers to protect the GOP tribe and its leader — who just so happens to be an easy mark for our most formidable international foe.

  2. Six days after the National Rifle Association pointed to a school shooting in Maryland as an example of how guns save lives, the NRA’s spin fell apart.

    The gun lobby argued that last week’s shooting was stopped by an armed school resource officer, proving that “good guys with guns” can prevent tragedies. But the St. Mary’s County sheriff’s office confirmed on Monday night that the 17-year-old gunman who opened fire at Great Mills High School actually died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    I guess even a highly trained professional, in the face of a first time, frightening experience, cannot be expected to fire a useless handgun accurately.

    1. My bad! He did manage to shoot him in the hand. That is success, by NRA standards.