Monday, June 25, 2018

Maxine and the Hen

"How we got to this point will be a matter of study and debate by historians and scholars. Where we go from here will be up to us. We have very little wiggle room left before we devolve into  anarchy, violence and mayhem."   

Do you feel it folks? The temperature just got turned up a few degrees. Oh, and it has nothing to do with the summer heat. It has everything to do with our out of control political discourse. How bad is it? For the first time, I heard these words on a national cable news show this morning. We have come to the point where words are so sharp, actions so intense, someone could get hurt or shot. And then our cold war with each other might become very hot, very fast.

At one time, Maxine Waters (D-CA), was the gift which never stopped giving. At least, that is what I once thought. She was nothing more than a harmless buffoon, opening her yap in front of cameras to demonstrate how dysfunctional California's education system is. Because she allowed herself to become nothing but a caricature, she was easy to laugh off. But the other day, she stepped over the line - and the humor ended.

For someone in Congress, who has taken an oath, to then advocate civil disobedience, to advocate taking someone's legal right of assembly away, is worse than wrong. This woman should be fired immediately. Of course she can't be fired, silly! It is only the California nut balls who voted her in who can fire her! And many of them are just as bad (if not worse) than she is. So she will be allowed to roam the streets, throwing gasoline on every corner, just praying for someone to drop a match. Nothing would please this despicable woman more.

Now the Hen - The Red Hen eatery. If I had just awoken from a Rip Van Winkle type nap, and read this story, I would have sworn I was reading the Onion. Why? This type of thing does not happen in America. Least wise - it didn't. It is a throw back to the deep south, during the civil rights days. "We don't serve your kind around here - now leave!". Only this time it was not a person of color being thrown out of a "whites only" eatery by some Democrat redneck - it was the WH Press Secretary being thrown out of a eatery by a modern day Democrat.

Even David Axelrod (from Obama's WH), said the Red Hen made a HUGE mistake by tossing Sarah Sanders out of their restaurant. In his words if I may paraphrase a bit, "All the Red Hen did was give Donald Trump a victory." Bingo!

The Red Hen reminds me of when Camping World bought the defunct Gander Mountain. Gander, a favorite sporting store for many of us, is no longer the same. Why? The owner of Camping World hates Donald Trump so much, he said he did not want Trump supporters for customers. You got it pal! You got it!

Guess what Red Hen? Your own private excrement storm is about to start. Nationwide boycotts are starting to form. You want to exclude half the country from eating at your joint? Guess what? You just did. From a business perspective, that was without a doubt, the most DUMB A** thing I have ever seen a business do! 

Welcome to post-Obama America. Where hate grows like weeds in a summer garden, and love slowly withers on the vine. Where acceptance is a one way street - and discrimination becomes the color of one's politics as much as the color of one's skin. 

How we got to this point will be a matter of study and debate by historians and scholars. Where we go from here will be up to us. We have very little wiggle room left before we devolve into  anarchy, violence and mayhem. Remember that "Aunt Maxine", when you are looking for a match to drop into your gasoline. Once the fire starts, there will be no going back.  


  1. Love your new follower,

    The division and distrust in government began in the late 50's, with the beginning of the "hippie" era. It devolved into total anarchy by 1968, the worst year in US history.
    It has risen and waned for decades and has again peaked with the disdain for Obama by the right and Trump by the left.
    Racism is back and now includes not just black/white but white vs everyone else.
    The divide between the haves and have-nots has never been greater.
    Oil your beloved guns, you may be needing them.

    1. Harley Davidson moves production out of US because of the dotards ignorant trade policies. First of many! MAGA

  2. Americans are already sorting themselves into communities that are predominantly red or blue… [What happened to Sanders] seems like a small thing, but it would have been largely unthinkable a generation ago.

  3. One reason for the current “soft Civil War” at once transcends and precedes the Trump administration.
    A few generations ago, Americans spent much more time with each other – at church, at neighborhood functions, at fraternal organizations such as the Elks.
    Those community-building opportunities crossed political lines, lessening the divide – at least, in our minds – between those of Our Party and those of The Other Party.

  4. Waters is that rare Democrat so distant from reality she actually does more to help her opponents than hurt them. Her call to harass members of the president’s cabinet is a gift to a GOP desperate to maintain their majorities because her personal attacks are so odious that Republicans could use them to dismiss liberals as corrupt, petty, and vengeful all at once.
    But Trump didn’t do that. No, this president chose to insult her intelligence, because this president deals with everything in personal terms. This is a shame, because while discussing the precise intelligence quotient of Waters is obviously impossible, it is possible and it is worthwhile to highlight her dishonesty.
    After all, Waters has no room to lecture Republicans on ethical grounds. She made her grandson her chief of staff and she used federal dollars to save her own money. At the height of the financial crisis, as the New York Times reported at the time, Waters helped bail out a bank her husband owned stock in. If the Treasury Department didn’t come through with a $12 million loan, Waters and her husband could have lost as much as $350,000.
    That is a cut and dry, copy and paste example of clear corruption. At the very least, Trump could have rebuffed her on these grounds. He didn’t. Instead the president attacked her intelligence, wasting another perfect opportunity.