Monday, June 4, 2018

Tim, Tim and Time...

"One more thing both both Tim's are similar on. They are now both pariahs within their former parties. Outcasts. I know coming from our endorsing convention, 'our Tim' is now as now as welcomed as the 24 hour stomach flu." 

What is it about the name, Tim? I know for many names, the name itself has a meaning - a definition. For example, my first daughter's name means "worthy of love". And it has always fit her. I think however, for at least two of the Tim's who live in Minnesota, their name might also have meaning. Like "self love". Or, "worthy of only me". Or, "just plain selfish". I think you get the picture.

Yes, in this state, we now have the tale of the two Tim's. They are different, yet similar. One comes from a reddish-purple background, while the other comes from a deep blue background. That is where they are dissimilar. However, how they plan to face this election, shows them to be joined at the hip identical. Which two Tim's am I talking about? Why, Tim Pawlenty and Tim Walz, of course.

Both of our Tim's decided to either skip the endorsement process, or was defeated in his bid to be endorsed. What normal, selfless people do in this case like this is very simple. They work like crazy to help the endorsed candidate win in November. Not our two Tim's. Nope, nada. They have taken the Frommian concept of Self Love to a whole new level. And not in the good way - the ego driven way. 

Since I just channeled a shrink like Eric Fromm, maybe I can use some "armchair psychology" to try and figure out our two Tim's. I am trying to put myself in each of their shoes right now. Like for most of us, it is very hard to do so. Why is it so hard? Early in my manhood, I had to learn to leave boyish things behind, and try to think and act as a man. That meant going from selfish to selfless in most everything I do. 

One of our Tim's former running mate, told her Tim at one time loved the endorsement process. That is, when it would benefit him. In fact, he staunchly defended it. Then what in the world happened to that Tim? What would bring us to where we are right now? Time. Simply put, time changed both of the Tim's from selfless to selfish.

Ken Martin, Chair of one of the Blue Team, has this to say about his Tim - "If you go to the primary as an un-endorsed candidate, you are running against your party." Ouch! Toaster burn! But that Tim, as well as the other Tim, no longer cares what the party boss, or the party has to say. The parties who worked their butt's off to protect both Tim's endorsements in the past, are now just a nuisance. That was then and this in now. You know - that time thing.

One more thing both Tim's have in common. They are now both pariahs within their former parties. Outcasts. I know coming from our endorsing convention, "our Tim" is now as now as welcomed as the 24 hour stomach flu. 

One more word about time. After many years of having a progressive Tim Walz "nest egg" a congressional seat in a very red district, and after two tepid terms of Tim Pawlenty as Governor, the good people of Minnesota have given both Tim's the same message. Your time is up, Tim and Tim. Your time is up. I guess they will have to get that message once again on August 14th.


  1. hope you enjoy that crow in August

    1. Maybe. But if TPaw wins, we will get the turkey instead.

  2. the difference between Walz and Pawlenty is that Tim P. Actually snubbed the convention and the grassroots. Despite the outcome he should have at least appeared and asked for the endorsement. If he was defeated at the Convention, he would have at least avoided the animus created by the snub.