Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A hard rain is going to fall, Happy Boy!

"Your choice kiddo - time to think like a man. Your people need a leader right now. Not a 'gamer' on the internet."

Is it just me, or why is it every time I see a picture of this guy he looks like he just came back from smoking some hash (and not the kind you eat). I have never seen anyone on the verge of an early death looking so ebullient. And the military officers around him - the same way. It is as if the water were laced with some kine of happy juice. Why do I say that? These people, from the Boy Leader, all the way down to the lowest peasant, should be needing a diaper change right now instead of practicing frivolity.

Hey Boy Leader - You want to try and take out Anderson AFB in Guam? Go ahead! Even if your missile makes it through THAAD, sure, there will be casualties. But the troops there are prepped for this. They have had their NBC training - and lots of it. By the way - the return handshake to your launch? You will have 15 minutes to live.

I know you are doing your happy dance that you now have a nuke small enough to put on an ICBM. How about us? Oh yes. We have been there, and done it - decades ago. And now ours all have MIRV technology loaded in each missile. Our Ohio Class boomers will vist so much destruction on your door step, you will never know what hit you.

There is one more step we could take before the bullets or missiles start flying. Relax - it is still technically an act of war and should require the blessing of Congress. We could embargo North Korea like we did Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nothing in, nothing out. For this to really work however, it needs to be an "all in" by other nations. That means you also, China. If you keep trading with North Korea over the land routes, everything else becomes moot.

By the way, I should probably mention this in the unlikely event the Happy Boy reads this blog. The company I worked at in the 1980's (that would be a while ago), was a major contractor on the D5 SACE upgrade to the SLBM. Why do I mention this? If you are on the receiving end of one of our D5 SACE SLBM with a MIRV on it, God help you. They were deadly back in the 1980's, I can only imagine what they are like today.

I do know this much from folks I trust who are still in "the game". This will be a 15 minute war. Just one, only one, of our Ohio Class boomers could destroy North Korea ten times over. Yes, they are that lethal.

They might hurt us, and hurt us a bunch should they land a missile on one on our cities. But 15 minutes after the launch, North Korea will no longer exist. There will be no extended damage done to Seoul by Nork artillery batteries, as they will no longer be there. Just smoldering land, which was once North Korea. And that land will be cursed with a lethal poison which will last for generations. 

Okay junior - wipe that silly ass grin off your face, and wake up. You are on the verge of committing millions of people - your people - to death. Why? Because you never grew up. You think this is all a game - like Nintendo. Well guess what? It is not. The adults are now in charge. And we don't placate stupid, nor practice fools like some of our past Presidents did. 

Your time is running out pal. Just as you were three of three, there will never be a four of four. Your bloodline comes to an end when you launch that first missile. Or - if you keep threatening the most powerful nation on Planet Earth, the same fate awaits you.

Your choice kiddo - time to think like a man. Your people need a leader right now. Not a "gamer" on the internet.


  1. Trumps Tourette mouth is thankfully being tempered by the thoughtful, measured responses of Haley, Tillerson and Mattis. He has to quit poking the little cornered weasel! I think it has more about genitalia size than going to war.

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  3. We haven't started a war since the Mexican War of 1846. Would be a shame to break a record that long just because some little despot was pulling Trumps chain. But, he has a storied history of counter punching, so I guess all your predictions were correct.
    NORK couldn't land 4 missiles with 500 miles of each other in the Pacific, so it will be interesting to see where they actually do land (if they all launch successfully).
    I guess this will be the end of America taking the high ground. Now we can be lumped in with Russia, Iraq, Palestine Authority and others of the same ilk.
    I hope you and yours don't have anybody in harms way in South Korea, it will be devastating for a lot of souls.
    Being a man of faith, maybe you could start a prayer wheel, or whatever they are called these days for all the people your guy is going to get killed. Don't know if it helps, but it can't hurt and you can watch the news feeling better about their demise. They will be giving their lives so DJT's ego isn't terminally bruised.
    You were right, God Dammit
    Dave Gjerdingen

  4. And Mannefort will be seeking an immunity deal (first one who talks gets the free pass) regarding his laundering of Ukranian money to pump up the campaign coffers. Trumps article placed in his National Enquirer mag about Manneforts daliances will not stop this steamroller. DJT will get no sleep over the next few weeks due to real and imagined crisis's.
    Just when we need a real president, he'll be thinking about everything else that is going to bring him down.
    The country is in dire need of leadership and he's not it.
    Dave Gjerdingen

  5. Texas pastor Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump's evangelical advisers, said that God has given the president "full control" to take out North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
    What next.........