Thursday, August 3, 2017

Never Trump! Never, never ever!

"One more thing. Many in the press are wetting themselves over Trump's immigration reform. Why? Because they hate Trump. In reality, it is an idea which is long overdue. Bravo Mr. President! Now we can be like the rest of the world with our immigration policies!"

Boy, oh boy. The never, ever, never again (Trump that is) crowd is staying very active. And the MSM is just thrilled the latest poll numbers are out showing his approval at 33! Lowest in history for this early in a Presidency. Woot! Woot! Of course, it left me wondering - who are the 67% who disapprove? Certainly nobody who has a 401k, 403b, or IRA which is hooked into the stock market.

I was listening to some airhead on cable a week or so ago. She was a never, ever Trump gal. She had an interesting theory on how this country could have been cowed into electing a boob like Donald Trump. We are racists. Most of us. Electing Trump was a reaction from having our first black President before Trump. Then she went on to list all the horrible things that were said about, and done to this historic black President. 

Now before I go any further, can I clear something up? I was never going to bring this up, but when airheads on the Left keeping playing the race card, I decided this time I would.

Barack Obama is not "black". To be precise, he is of mixed race. Any truthful sociologist or demographer would tell you that. In fact, Barack was more white than black. Huh? How can I say that? Lets suppose his mother was 100% Caucasian. And his father was 100% black. That would split Obama's gene pool 50/50. HOWEVER, he was raised almost totally by his white mother and white grandmother. So even though he was 50/50 in the gene pool, his environment growing up was predominantly white.

Back to Trump. And no, this country did not elect Donald J. Trump because Barack Obama was "black". We elected him because Barack Obama was a lead from behind, spectator, President. Much of the country had no more tolerance for that approach with a President. The shout of MAGA coming from Team Trump played well in the heartland. We wanted America to be great again. So we elected Trump.

Has Trump been a bad President so far? I will give you my view. He has been a different President, not a bad one. Has he been or will he be great? Time will tell. We are less than one year into his first term. Of course, if you listen to CNN or MSNBC, he is Satan.

One of the things that is hard for many to get used to with this President is his blunt and spontaneous nature. Yesterday, he told his generals he thinks we are losing the war in Afghanistan. Are we losing, or are we playing to a draw? In any event, I think we now know how the Russians felt in the 1980's. We have been over there since 2002. That is 15 years. How do we win against an entrenched enemy that never seems to go away? Carpet bombing them 24 X 7? Nuke them? We will do neither. It might be time for us to exit.

Bottom line is this. Trump is Trump. Many people who voted for him are happy with the way he is. By the way, he is not going anywhere. He is not going to resign the Presidency. He is not going to be impeached (Sorry Maxine Waters). While he is President (baring an unforeseen catastrophe), the economy will remain strong. And the status quo with North Korea will no longer be the status quo. Something will change that. Why? Because Trump will not leave this mess for the next President.

One more thing. Many in the press are wetting themselves over Trump's immigration reform. Why? Because they hate Trump. In reality, it is an idea which is long overdue. Bravo Mr. President! Now we can be like the rest of the world with our immigration policies!


  1. Good blog! Can't get over your passion for some topics.
    Re: Afghanistan Get out! The British tried for decades, the Russians for the same and they both got their asses kicked, as are we. Rudyard Kipling said in his doom-laden poem, "When you're wounded on Afghanistan plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your God like a soldier". Terrain, weather and the resilience of the Afghan warrior will win the day.
    Re: Immigration
    Both my son and I, ardent Never Trumpers, like the new immigration reform. Read the Canadian Immigration Point System to get an idea of how it works. I do have doubts whether it will pass the Senate.
    The problem with limiting immigration is who will fill those jobs we don't want. Processing chickens for Tyson in Arkansas in filthy, cold and never-ending production lines. And many more jobs like that. We have our own in Worthington, MN. Illegal immigration may increase.
    Is Trump creating the atmosphere for the market to rise. I'd give him a little credit. But, if he doesn't pass a Tax Reform bill soon, the market will react downward. And, a market correction will occur in 2018, and will he take credit for that?
    Re: the election
    More anti-Hilary sentiment than expected (sexist?) from the deplorables was the prime reason he was elected. Rational, intelligent and informed voters didn't actually believe his campaign rhetoric, but voted for him anyway. And, as one can see from the poll numbers, they are deserting him as fast as the tweets pouring out of his uneducated mouth.
    Have a great day,
    David Gjerdingen

  2. Good article by John Bolton in WSJ. " Our Military options in NORK".

  3. Trump will now have to fire Mueller and deal with the consequences later!

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