Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fast forward to Calexit

"Will I miss California when they leave? Just about as much as I would miss getting a wood tick bite. There was a time in my life I really enjoyed visiting out there. Long before the cities turned out to be sewers and sanctuary cities. But no longer."

Last night on one of the news shows, I witnessed the most amazing segment. It was some west coast snowflake who was a "leader" in getting California out of the union, and to be a separate country. For those who thought in the past this was all just a big joke (myself included), this Calexit movement is starting to get some legs. Like, it might actually come to a vote where the nut balls in California would choose to secede. 

This man who was advocating to secede was talking like this whole thing was already a done deal. "We are not like you people in the United States. You don't like us - you think we are just a bunch of Lefties and snowflakes. Well we don't like your President and his policies either." Huh? The last time I looked at the flag, we still had 50 stars on it. What is all of this "you people in the United States" horse crap?

It they did manage to pull away from the rest of the Union, they would no longer have Donald Trump as President. Nope - they would have "Moonbeam". Good luck with that one! Anyhow, this nut ball for Calexit also said that California had the 6th largest economy in the world, so they would be fine. The moderator then reminded the guest that California has a 13% state income tax, huge pockets of poverty, a trillion dollar debt, and so forth. My take? If we let California go, the Republicans would probably never lose another national election. Ever.

What about our military bases in California? Oh, there could be a Status of Forces Agreement or something like that with this new country called "La la land". And here is another thought. Just like we named our capital after our first President, so could California. They could rename Sacramento, "Moonbeam". How fitting.

Just one minor detail California, before you go. We have a small bill we would like you to settle up on. It is your portion of the national debt. Since California holds 12% of the people, it needs to pay 12% of the $20T debt. That would amount to about...$2.4T. Mere chump change for the snowflakes and Hollywood high rollers. Just add that on to your already $1.1T state debt.

Will I miss California when they leave? Just about as much as I would miss getting a wood tick bite. There really was a time in my life I enjoyed visiting out there. Or being on business out there. But that was long before the cities turned out to be sewers and sanctuary cities. But no longer want to set foot in that place.

Good luck to the misguided people of California. We do all of us, get the government we deserve. And I could think of nobody more deserving of the bad government the nation of California is about to receive. Ta ta, and one more thing. Don't let the door hit you on your "Golden State" behind on the way out!

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  1. Like you say, hard to argue when the facts speak for themselves.
    I like California, it's so big, it has 4 distinct climate zones, northern forests, southern deserts, mountains and a huge agricultural zone right down the middle. We visit some part of the state at least once each year. Stay at the Navy Lodge on Coronado Island when we can.
    California is one of few states that has a balanced budget law. But that doesn't reduce the deficit.
    They have huge pension and health insurance obligations that keep adding to the deficit.
    They put up a website for people to make suggestions on how to handle the problems. The snowflakes actually ask the people to get involved, something you would never see here.
    I doubt if Calexit has legs, would be a shame. Texas has a group doing the same. They are like you Republicans in that they would like the federal government to stay out of there sh.. and let them govern themselves.
    California is one of few states taking the environmental issues seriously. They will not let Trump rescind their commitment.
    They are going to work with other countries on their own.
    Their emissions standards pave the way for other states.
    They lead the country in technology advancements and renewable energy.
    They are not your enemy. We will not have to bail them out, like your banks, and some big cities.
    They will work it out internally, because that's the way they do things out west.
    I understand your blogs viewpoint, but I think you are irrationally over the top.
    Have a great day,
    Dave Gjerdingen