Friday, August 4, 2017

The Mueller Menace

"If anyone is a plant for the Russians, it would be Mueller. Why? The extra curricular snooping that Team Mueller is doing right now, is a drag on MAGA. And nobody would be happier to see MAGA fail than the Russians." 

Robert Mueller should have been appointed as Special Counsel in early July instead of May. Why? The astrology symbol for that time period would have been more appropriate - Cancer. Yes, Robert Mueller is like a cancer to this Administration. In some respects, it is almost bemusing. The fact the Left has allowed this very biased partisan (and buddy of Comey) to come in as an "arbitrator". Well Mueller is anything but. He is a witch hunter. Or putting it another way, a MAGA killer.

Now that the Left has scrubbed Team Trump clean looking for some kind of evil Russian connection, they are moving on to other areas. Why? There was no "there, there" with the Russians. So Mueller has convened a grand jury to look for ANYTHING. Cross walking, not leaving a tip at a restaurant, or even the famous Jimmy Carter "lust in the heart".

As a veteran of being pulled in front of a grand jury, I was amazed at the questions I was asked. Some totally unrelated to the inquiry I was involved with. And in a grand jury, you do not have your lawyer present. Just you, a judge, a disinterested jury, and a mad dog prosecutor. 

Why do I find this almost bemusing? With all the crap which has gone on in the Clinton universe, where was the Special Counsel then? The grand jury? The outrage? Anything? What the Left is doing to this President, who is still supported by many out here in the hinterland, will not be forgotten nor forgiven. Some day, the Left might get their act together enough to win back the Presidency. Whomever that person is, I feel for him or her. What the Left is doing to Trump will be paid back tenfold. I will be ugly.

Mueller has a small army of Obamaites and Clintonites on his staff. Many are just chomping at the bit to get some payback for the past election. Well here is the nut of this article, and I have gone through this before. Donald Trump is President for one reason only. He heard the voice of the people. He was able to connect with what the people wanted. The people wanted MAGA. The MAGA movement will still be there, with or without Donald Trump. 

Going into August, Congress will be home fiddling while Mueller is in Washington meddling. Despite all of that, Team Trump will continue to get things done. I am still waiting for Trump to announce a real top notch Communications Director. Why? So many good things are happening under Trump, we need someone with a loud voice and a large podium who can shout those accomplishments out. Right now, what most people see every night on the news is the face of Robert Mueller, which is starting to look amazingly like John Kerry's dour face.

Personally, I wish General Sessions would fire Mueller and his entire staff. Get it over with. What is the worst case? The Left will be ticked off at Trump? Been there, done that. If anyone is a plant for the Russians, it is Mueller. Why? The extra curricular snooping that Team Mueller is doing right now, is a drag on MAGA. And nobody would be happier to see MAGA fail than the Russians. Case closed.

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  1. If not fired, Mueller will dig deep into Trumps financial ties with Russia Oligarchs. Real estate sold way above market value. Dirty money from Russia used to finance Trump projects, etc.
    Nothing to do with Russian meddling in the election. More to do with who holds financial power over the Donald. And there will be a few issues that will have to be explained. I would guess he is susceptible to blackmail. Even if their are no pictures of DJT with Russian prostitutes.
    Remember, this guy is a NY real estate tycoon. He will be dirty as hell when the pigeons come home to roost. It is just the nature of doing business at that level.
    His only hope in fixing his problems disappeared when the Senate decided to keep the Senate open during August by putting a Senator on the floor every three days. This prevents Trump from doing anything untoward as their is no recess (technically).
    Sorry, this can't be stopped. Probably should be, but no.
    Dave Gjerdingen