Thursday, August 10, 2017

The healthcare canard

"We have a bit over three weeks left of this 'vacation' for Congress. More time for the clowns in the Resist! movement to get some free press coverage from other clowns in the home town media. Time to go back to work folks. Your vacation has been anything but."

LMAO. Well, I would be if it were not so sad at the same time. Why? This is unreal. And what is reality today? Now that Congress is in recess for the protected length of time in August and beyond, many in the GOP are being hassled at town hall meetings, their congressional offices, and at times - at their personal residences. 

For example, Jason Lewis had his home trespassed by protesters. People protesting what a mess the healthcare issue is. Huh? If that is the case, WTH would they not be protesting Amy and Al? Why them? They voted for the system which broke our healthcare (ObamaCare) in the first place. Jason Lewis had nothing to do with government when the bill was passed.

Don't get me wrong. I am not giving anyone, including President Trump a pass that this cornerstone promise of repeal and replace was just smoke and mirrors. For that, the GOP is guilty as charged. But - the blame for how hosed up healthcare is right now, lies squarely at the feet of the Democrats as well as President Obama.

Because of our myopic (and lap dog) media, Republicans are going to get blamed for ObamaCare if it implodes (as it is now), or replaced with something short of Nirvana. The Democrats? They have learned well from their guru. They are all bystanders now, standing on the sidelines, watching the show. Will the media ever blame the Democrats for ANYTHING??? Maybe - if they have something to do with censoring the press.

One more LMAO moment. The Resist! movement has some underpinnings from the Soros funded Move Remember Move On? Why it was started? Had nothing to do with Obama. Nope. Nor Bush (43). It had to do with Slick Willie and his insatiable sexual appetite. The Left wanted us to "move on" from the Lewinsky scandal. Clinton is gone, but Move On. org is still around. Their credo? Never touch a Democrat, but trash any Republican in view. More Code Pink type of hypocrisy.

We have a bit over three weeks left of this "vacation" for Congress. More time for the clowns in the Resist! movement to get some free press coverage from other clowns in the home town media. Time to go back to work folks. Your vacation has been anything but.



  1. This problem can be solved.
    Republicans need to bend a little.......
    Subsidies for low-income households need to be generous enough to make insurance against catastrophic medical expenses affordable.
    Republicans shouldn’t try to cut taxes as part of health reform. And Republicans should accept that we need a
    robust health-insurance safety net that covers all citizens living in poverty or living with medical conditions that will make insurance prohibitively expensive.
    This will involve accepting a larger role for Medicaid than existed before Obamacare, and adequately funding high-risk pools for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions who won’t have access to affordable coverage.
    It’ll also mean making room for regulation requiring that as long as individuals maintain insurance coverage, they can move from employer coverage to the individual market without being charged higher premiums due to medical conditions.
    In order to achieve the goals I laid out, they need to accept that catastrophic health-insurance coverage still counts as coverage. The social problem we face occurs when uninsured individuals get seriously sick or injured, and can’t afford their treatment. Those costs get passed on to the rest of us. The policy solution, then, should focus on the problem of individuals not being insured against very high medical costs — not on insuring for preventative care, or against your annual sinus infection.
    Democrats need to bend also............
    In order to encourage the appropriate levels of innovation and productivity, progressives must accept that health insurance — and the market for medical services generally — is too heavily regulated.
    Obamacare removes choice and options in the individual health-insurance market by specifying what has to be included in insurance plans.
    In addition, the law’s individual mandate penalizing people who don’t buy insurance is too weak to be effective — but a stronger mandate is both politically untenable and undesirable.
    So progressives should ditch the mandate and accept another way to encourage young and healthy individuals to be covered: auto-enrollment with an opt-out.
    In order to put health-care costs on a sustainable trajectory, progressives must accept that Medicaid, the current health safety net for the poor, needs to change its financing system— in which the federal government matches a share of state spending.
    They also must accept that market discipline is needed.
    Catastrophic events are hard to foresee and hard for households to afford, but households should be more exposed to the actual costs of routine care.
    Cooler heads in Washington are working on these changes, behind the scene, out of the spotlight.
    When they return in September, I think a bi-partisan effort will emerge and be passed quickly.
    Dave Gjerdingen
    ps My radiation detector is silent this morning, so all must be quiet in the Pacific.

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