Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our New Knights Templar


"President Trump may just be a rich real estate guy from NYC, but he is about to get the best tutelage he has ever received. He just needs to receive it. Am I worried? Not a bit. If Jack Keane would jump on board, I would worry even less."

I have been asked many times by folks from both sides of the street how I am liking this new Administration. I have a qualified answer to that question. His lack of governmental experience and unorthodox style have made me nervous at times. But his choice of three of the best former generals of our time relaxes quite a bit of that nervousness. To some degree, they are the new Knights Templar. They are here to protect the institution of the President. And they will.

Truthfully - I debated with myself if I should call this article the Knights of the Round Table or the new Knights Templar. Both terms mean the protection of something important and/or sacred. I don't care what we call these three former generals - I am just so happy they volunteered to stand duty - once again. 

I put on my article this morning, that I believe we are headed full speed into a war with North Korea. I hate that thought, but I think it is going to happen. Having Mattis as Sec Def, McMasters as National Security Adviser, and Kelly as COS is a good thing in these uncertain times. If I were king of the world, I would make one final change. I would put Jack Keane in as DHS. Now that - is one hell of a team!

Do our Generals who are now in West Wing and/or Cabinet positions respect Donald Trump? I have no idea. I do know this. They respect the office of the President. They would protect it with their lives. And they would want to see that whomever is sitting behind "the desk" has the best counsel possible. 

For those who are worried that the Trump family is spinning out of control - don't be. Donald had enough foresight to put in the right kind of Generals in place to ensure smooth sailing. It was a bit bumpy the first six months, but with General Kelly as COS, trust me - the next six months and beyond will be much better.

Folks - we are going to war with North Korea. I wish we were not - I really do think it is going to happen. But going into that war, we have the new Knights Templar on our side. Plus they are trying to preserve the Presidency. And they will. If we did not have these three Generals, and had three hot shot Wall Street "wannabees" instead - would I be worried? Absolutely!

Good people of this country. Be at peace. If we go to war with North Korea, or if we have to stand down the Russians or the Chinese, or if we need to exterminate ISIL - the new Knights of Templar know what to do. They will make it happen the right way.

President Trump may just be a rich real estate guy from NYC, but he is about to get the best tutelage he has ever received. He just needs to receive it. Am I worried? Not a bit. If Jack Keane would jump on board as DHS, I would worry even less.

With or without General Keane, I think we are good to go. Thank heavens for our new Knights Templar! They will get us through what we need to get through during the next few months.



  1. Nice comments except the going to war with Korea.
    Not going to happen.
    We cannot be that unfeeling for the South Korean's and our military personnel stationed there.
    I can't believe you could be so callous to even think that.
    Military men in the WH are their to prevent war, not start them. Diplomats will go to NORK and reduce the sanctions in exchange for tempering the weapons testing. Bet on it.
    Your daily oppugner, Dave Gjerdingen

    1. Sorry Dave - not going to bite on this one. No I am not "unfeeling". But here is the bottom line. If we had a truculent neighbor to the north or south who was armed to the teeth with nukes, that would be our problem. The South has done NOTHING except to build their capital within spitting distance of the Norks. This is now a homeland security issue. We have war fighters who have been through the War College who know how to win this war. We did not start this war. In fact, the war never officially "ended" from the 50's. If you think that any President right now, Republican or Democrat is going to sit and wait for an EMP or ICBM to come calling, your smoking mushrooms. Sorry brother - if the ChiComs cannot get the stones to stop this thing, then the country of North Korea is on its last legs. WE DID NOT START THIS THING. They did. They threaten us every week. I am sorry people close to the action are going to die. I really am. But they did NOTHING to stop it from getting to this point.

  2. Hey Ace, we started the Korean Coflict.
    On August 8, 1945, three months to the day after the end of hostilities in Europe, and two days after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan.
    Soviet troops advanced rapidly, and the US government became anxious that they would occupy the whole of Korea.
    On August 10, 1945 two young officers – Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel – were assigned to define an American occupation zone.
    Working on extremely short notice and completely unprepared, they used a National Geographic map to decide on the 38th parallel.
    They chose it because it divided the country approximately in half but would place the capital Seoul under American control.
    No experts on Korea were consulted.
    The two men were unaware that forty years before, Japan and pre-revolutionary Russia had discussed sharing Korea along the same parallel.
    Rusk later said that had he known, he "almost surely" would have chosen a different line.
    You can't arbitrarily divide a nation and expect positive results.
    We witnessed this again in Vietnam.
    And it still exists in Israel and Palestine.
    You reap what you sow.