Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our not so secret DOD inventory

"I am sorry, but this is a homeland security issue. We can't get onto our agenda with this nut ball still running around, getting stronger all the time. 24 hours. That is all he gets now. Surrender or end up as dust."  

Back during the Cold War, during Ronald Reagan's Presidency, the Gipper really knew how to rattle the Soviets. There was the Pershing II Missile (a program I worked on), the semi-real Star Wars program, and the very real Neutron Bomb. Anyone remember the Neutron Bomb? It was a piece of work. A nuke specifically designed to kill people but not destroy too much property. Anyhow - the Soviets gave up after hearing about what we had in the closet.

Guess what? The very scary Neutron Bomb (otherwise known as the Enhanced Radiation Bomb) is still around. And it has a nomenclature. It is known in the inventory as anywhere from the W-63 to the W-66. Yes, we have more than one version of this fearsome device. Some of these bombs can be fired from a howitzer, some dropped. To be on the receiving end of one of these investments of destruction can ruin the day for a whole bunch of enemy soldiers. Do I think we have these close to the DMZ in Korea? No idea - but if I were a betting man, I would say yes.

I also think we have some things "in the closet" which have not made it to the press as yet. Like what? Back in 1990 and 1991, I worked on high tech programs at FMC. I mean, very high tech. My job was to coordinate the different vendors FMC had working on projects financed by DARPA. Now that was 27 years ago, and I saw things I thought to be impossible. I believe today, we have things in the lab we can take out in emergency and use. Maybe things already in the field. Things like particle beams, platform lasers, electro-thermal, rail guns, and so forth. 

Back to the Neutron Bomb for a minute. If we are forced to go to war with North Korea, and if we are to strike first, I believe the order of battle will be to unleash total shock and awe on the batteries targeting Seoul. To neutralize those batteries will take extreme measures and lighting speed. I mean throwing everything at the Norks including the kitchen sink. Everything we have heard about in our inventory as well as some surprises we have not heard about. 

How bad is it going to be? Very bad for the Norks I am afraid. I always think back to what George Patton said to his troops in World War II- "I don't want you to die protecting your country. I want you to make the other s.o.b. die trying to protect his." And the same will be true today. We don't want to spill any more American blood on that soil protecting America. 

One of my frequent critics on this blog took me to task the other day. Said we started this war in the Peninsula years ago. That is a matter for debate, and I could not disagree more. I have studied the history of the region also. It was not the South with poured into the North in the early 50's, it was the other way around. And today, it is not the South threatening Russia and China with destruction - it is the North doing it to us.

Anyhow, it time to end this charade. We don't have time for this or this little creep trying to scare us. I think Trump should tell South Korea to evacuate Seoul as the "ship storm" is about to hit. Put our forces on the highest alert, and then give the Norks 24 hours to surrender its nuclear program. If they don't, we will destroy it and everything around it. Yes, that also includes a regime change.

I am sorry, but this is a homeland security issue. We can't get onto our agenda with this nut ball still running around, getting stronger all the time. 24 hours. That is all he gets now. Surrender or end up as dust.  


  1. Did you have a bad dream again about this 3rd world despot? His missiles couldn't hit the broad side of a kimchi stall.

    North Korea has thousands of artillery pieces near the DMZ.
    Experts believe that 60 percent of its total artillery is positioned within a few kilometers of the DMZ acting as a deterrent against any South Korean invasion because of the damage they could inflict on Seoul and suburbs like Paju (population 427,668) which is only 10 kilometers from the DMZ.

    In the event of all-out war it is believed that North Korea could fire 500,000 rounds of artillery on northern Seoul within the first hour.

    If you believe we could even reduce this number by half with a preemptive strike by your real or imaginary weapons, the destruction in the south would be devastating. Hundreds of thousands dead including a few thousand GI's.

    If we were to try to surreptitiously try to evacuate some of the area, NORK spies would quickly get the work back.

    Then, what if we won.
    A unified Korea, with a US presence on the Chinese border.
    Not in my lifetime.
    Even if they were busy with refugees, they wouldn't tolerate us that near.

    Again, the ineffectual UN would have to negotiate the terms of the new arrangement. Wouldn't that be fun?

    Have a beer, chillax and let the diplomats deal with this.

    We have enough problems to deal with in our own country, without agonizing over Asian despots.

    Hey, I do like the new point system for immigration that Miller described today. Only thing it didn't address is the temporary H-2B workers that Trump and others are allowed to hire. Give the jobs to those Americans he is trying to help.

    And wasn't Ivanka adoringly wonderful and supportive at the Small Business news conference. Smiling through the bs her father was touting as she lined up more Chinese factories to produce her fashion line. Made me throw up in my mouth.

    Dave Gjerdingen

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