Friday, September 21, 2018

The Democrat clown car rides again!

"I would love for all of them to be thrown out of office this November, but we have too many sheeple who love sucking on the rear teat of government. Until that changes, the clown car will continue."

Even though I am a partisan, I really, really have made an effort to be more civil this election season. It has been hard, and many times I have stumbled. Today however, I just might go off the cliff. Why? Trying to describe Democrat behavior on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation has just brought to to the limit - and maybe over. The Democrats no longer look like the party of Jefferson - they look like a clown car straight out of a Barnum and Bailey circus.

Let me get this straight. Brett Kavanaugh is a federal judge who sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. He is a man who has written opinions so masterfully, many have been used by the Supreme Court in determining cases. He is a father, who also is a coach for youth sports. He is a man of God (Christian), who volunteers at soup kitchens who serve the poor. All that being said, this fine man is now being treated by the Democrats like he is worse than Jack the Ripper. 

All of this is because some partisan hack, some college professor from the Left Coast, a demonstrator in a pussy hat, has come up with an allegation going all the way back to high school. About Judge Kavanaugh and another boy being drunk at a high school party and trying to get in her pants, or something like that. Both the Judge and the other boy (now a 50+ year old man) deny it. Never happened. "Oh ya? Sez who", scream the unhinged Democrat lunatics in the House and Senate. "We know he did it! We know he is guilty!" Really? Based on - what?

I will tell you what his guilt is based on in this day of age. Here are his crimes. He is white. He is a male. He is a "person of privilege".  He is a man of God (Christian). That is it. That is all they need to throw him under the bus. Meanwhile, back on the farm, Keith Ellison is walking around free as a bird. Only 5% of the Democrats in Minnesota believe Ellison's accuser. And yet the case against Ellison is far more convicting. But Keith is not white and not a Christian. That seems to let folks like Keith off the hook with the Democrats these days.

From the way the Democrats have acted in the confirmation hearings, to the way the unlawful and unending string of misfits demonstrated in the Senate gallery, to the way the two goofball Senators from New York (and others) are now calling for Kavanaugh's head (with zero proof) - these clowns have been an embarrassment to the American people. They really have.

And what is this really all about? The Democrats are scared to death we might get someone on the Supreme Court who would no longer allow women to kill their babies. Even though the Judge has already answered (under oath), that he sees Roe as being the law of the land. But it is that Christian thing again. Christians are always suspect by the Left. Why? They are protectors of the innocent and the unborn. Because of that, Kavanaugh needs to be defeated. At any cost.

Even if this progressive professor does testify next week, I am not watching it. I am done with this clown car. I would love for all of them to be thrown out of office this November, but we have too many sheeple who love to suck on the rear teat of government. Until that changes, the clown car will continue. And if the Blue Wave happens in November, the clown car might just become the clown bus.  


  1. Judas Kavanaugh's confirmation will not be a problem and the vote will be taken the week after next, just in time for him to take his seat with the Roberts Five and help protect the Toad and advance the white, male, christian, privileged right wings agenda.
    Ellison will be defeated (new evidence reported in SPPP this morning) and MN will no longer partner with other states to protect worker rights, seniors rights or women's rights. The AG's office will be for sale to the highest corporate bidder of the month.
    Relax, you may not get the Governors office, but as you stated previously, the AG office is where the power is.
    Angie Craig had a nice article also this morning. Focused on her trailer park roots and her wife and 4 sons. Jeez! If she can eliminate some of the mistakes she made in 2016, she could oust the incumbent talk show host.
    Time to do a little channel surfing and see what talking points Senior Advisor Hannity had for the Toad's tweets this morning.

  2. Rosenstein disloyalty demands termination now, Sessions fired after election, whomever the Toad selects will not be confirmed. Crisis In the making, as if this admin hasn't been in crisis mode since Jan 2016.