Sunday, June 29, 2014

67 Years Ago....


"This was either the greatest hoax, the greatest cover up, or the greatest discovery of all time..."
Many people think that July 8, 1947 ushered in the "golden age" of the UFO. Close, but not quite. First off, UFOs have been documented going back centuries. However, in the recent past, the sightings have been increasing at an increasing rate. As has been said many times, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. This tale from Roswell, be it real or be it fiction, has all the ingredients of a first class thriller.
Actually, the sightings over America really starting to occur with increasing regularity after Trinity. Trinity was the first atomic test conducted at White Sands testing facility in New Mexico. Some believe the energy released from Trinity was like a beacon for interested ETs who just happened to be close to our "neighborhood".
Whatever these UFOs are, they seem to be attracted to our fascination with war. We have documentation of UFOs in Europe and the Pacific tailing our fighters and bombers. The pilots referred to them as Foo Fighters. They were amazingly fast and nimble. Our best fighters were as slow as molasses compared to the Foo Fighters. Nobody ever figured out what they were, so they just became a part of the history and mysteries of the past.

However, the thing that really got the press talking just before the Roswell incident happened in the State of Washington. On June 24, 1947, a very experienced private pilot named Kenneth Arnold made a historic discovery. It became the first significant sighting of UFOs over America in modern times. While on a flight by Mount Rainier, Arnold saw a string of nine shiny objects flying at a high rate of speed. Using his piloting experience, he estimated their speed to be an amazing 1,200 mph. In addition, they did not fly like planes - rather they resembled "saucers skipping" in the sky. Thus was coined the name "flying saucers".

A few weeks after the Arnold discovery, we might have had the greatest "who done it" in our military's history. Near the town of Roswell, New Mexico (not that far from where the Trinity test occurred), a man named William Brazel noticed some odd looking debris on the Foster homestead, where he worked. The authorities were notified and law enforcement as well as the Army came out to investigate and collect the debris. I won't go into the entire story, as by now we all know it fairly well. However, I will say this - there seems to be enough "smoke" to this story that investigators are still looking for "fire", even today.

The story gets very interesting after the discovery. Conspiracy theorists had a field day with the alleged Army "switcheroo" with the debris found and some used up weather balloons. Area 51, Wright Patterson AFB, MJ 12, all became part of the jargon of UFO
enthusiasts. It has been said by more than one person, the Roswell incident was either the greatest hoax, the greatest cover up, or the greatest discovery of all time.

Was it real? Was it a hoax? Was there a cover up? Are we getting ready to have "disclosure" by our government? Stay tuned...

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