Thursday, June 5, 2014

Juiced Out


"What in the world is wrong with this Administration?"
Bill O'Reilly
Fox News

Of all the job killers which reside inside this Administration, the EPA stands out from the rest. Gina McCarthy, the current head of the EPA, has just shot an arrow through the heart of any slim hope we had to rebound our economy. Why would she do that? She, along with many of the armatures which populate our current Administration, are nothing more than liberal, clueless ideologues.

The "war on coal" which was started by her boss in 2008, is now in full swing. This past week, McCarthy has mandated that nationwide all carbon emissions be reduced by 30% by the year 2030. In Minnesota, due to the amount of coal plants we have, the number is a reduction in 41%. No worries however, the cost of this change will only add (on the average) $300 to your electric bill. It will be higher in Minnesota. If you believe it will be that cheap , I have some beachfront land to sell you in the Everglades.

Never mind the fact that 40% of our electricity came from coal in 2013. Never mind that less than 5% of our energy comes from solar and wind. Never mind that the energy which comes from solar and wind is very expensive due to the immature nature of the science. Never mind that wind power has many, many negatives including killing of thousands of bats, songbirds and raptors.

Because there are precious few people in this Administration who possess a wit business sense, let me help out. First, the "average" of $300 is a wild a** guess. It could be (and probably will be) much higher. Second, when the cost of energy goes up to make products, that becomes a cost of sales, a cost of business. That higher cost is passed on to the consumer - you. Third, while we unilaterally disarm our affordable energy resources, other countries like China, India, Brazil and Russia are going full steam ahead with their much dirtier coal plants. Finally, more and more scientists now believe we are in a 17 year cooling cycle people due to solar activity - not coal.

So where does this leave us? Economically, it is like running a race having a millstone hanging around our neck. I have said this before - I believe we are in the final years of petroleum products being the fulcrum of our energy usage. Newer, more affordable technologies are right around the corner. Additionally, every year we find ways to make our emissions cleaner through better scrubbers. The "end around" the EPA is doing is nothing more than "Cap and Tax" without the approval of Congress. As we know, "Cap and Tax" died a quick death on the Hill after it was exposed to be an expensive and unnecessary job killer.

To quote a friend and local radio personality, "thanks for nothing Obama and McCarthy!" All we are asking is that you lead, follow, or get out of the way. Or better yet, first do no harm. This ruling will do extreme harm like nobody can imagine. November cannot come soon enough...  

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