Thursday, June 19, 2014

The dog and the homework...

"Really? It did not work well in 5th grade, so I am sure it will not work now!"

Someone in the media has dubbed the Lois Lerner IRS scandal as, "The dog who ate my homework scandal." Everyday that moniker seems to fit better and better. There is a delicious irony that the organization who never takes "I lost it" an excuse when requesting audit material, ends up losing two years worth of damning e-mail. However, it was only the damning e-mail - the other spam, ads and so on seems to be intact.

Someone needs to send an e-mail to the Administration with a copy to the IRS reminding them that WE ARE NOT STUPID! If you talk to any forensic scientist, they will tell you no matter how careful the crime, there is always some shred of evidence left over. E-mails, once released into the Ethernet, are always traceable. Everyone one of those missing e-mails will be found - that is unless, we let the government do it. It does not matter the computers and hard drives have been destroyed ("recycled" in government speak), the e-mails still exist somewhere. Worst case, we check in at the new NSA repository located in Bluffdale, Utah. It has been rumored this facility stores everything about everybody.

When it comes to obfuscation, this Administration takes the cake. It makes the Nixon Administration look like rank armatures (which they were). For example, where is the smoking gun on Benghazi? The jigsaw puzzle the Administration has put together on this tragedy is still missing a few pieces. And it is not like these missing pieces have never been requested - they have, and in spades. Unfortunately for those who like to play fast and loose with facts and evidence, Representative Trey Gowdy is now on the case. This former prosecutor is experienced at drawing the truth out of even the most virulent liars.

For an Administration who touted to become the most transparent in history, well, this crew is not even translucent. As a matter of fact, for many scandals, dealing with them is like trying to look through a brick wall. There is still a true story behind what happened to Brian Terry in the Fast and Furious mess. Our quote, unquote "Justice Department" has done an excellent job in trying to bury this one. We all know what the story was with Fast and Furious - it was a narrative gone horribly wrong. Guns were supposed to come screaming across the border, be traced back to America, and then the Administration was going to make it the poster child for additional gun control.

The same is true to Benghazi. A narrative gone wrong. Different narrative, same tragic outcome. Dead Americans. Nobody died in Watergate - however, with this crew, people are dropping like flies. Forty vets alone died (allegedly) while waiting forever and a day for treatment under the hapless VA system. To make matters worse, some of the turnips who work at this mess of an organization were paid bonus during that time period.

Well, enough for now. I can't take it anymore. As Iraq burns, the scandals simmer, our Commander in Chief continues to fund raise. What is happening in Washington right now could almost pass for a sitcom, except it would be too hard to believe for most watchers. As for me, I just want to switch the channel. November cannot come soon enough... 

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