Monday, June 23, 2014

Your Government at Work...


"If he had told Congress the e-mails had been stolen by a UFO, it might have been more credible"...

There is an old saying. "The government is so screwed up, it can't even screw in a light bulb." That goes back to yesteryear when our government was just plain incompetent. Trust me, for twenty-five years I worked for (in the service) or with (as a contractor) the Federal Government. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly - mostly the ugly.

Today however, our Federal Government goes one step beyond incompetence - it is now evil in many of the things it does. If not evil, it sure gives the impression that it is. Perhaps the most vile thing our Federal Government has done is to unleash the awesome power of the IRS on citizens who have a different world view than the Administration.

It really is difficult to choose which assault on our freedom offends me more - the IRS targeting of citizens, or the NSA illegally snooping on us. They are both the type of government overreach our Framers warned us about when the country was founded.

Last week when John Koskinen testified in front of Congress, I thought it was a text book example of what has happened to our country. For this man, who appeared smug and arrogant, to perpetuate this absolutely incredible fabrication of what happened to Lois Lerner's e-mails, was jaw dropping. The tale got so incredible, so unbelievable, that the usually very calm and professional Paul Ryan looked him square in the eye and said, "I don't believe you". In common man's speak, Ryan called this man a bald face liar.

Is this what we now expect from our Federal Government? When questions are asked the attitude is "move along - nothing here to see." When in the world did the tail start wagging the dog? They work for us! They are accountable to us! A President who was presidential would have fired Koskinen five minutes after his Congressional appearance. Congress is not just a bunch of second class citizens - they are a separate, yet equal part of the government. They have oversight responsibilities. I, like many other citizens, are sick and tired of this shell game played every time questions are asked about how and why our Constitution is being trashed. These are REAL scandals - not "phony" like the lap dogs want us to believe!

So how do we reign in our government? How do we get back to what the Framers had in mind for a Representative Democracy? How do we get our country back? First off, abolish the IRS. Not in the next decade, not next year, NOW! It has outlived its usefulness. It is an organization whose powers reach far beyond its enumerated ones. We can still have adequate tax collections through Treasury using a simple and fair flat tax. Our tax code is so complicated, even the most professional auditors have trouble understanding it. It needs to be replaced with a 10 page document at the longest.

Next, when Congress calls someone from the Admiration to testify in front of them, adequate answers must be given. Pleading the fifth, lying, or playing "whack-a-mole" is not going to cut it anymore. Anyone doing this in front of Congress will be terminated immediately. Period. No excuses, no politics. We absolutely need to get trust back into our government. There is a reason why some parts of the government have approval ratings lower than Jack the Ripper.

Finally, there is this to consider. I am old enough to remember Watergate. I lived through it. Nixon resigned before he was fired. He was dirty and the evidence showed it. However, the Second Article of Impeachment was for directing the IRS to target his political enemies. The IRS refused to do so, but the evidence showed he still tried to make it happen. Today, the IRS did target political enemies of the President. Why in the world have we not started impeachment procedures? If the evidence is not there, fine. We move on. However, if it is there, this is a high crime against the nation. The President should then resign or be fired.

No more lies. No more deceit. No more trashing our Constitution. We need our country back from those who have hijacked it. November cannot come soon enough.

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