Monday, June 9, 2014

Tone Deaf and Deafer...


"I'm sorry - I did not hear you. I have had a wax build up since November of 2008..."

Of all the things our President has been tone deaf on (and there are legions), this latest incident (scandal) takes the cake. What is that you say? The obscenely uneven trade to get Sgt. Bergdahl back in exchange for five of the baddest terrorists on the planet. What part is POTUS tone deaf on? The entire enchilada. Every part of it from "A to Zed".

This President, who believes he is right and the rest of the world is wrong, is now at odds with members of his own party. His treatment of our Constitution is something akin to a bull in a china shop. He no longer believes (maybe he never did) in powers reserved or the lawful separation of power. His fascination with the Euro Zone has led him to believe that we too, can have royalty. For a guy who supposedly taught Constitutional Law, he is clueless. It is no wonder why Donald Trump offered him a zillion dollars to release his college transcripts. Trump, like many of us, just don't buy the product.

Many people over the years have talked about the arrogance of power which came from the Nixon White House. I would submit to you this - Nixon and his crew were like church mice compared to this crew. When questioned on the logic of this obscene trade while in he was in Europe, our less than contrite Commander in Chief said, "I make no apologies. I would do it again." In other words, how dare you ordinary mortals question me, a man who is still considered by some as a deity.

I will say one thing for the logic in how this entire scandal has worked for the Administration. It has completely knocked the red hot VA scandal off the front page. In fact, I did not see it anywhere in the paper today. When we continue to practice the Alinsky method of overloading the system (including news cycles), earth shaking scandals like the VA mess have a half life measured in hours rather than months. So other than General Shinseki resigning, what has been the remedy? Anything? Hello - press corps.

Many times when I have been out cutting the grass or, doing something where I can let my mind wander, I wonder how things got to be where they are. This guy, with a paper thin resume and a cheap motto (Hope and Change Baby!), managed to hoodwink the greatest nation on Planet Earth. Since taking the oath for the first time, he has shown the world that this Emperor does not wear any clothes. He has been absolutely horrible. Even the feckless Jimmy Carter has recently renounced him as incompetent.

Again, how has he been able to get away with it? The answer I came up with is very simple. The lap dog media. Only Drudge, Fox News, The Blaze and precious few others have held his feet to the fire. The rest of the media has been as useless as screen door on a submarine. Nobody in the MSM wants to throw the first stone - to tell the first truth. This is our historic President. Our first President who is not totally white. The MSM MUST help him succeed, no matter the cost. Instead of judging him on the content of his character like Dr. King would have has us do, the MSM is using social promotion to cover his flaws.

I really am sorry I had to write this right after a Sunday. I am trying not to be as harsh as I have been in the past. But the future of our republic is at stake. We simply can no longer tolerate a President who governs somewhere between a King and a dictator. This arrogance of power must stop. We need to get back to the system our Founders left us. We need to follow our Constitution. If we do not, God help us.     

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