Wednesday, June 25, 2014



"What Eric Holder did in the waning days of the Clinton Administration was unforgivable..."

I know, I know. They all do it. That is true. However, it does not make it right. When then FEMA Director Brown (under Bush 43) was outed after Hurricane Katrina as not being qualified for the job, I really thought things might start to change. But they did not. In this Administration, we have and had some world class boobs get appointed to jobs they are totally unqualified for. And if we don't stop this practice, it will continue on into the next Administration.

In the final days of the Clinton Administration, one of the most egregious examples of cronyism was the unwarranted pardon of fugitive and massive Democratic donor, Marc Rich. This case stunk to high heaven, but so what. President Clinton was loyal to those who ponied up tons of cash for his political ambitions. So the Deputy Attorney General, Eric Holder, was instructed to craft a pardon for this criminal. Really? What ever happened to the rule of law in our country?

In 1999, Holder also engineered the clemency deal for sixteen FALN terrorists. This was even worse than the Marc Rich deal. One would think that after this example on how Holder views our justice system, we would be finished working in the Department of Justice. Nope. In comes Barrack Hussein Obama and picks Holder to head up DOJ. The six years that followed have been total mayhem at DOJ. Absolute cronyism at its worst.

The Obama Cabinet is stacked with people unfit for their assigned jobs. Sebelius at HHS, Shinseki at the VA, Koskinen at the IRS just to name a few. And let us not forget Lois Lerner at the IRS and Marie Harf at State. Lerner was a "hit (wo)man" at the Federal Election Commission with a reputation of going after faith based groups and right wing organizations. That bias led her to be hired at the IRS and, well, the rest is history. By the way, Ms. Lerner is now retired and her government pension could top $100k/year. Not a bad deal for someone with her track record.

The question always comes up, "Why don't people trust the government anymore?" This is why. People are put in high places because of paybacks. Some are monetary, others are ideological. Regardless, it is all cronyism. As I said, both sides of the aisle are guilty. It is time to clean the kitchen, time to clean out the cabinet. No more cronyism, no more ineptitude, no more graft. We deserve better. The country deserves better. The fall clean up starts in 2014. 

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