Tuesday, September 5, 2017

East coast rendezvous

"Remember when things were boring? When weeks were just weeks? It seems as of late, all our weeks are critical for something or other."

Short week coming up. And yet, it will be a big week also. Three big events are going to happen on east coasts. First will be the long (and I mean real long) awaited return of the boys and girls of Congress from their summer vacation. That will be a rendezvous to Washington DC, which is half way up our east coast. It will be interesting to see how they try and put six quarts into a gallon before September 30th.

The next rendezvous will be just as interesting, only in a different way. It will happen on the lower part of our east coast. Hurricane Irma, which for some reason missed its right hand turn, is now on a collision course with either southern or western Florida. This storm has the potential to be a monster. Right now it is a strong Category 4 storm and is expected to maybe be a Category 5 by noon time today. 

Two interesting things about this storm which I heard on the national weather this morning. The first is this storm is a meteorological perfect storm. In other words, all the right ingredients were there for a perfect formation. When a hurricane has a perfect formation, on the radar it looks like a "buzz saw". And this one certainly does. 

The other thing which was mentioned on the news by one of the morning hosts, was something similar to what a social media friend (who lives in Florida) mentioned yesterday. There is not a bottle of water to be found in south Florida. Gone. Empty shelves. Why? Ancient memories of Andrew mixed in with fresh memories of Harvey. The Florida folks are getting prepped.

The last east coast rendezvous has nothing to do with our country. It has everything to do with the east coast of North Korea. Intelligence reports state the Norks are moving their next ICBM to their east coast. This will be the location it will be fired from, probably east over the Pacific. This missile might be lit off sometime this weekend - the same time Irma is supposed to hit Florida. 

By this time next week, we will know a lot more than we know now. First off, we will have seen how energized or rusty our Congress is after their protracted vacation. Second, we will know if we had another Harvey type storm, or just a close call. Finally, we will have seen if the Norks once again ignored our warnings to cease and desist. And if they did launch, what our response was (if anything).

Remember when things were boring? When weeks were just weeks? It seems as of late, all our weeks are critical for something or other. For a blogger, this type of crisis management is good for business. For the rest however, this mayhem is very nerve racking.  

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