Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Too big to drain?

"It is going to take much more than just sending Donald Trump to Washington or electing a Republican Governor in 2018. It is going to take the citizenry, crying in unison, 'Enough is enough! Drain that swamp, and evict the swamp dwellers!'" 

Rome was not built in a day. Nor were our federal and state governments. Both are big - very big. Both have grown both by design as well as organically. They both thrive in areas which have recently come to be known as "swamps". And both swamps are so corrupt, so dysfunctional, so counter-productive, candidates have threatened (once elected) to "drain the swamp!" and fix this mess. Guess what? The swamps are alive and doing well. Why? They might be too big to drain.

Years ago, I did some Naval Reserve training at a base just south of Washington DC. Actually, it was close to the border of Virginia and North Carolina. The base was right outside an area known as The Great Dismal Swamp. It was a big joke before I left for training with many of our friends. In fact, they threw a Dismal Swamp party for me before I left. 

The Great Dismal Swamp is in the wrong location. It should be in Washington. Why? Because it is massively big, and unmanageable. Our former CEO President, who campaigned on draining this monster, is finding out he might not be up to the task. It is just too big, and too entrenched. How do I know? How is the healthcare fix coming? Stuck in the quicksand of the swamp. The debt? Why is it now over $20T? The swamp got a hold of it. The GFY 2018 budget? It is in there someplace, being swallowed up by a bog. And the long awaited tax reform? Sinking fast. I can hear it saying, "Glug, glug, glug". 

What have we done in The Great Dismal Swamp which is of note? We have investigated this President and his family with a fine tooth comb. Hillary even mentioned in her newest excuse book that she knows, in the bottom of her heart, Trump and the Russians were closer than two peas in a pod during the past election. Is there proof? Of course not. But the Democrats (who are consummate swamp dwellers) are going to keep picking at this scab until Trump is out of office.

Are we stuck with the swamps in Washington and St. Paul going forward into infinity? Are they really too big to drain? Seems that might be the case. Too many swamp dwellers like the stale, damp and musky feel of the swamp. Many swamp dwellers have become quite wealthy living there. Why in the world would these dwellers want to change it?

Who owns these swamps? We do. Who is responsible for uncomplicated governments becoming unmanageable by existing in these swamps? We are. Who can fix them? We can - but it is going to take much more than just sending Donald Trump to Washington or electing a Republican Governor in 2018. It is going to take the citizenry, crying in unison, "Enough is enough! Drain that swamp, and evict the swamp dwellers!" Good luck to us all...


  1. Most people who helped elect 45 as president thought the swamp in Washington, D.C. would drain quickly. Boy, were you mistaken.
    And you need look no further than his cabinet appointments to see that he has no intention of draining the swamp.
    In fact, his actions promise to flood the swamp, entrench corporate power, and deepen conflicts of interest between the White House and corporations.
    You, the people, continue reelecting folks who don’t keep their word.
    Specifically I’m referring to Republicans.
    Year after year Republican politicians campaign in their home district and state on very conservative ideals.
    Consider some of the campaign talking points during the previous administration.
    While President Obama was in office, Republicans campaigned on securing our southern border, repealing Obamacare, and passing tax reform.
    Each of these are noble goals.
    Largely because of their conservative campaign promises, the American people elected Republicans to lead both chambers of Congress and the White House.
    Yet six months into this Republican majority, little has been done when it comes to passing meaningful legislation.
    Yes, it is true that 45 has supposedly done much good for America through various executive actions.
    He has appointed Neil Gorsuch, a constitutional judge to the Supreme Court.
    45 has also installed an excellent Cabinet to lead each executive agency. Not!
    Congress has pulled back some Obama-era regulations via the Congressional Review Act. This act allows a new Congress and administration to quickly rescind regulations enacted by the previous administration within a short window. This window has closed.
    Nonetheless, Congress and the Senate have passed no meaningful legislation. Meaningful legislation is that which fulfills a major campaign promise.
    For Republicans it is legislation that builds a border wall, repeals Obamacare, or provides tax reform.
    None of this has been accomplished nor does it appear that it will be accomplished in the near future.
    You were fools to think this sleazy NY real estate developer had any interest in the USA. His goals are to promote his brand, secure his friends and families future and to enjoy the sunshine of his years in office, playing at politics, never understanding it, never caring about us.
    When will you figure it out, ostriches?

    With respect for the blog/blogger,
    David Gjerdingen

    ps, there have been numerous bills initiated to "drain the swamp" and they all are vindictive, ill written and all have gone nowhere.

  2. Hey, my comment about Sarah Huckabee dumba.. was deleted with no mention that the Blog Administrator had delelted it.
    Does that mean that 45's thought police are scanning my comments?
    Did you tell them to monitor me?
    I don't think they have the skills.