Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fixing a broken system

"Good luck Speaker Ryan. No, I don't feel bad for you with the President putting this on your plate. It should have always been there in the first place." 

In the eyes of the MSM, Donald Trump is once again Satan. Really? What for this time? Trying to do something the right way. That would be DACA. DACA, as we all know, stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Some on the Left call it the Dreamer Act. It was a temporary executive order that Barack Obama had illegally signed when he was President. 

Now before I get all up in Obama's business for signing this executive order, let us first look at some history. Like was was DACA necessary? Yes - and why? Quite simply, it was the fault of Congress. Everyone talks about our "broken" immigration system, so I too, will take a stab at it.

The narrative from the Left can pull at the strings of your heart. These poor kids, who were brought here by illegal parents are innocent. First, we must ask one simple question - how did the parents get here in the first place? Okay - two questions. Why were they allowed to stay for all those years? The answer to both of those questions goes back to our immigration system. No, it is not broken. The enforcement of it however, is.

Consequently, these kids of illegals have been hung out to dry for years. They are in no man's land. After waiting for Congress to do something, and resisting the pressure to act on it for years, Obama finally gave in and signed the now infamous executive order. All Trump did yesterday, was to put this issue back on Congress - where it should have been all along. And if Trump had told Congress to take care of it when they had the time, it would never have gotten done. To put a time limit on it however, was nothing less than smart.

Will those 800,000 kids be taken care of? Of course they will. Nobody is going to be deported. Congress will, at long last, come up with something which makes sense and is not amnesty. But who cares? The narrative is way too good to give up. That rich "so and so" Donald Trump, friend of white supremacists, is out to rid this country of all brown people. So he might as well start with the kids. The really sad part is this - many on the Left fall for that bull, hook, line and sinker.

Before I close this out, we need to be crystal clear on one thing. The parents, when they either slipped into this country illegally, or illegally overstayed visas or work permits, were not on the side of the angels. They were, and still are, lawbreakers. We really do have quite a good legal process in this country for those who wish to come here as a legal immigrant. There is nothing broken with that system. The parents, along with their young children, should have been caught immediately and then returned to their home country.

But they were not, and the kids grew up in this country. And now it is a hot mess to get fixed. Why? Because believe it or not, many still come here legally. To see illegals get the same benefits the legals get violates all sense of fairness.

Good luck Speaker Ryan. No, I don't feel bad for you with the President putting this on your plate. It should have always been there in the first place. 

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