Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Past Presidents

"Here we are. After a 24 year screw-up, we are looking down the barrel of a nuclear shot gun. Even though we could wipe this pip squeak out in a nanosecond or two."

Relax. I am not going back into our "ancient" history. Like back to Lincoln or Washington. No, I want to address the past Presidents who were in charge for --- let's say the past 24 years, just to pick a number. And 24 years ago, in the year 1993, we had a skirt chaser for President named William Jefferson Clinton.

For this article, I am going to talk about President's Clinton, Bush (43), and Obama as it relates to two cancer spots in the world. That would be North Korea and Iran. But I want to just focus on North Korea. Don't worry - I have lots to say about Iran. Let us go back in time just for a minute. Back to 1993. Where was North Korea in the development of WMD?

In 1994, our intelligence services told us the Norks were trying to develop a nuclear program. For energy only, the Norks told the world. But the United States did not trust them. We wanted to help the people without helping the leaders develop nuclear weapons. So we negotiated with that den of lying snakes in North Korea leadership.

Bill Clinton, who was easily cowed by good looking interns and third world dictators, agreed to a deal with the Norks which was a game changer. For them - not us. 

In exchange for $4B of energy aid (supplied by us), the Norks would abandon any designs on developing nukes. We were going to supply the Norks with heavy oil to help with home heating as well as fuel to run their factories. This was Noble Peace Prize time! Clinton was so ecstatic, that between his frequent dalliances, and he was able to strike such as deal, he was going to address the nation to brag about it. 

"This  agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world. It is a crucial step towards drawing North Korea into the global community." - William Jefferson Blythe Clinton

That set the wheels in motion. Clinton went back to womanizing, Congress went to sleep, and the Norks went to town. Agreement? What agreement? They got our money, our oil, and then worked with Pakistan in getting their nuclear program on track. 

By the time Bush (43) was sworn in, stuff on the Korean Peninsula was humming. Before Bush could get really into the swing of things, 9/11 happened. President Bush spent the rest of his two terms trying to get Afghanistan cleaned out, and then finish the job in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Norks continued to develop their nuclear program. As much as I liked "W", he could not walk and chew gum at the same time. Not keeping an eye on the Norks for eight years was bad. In fact - inexcusable. 

Then our historic President Barack Obama gets in office. He spends most of his time polishing up his un-earned Nobel Peace Prize, as well as untying us from the world. Obama really wanted to be the Woodrow Wilson of the new millennium. Stay out of anything, apologize for nothing, and monitor spit. For the Norks, Barack Obama was the gift which kept on giving. Now having a nuke and something to deliver it with was within earshot.

By the time Donald Trump was sworn in, the horse was out of the barn. Nukes were being tested, missiles were being launched, and the Norks were threatening us with nuclear annihilation. Huh? Bill Clinton promised us these guys were going to live like Hobbits, not like Orcs. Now we have a real mess on our hands. The Norks have the H bomb and an ICBM to deliver it across the Pacific.

Here we are. After a 24 year screw-up, we are looking down the barrel of a nuclear shot gun. Even though we could wipe this pip squeak out in a nanosecond or two. Stay tuned. This story is far from over. In the meantime - bunker up. We may not be playing for keeps, but the Norks are.  

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  1. North Korea’s advancing nuclear weapons program isn’t the only news to unnerve arms-control experts this summer. A new survey has revealed that Americans are surprisingly willing to make a first nuclear strike — and kill millions of civilians abroad.