Friday, September 1, 2017

The Happy Warrior or Antifa?

"My plea to the Left is simply this. Come back to the table. Turn that frown upside down. We are all of us, Americans."

Oh DFL - where are you today? Where are the days of Hubert Humphrey, the "Happy Warrior", who typified our state? I am not saying that many of us on the Right agreed with everything that Humphrey supported, but at least you could talk to the man. Talk to him without the ever present "winger wagging" and scolding you get from the Left these days. In fact today, Humphrey would probably be thrown out of the good old DFL for being to moderate. No, today's "RESIST!" DFL likes the anarchist Antifa movement much better, thank you. 

A question which I often ponder is this - why are so many on the Left so unhappy these days? So filled with rage? So hateful? So violent? That is not the Humphrey style. Not even close. In fact, Paul Wellstone would even be shaking his head today if he could see the antics of Antifa. Why? Wellstone maybe was more shrill at times than Humphrey was, but you could still talk to him. How do I know that? Because I did. 

Somehow the Left has taken a wrong turn off the turnpike of life. Forgotten what is really important to all of us. Many on the Left have taken to eschew our Constitution, even our Holy Bible. They have turned our fine Universities into sewers of garbage and hate instead of places to exchange ideas and learn critical thinking. They have brought confusion into some of our major churches. By insisting on PC thinking rather than listening to the Holy Spirit, some churches are mixing in Islam with Christian teaching. And thinking that is just fine. "COEXIST", right?

However, the thing the Left is doing now which is the most damaging to our nation is the re-write of some of our history. What we are seeing with the demolition of historic statues and burning of books is nothing more than a purge. Rather than erasing the Civil War from our past, we need to study it, and learn from it. Learn about it.

The irony is this. The Left can easily gloss over the fact than Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood for reasons other than birth control. If the Left really wants to vilify someone in our history who was a true racist, they should forget about Robert E. Lee. They should go after Sanger. Why? She believed in eugenics - the extermination of people who did not "measure up". Robert E. Lee on the other people, did not even own a slave.

My plea to the Left is simply this. Come back to the table. Turn that frown upside down. We are all of us, Americans. Stop thinking of those on the Right as Satan - rather think of us as your brothers and sisters. Hate is a horrible word, and a horrible thing to do. Be like Hubert Humphrey. Don't be like Elizabeth Warren or Debbie Wassermann Schultz. 


  1. It is nice rhetoric to plea for unity, but at the national level, things are going the way they typically do. In secret. By the controlling party, without input from the other.

    The Senate health care bill might not be the only blockbuster piece of legislation this year written behind closed doors by an elite few.

    Both senior administration officials and congressional leaders are already telegraphing that the tax reform measure they hope to move this fall will largely be shaped among themselves in private meetings.

    On the House side, Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) has been saying for weeks that a more closely held approach is basically the only way Republicans can squeeze a tax overhaul into an agenda that also includes health care, the debt limit and government funding, given the way policy making usually shuts down during an election year.

    respectfully, David Gjerdingen

  2. 45 is weighing whether to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program put in place under President Obama, which protects nearly 800,000 young people from deportation.
    But Republican lawmakers are urging him to leave the order in place and let Congress handle it.
    This is a wonderful opportunity for 45 to show true empathy to a group of kids that have known no other country but the US and are generally not the undesirables of which he speaks so frequently.
    If he can pardon convicted criminals like Sheriff Joe, then let's pray he does the right thing for these kids.

    respectfully, Dave Gjerdingen

  3. Why the intense anger by us snowflakes?

    If liberals saw their clash with 45 and the GOP as merely a conflict (1) over policies, or (2) over leadership, then frustration would be the appropriate reaction.

    But liberals (and plenty of conservatives) take 45's and the GOP to be engaged in a rebellion similar to Korah’s rebellion against Moses.

    Liberals think that 45 and the GOP are (3) attempting to change the foundation of American political structure by attacking the institutions upon which democracy depends: independent judiciary, free press, trust in government, an educated electorate, fair elections, tolerance of diversity, etc.

    Liberals are reacting so severely because they think 45 and the GOP are trying to transform one sort of state (democratic) into another (authoritarian).

    Anti-Obama conservatives felt Obama was rejecting the country's founding principles and transforming it into something it was never meant to be.

    Anti-45 liberals believe 45 also rejects core American political values and is reviving the racism they were once convinced would die with their Tea Party forebears.

    In both cases, you saw people who were previously apolitical suddenly actively sharing political content hostile to the sitting president on social media and people who were mildly political becoming committed activists.

    We're out here, we're mad as hell and we won't go away until he impeached and returns to the golden tower in NY.

    with respect to the VAB, but not to 45, David Gjerdingen