Friday, September 8, 2017

The Mother of all Storms!

"Irma won't be the first mega storm to hit us, nor will it be the last. However, this one is really going to be a doozie."

Well kids, until some storms down south in the past, as well as most predicted major snowstorms or blizzards in Minnesota, this one is going to hit. And it will hit hard. Is there even the smallest chance it will just die away, or miss Florida? Not any more. Everything is set. It is coming, as Wyatt Earp said in the movie named after him, "she is bringing hell will her".

I have discussed this many times before. I have been in one whopper of a hurricane (Camille in 1969), and two mild (in comparison) typhoons when I lived on Okinawa. As a 19 year old kid barely old enough to shave, just landing at Pensacola airport and seeing what (and how hot) Pensacola was different. Then barely a few days after I checked into the base, every night on the black and white communal TV we would watch in awe as this "super storm" started to take shape. A few days later, when it hit just to the west of us, it was an eye opener for a kid only used to seeing thunderstorms on Minnesota evenings.

Anyhow, back to the present. As bad as Camille was (and it was deadly), this storm coming ashore tomorrow night will be one for the ages. Even though it weakened a bit coming by the mountains of Cuba, it is poised to get some or all of that strength back. Then it will do something almost unheard of. It will hit the Florida Keys, come ashore somewhere to the east, west or right on Miami, and then go up the state, all the way to Georgia. It will (according to the weather guessers), hit Florida like a buzz saw.

Is there any humor is this storm as tragic as it will probably be? Nope. Okay, maybe a tiny bit thanks to our fiends on the Left. Today I was reminded when Katrina hit New Orleans during the Bush (43) time. The Loony Left started a rumor that Bush, operating with some diabolical types on the Right, sabotaged the pumps. As we all know, it was not the storm which killed most of the people, it was the pumps failing.  

I had almost forgot that, until I read on the internet what some Left Wing nut ball had written. He (or she) blamed Trump for taking our Houston using some hi tech weather machine to get rid of black people. That is when it hit me. Bush was accused of taking out New Orleans because it was referred to as a (NOT my term!) chocolate city. Kill or replace many of the black folks, and maybe the balance of political power could shift in New Orleans.

Okay - that explains New Orleans and Houston, but Miami? The nut ball when on to say Trump wanted to get rid of as many Latino voters as possible since they usually vote Democratic. I am not making this up. The hatred for Bush and Trump is (or was) so profound that fables like this emerge from the cracks and are believed by many of the most gullible.

The bottom line is this. Even though Katrina started off as a cluster, Bush worked his butt off to save as many as possible. The same is true for the Texas storm and the approaching Florida storm with Trump.

The winds are already starting in the keys, Not strong as yet, but the very outer bands have arrived. Stay tuned to the TV tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. History is being made. Not good history, but history never the less. There are no weather gods which cause these, no Dr. Evil, no Koch Brothers. This is weather. Just like with Donna, Katrina, Andrew, Ivan, and all the rest, they are just storms which fire up due to our ocean currents and topography. 

Irma won't be the first mega storm to hit us, nor will it be the last. However, this one is really going to be a doozie.

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  1. Everglades is going to suck the energy out of this beast, and the people who live near are survivalists. Focus should quickly go back to TX where the real horror lies, Counter clockwise easterly winds, the real damaging ones will be softened by land.
    More people will die on highways.