Monday, April 2, 2018

Ending the mass confusion

"Our President gets very impatient with the snails pace of progress in Washington. Many of us like that about him. Time to take the muzzle off of the President and 'let Trump be Trump'. Go get em' sir. We are behind you!"

Easter is now over. March is now over. Winter is now over (sort of). Now that we are in April, everyone's gaze is focused on the future. That is, except for our President. I believe that much of the time he feels as if he was one foot stuck in the tar. Oh, he would like to focus on the future - even without asking him, I really do believe that to be true. But he is plagued by stubborn, nagging issues from the past which will NOT go away.

Therefore, let me give some unsolicited advice to our Commander-in-Chief:

  • Gun control - We don't have the time nor the energy to get wrapped around the axle (once again) with this circular discussion. The President should just hold a news conference and tell Congress as well as the American people, "It ain't gonna happen. Not today, not tomorrow. The Second Amendment stands as is." Then encourage the uninformed on the Left to read up on American history - true history, not revisionist.
  • Immigration - Bravo Mr. President for your tweets yesterday! Enough is enough! The Left has ZERO interest in common sense solutions - even DACA. Time to get tough and resolute. Enforce the law. If the Left does not like our immigration laws and want open borders, good luck with that one. If you are here legally, welcome. If you are not, leave. It is as simple as that.
  • Trade - Thank you Mr. President for wearing big boy pants on trade. You putting tariffs on some items is long overdue. Many don't give a rip about our trade deficit, but many of us out here in the hinterland do. I am realistic enough to know we will always have some somewhat of a deficit with some countries, but the President wants to cut these deficits down to size. He is right on this one.
  • North Korea - Nice job getting the Norks to the table sir! I would be the last person to give you negotiation advice, but watch your back and don't get cowed. Seems that just about every President we have had of late has been waltzed around the Maypole by the Norks. These guys are skilled liars and cheaters. Just saying... 
  • Russia - Hardball is it Mr. Putin? You crossed the red line this time. Bringing a WMD on the shore of one of our closest allie was over the top. Now take your punishment like a man. This game of tit for tat and diplomatic attrition has got to stop. The next American diplomat which gets the heave ho from Russia, will result in us throwing the rest of your den of spies out of our country. Yes, 100% of them.
  • National Debt - This is going to sound funny coming from me. In fact, I can't even believe I am saying it. Ignore the debt. It is not your fault that our military needed a HUGE shot in the arm after a decade of neglect. It is not your fault that basically NOTHING has been done with our infrastructure for many decades. The American people elected you to keep us safe with a strong military and to make America great again - and that includes our infrastructure. The debt is important, and will be addressed. But first things first.
Our President gets very impatient with the snails pace of progress in Washington. Many of us like that about him. Time to take the muzzle off of the President and "let Trump be Trump". Go get em' sir. We are behind you!

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  1. Gun Control-Spot on.
    Immigration-Fill the private prisons with these illegals, let them have their 2 minutes in Immigration Court, without representation and send them back to where they were born.
    Trade-Punish the American people with increased prices for imported goods and ruin the midwestern farm economy when those devils impart similar tariffs on our stuff. Decimate my stock portfolio and working folks 401K's. Prepare for all those jobs that are being created by messing with the global economy.
    North Korea-Looks like China will broker a re-unification of the peninsula, they will all become buddies and the we will be left with an angry Japan as our only ally in the nuclearized western Pacific.
    Russia-I don't have a clue! Beyond their ability to use social media to influence elections world-wide and their hackers ability to make us pay ransom to conduct business, I don't know what their up to. If they want to return all of the former Soviet block countries to their control, who cares. DIC can get his next wife from some other sh.thole country.
    National Debt-I'd like to believe the increased debt will pay off for America, but so far, tax relief for the super-rich, a paltry increase for a dis-jointed military and nothing for infrastructure does not seem like much of a benefit. I think it's best if we let our grand-children pay for our mismanagement of their future, since they are going to be the beneficiaries of MAGA and KAG.

    Hope you had a introspective holiday weekend. Dave